In contrast of the present, to be councilman at that time he had that to be great land proprietor, to be influential in the region to have domain on the inhabitants, that is, councilman did not earn of the crown, and yes, paid to manage, therefore with this gained prestige. As he has detached is necessary that if it standes out that, in 1918, lode of Recife for Leopoldina, the first formed state teacher, Leondia Owner, in which if it opened the first school in the headquarters, in a room behind the house of Its Raymond Angelim and Dona Alzira, lands that belonged to the families Batista and Rodrigues, where later the house of Its Argemiro was constructed. Also in the area of the education, already in the decade of 30, the name cannot be forgotten Francina Agra, son of Mundinha Owner of the Agra Coast, granddaughter of Martinho of the Agra Coast, Sister of Hermgenes Agra. It was the first teacher layperson of the Municipal School of the City hall of Leopoldina, which gave to lessons in the period of 1930 the 1934, in the management of mayor Antonio de S Snows, that were its godfather of baptism. Second Djanira de S counts, son of Antonio de S Snows, this teacher alfabetizou the majority of the leaderships that had created Parnamirim, whose school was, first, in the great house of Antonio de S, in the alley that goes for the Well of the Door. Later the school it functioned in a room to the side of the house of Ccero Nicholas, of property of the Lustosas. Later, already in the management of the Menezes, with the arrival of the teacher Owner Dawn of Itacuruba and of the professor Owner Raimundinha de Ex, the school started to function in the esquina of the old street Priest Rasp, in the street of the Old City hall, leaned, at the time, to the commerce of Washington, in the first room, close to the cotton pack sales, in a room of property of Raymond Angelim Baptist (local that he was known, many years later as the Coffee of Anazite). .

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