The hair care myths just keep coming! In this third of three articles, we examine some of the most widely known myths – and find the truth? 1. The hair should be washed every day FALSE: There is no correct schedule for washing hair. Every person should shampoo according to the specific needs of your hair type and texture. While some people benefit from a daily shampoo, others benefit from a variety of shampooing schedules. 2. More lather = a more effective shampoo hair clean = FALSE: Lathering agents are often added to shampoos, but more foam does not mean cleaner hair. 3.

Hair develops immunity to the same shampoo over time FALSE: There is no scientific evidence to prove this myth. 4. Brushing your hair is better than combing FALSE: Actually, your hair reacts better to a comb than a brush. Brushing will only lead to split ends and hair breakage. 5. Split ends can be repaired without cutting FALSE: The only successful treatment for removing split ends is with scissors. Some of the hair care products temporarily tips can merge together, but this only lasts until your hair. Always remember that damaged ends tend to grow slower than healthy, well maintained, trimmed hair.

6. Coloring hair during pregnancy is harmful FALSE (probably): Some physicians disagree, but most believe that coloring the hair during pregnancy is dangerous for the baby. If in doubt always get your doctor's permission to color your hair during pregnancy. Most experts believe that the key danger with hair coloring is not the application of the product in the scalp, but the inhalation of strong chemical smells.

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