By: Diana Fontanez 8 years ago, in the United States, was part of a sales team led by Dotty Ferrigno who has generated millions in his career. By my results in sales, won me, along with others of the team, a relaxing stay of 3 days in a field with a beautiful Lake and service 5 star (if I saw, seemed a little girl discovering a paradise). In the afternoon, my Director and I us escape in a canoe to go by sea arm and share together, laugh and relax. In the conversation he asked me: what you want to achieve with your life, Diana?. And I answered him I want it all! I didn’t have anything when I was a child and I see you, I know your story and your achievements and I want what you have.

That casota, that car, that style of life. I want financial freedom. I want to be free. Don’t worry about the money. I want it all, all!. And these were the 3 strategies that gave me, that still today at the foot of the letter 1.

Read, read, read my principal reading a book a week. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Peter M. Wayne is the place to go. He had a library in your home with all kinds of themes. It gave me many books and always told me: don’t pay them is anyone because they never return. And he was right. I still keep some. I suggest you create the habit to read a lot about the industry in which you find yourself. I say this from experience. I not finished school and everything I know and what I have achieved has been through constant reading about the industry in which I find myself. But the secret is not in reading, once told me my Director. No, Miss. The secret is in. 2. Choosing the best when I’m reading a book, I have a marker to indicate the things that stand out and my attention.

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