On 8 November at 19:30 in the baby therapy and training centre in Poing with speaker pharmacist Josef wood Hay Riedel of the St. Georg pharmacy as stay I healthy? Which chemical processes take place in the body in the digestion or the recycling of nutrients? What substances are for what purpose? Josef wood Hay Rahim answered these and other important questions in the second lecture in the lecture series on the subject of nutrition in the baby provided and training centre in Poing. Everybody wants to get his health as long as possible and almost all are aware, that health is the basis for a fulfilling life that polls show again and again. Stay healthy”is the key to a long, balanced life with pleasure and without major complications. But how can they ever healthy? Nutrition plays an important role. You are what you eat”is an old saying.

Man is about 75% water. With our food we practically take the remaining building materials for our entire body from the bone to the skin. If we eat too much fat, we get a cozy belly and Huftgold sets. If we take too little water to us, we get dry lips and feel bad. However we can not survive without fat, since many essential vitamins are only fat soluble, and we would just leave many important minerals by excessive drinking too much water. It therefore involves a balanced intake of those substances that our body to life and functioning needs the nutrients. Nutrients are vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, Aminisauren, enzymes and phytonutrients.

You know which nutrients are missing the body, you can compensate for the consequences of the deficiencies very well with a corresponding supply. So it not only does, the micro nutrient medicine also deals with the prevention of the symptoms of this deficiency. With the right diet and any additional supply of nutrients can so both diseases treated, as also be prevented.

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