According to of conformity 8402: 1994 audit quality (vocabulary) is an independent methodical test that is performed to determine whether activities and outcomes related to quality, meet the provisions previously established, and to check if these provisions are carried out effectively and are suitable to achieve the previous objectives. SCOPE audits the quality aims to compare with the standards aspects of quality for: to) determine whether activities and outcomes related to quality satisfy the provisions laid down. b) compare those provisions are carried out and are suitable to achieve the objectives.

(c) provide managers the information that, to be independent, free from the prejudices of other departments that report themselves. (d) determine the effectiveness of the system and make improvements possible. (e) the scope will come determined by the customer, who requested the audit and requires auditors to its realization. (f) the internal and external customer should receive a good service that is quality, efficient, timely, affordable, appropriate to needs of the unit audited, that satisfies both which makes it as to who receives it. IMPACT Quality audit allows the Auditor, assess the degree of compliance with the proposed requirements and, if necessary, introduce actions to improve; It is not so much detect faults and determine the effectiveness of actions to achieve the proposed objectives.

Using the results of the report (which is the final product of the quality audit) which provides the address of the company objective evidence based on facts. These allows management to make decisions based on facts and not on assumptions. The audit quality has important repercussions across the enterprise that applies to all functions of the same. ADVANTAGES The audit quality helps to verify and evaluate the activities related to quality in an organization, as well as for the identification and improvement of the non-compliant areas with the required model. Provides the Organization to offer product / service that meets the needs of customers. Be competitive with respect to other companies that offer the same product / service. To be able to offer their products / services globally and recognized for its prestige and good quality. It is a tool that contributes to the improvement of the quality aimed at the user who requires the product / service. The audited company keeps its activities (processes, production, system etc) CONCLUSION is recommended for the company in function of determining, which also is operating management of the quality in their production processes and complying with international and national regulations in order to ensure a good quality that guarantees competitiveness and achievements. Coordinator: Management of the quality and productivity of Area of graduate UC program.

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