And now if I just say that my time was completed, but I think that I could expand me a little to show some of the benefits of our North Shields. A hug, Andres and greetings to Adriana. Luck and success! Ah, is the country that already purchased in advance the immense deposits of water that exist in Patagonia, for having stashed and sell it to price of gold within a few years, when wars are by the liquid element my friend Juan necessarily have to read my final comment on what he says, but he already knows that we disagree on many issues related to specific situations of the future of humanity. And to end this article, I have to say that we can not express both resentment and hatred towards a country. We have to stop to think, in that people who He lives in that country, in its entire history, enclosing many circumstances in which there are men of goodwill. I am of people who bet on the goodwill of the human being. I am among those who believe that the world should there be more good people than bad. Maybe, seem a little dreamer and idealist, but I have my same Catholic Christian formation, and I think, that in this world there has to be peace and harmony; but I am also aware that according to the theological studies this earthly world is ruled by the evil one. However, anyone who thinks like me, knows that we cannot remain silent against this claim, and where there is opportunity, trying to defend our position, fighting against the evil one. Original author and source of the article

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