Rosetta PRODUCER A LA CARTE (FINLAND) Scandinavian style became the basis of this kitchen design. The severity of the lines that someone else may seem excessive, negate the chamfered edges of fronts: the doors seem to be so soft, like upholstered in leather. Simplicity, functionality and naturalness, combined with high quality and original design – the motto of this collection. Materials and Structures in this style cuisines are particularly good quality materials used. Preference is given to different kinds of wood and a variety of colors. Endocrinologist may not feel the same.

Thanks to a special processing technology, wood gets additional features: high resistance to humidity and strength. By eje wood used in these objects retain their original appearance throughout the life of the kitchen. Accessories – steel handles, glass door – also picked up in such a way as to emphasize natural beauty of the wooden parts. Countertops can be made of different materials. Buyer a wide choice of laminate flooring, colorful marble, stone gray or cherry warm tones.

EQUIPMENT The internal structure of this collection of cabinets also are practical. All cabinets are equipped with caps that are easily removed if necessary, and shelves along the perimeter of the frame and parts of furniture is a special edge, which does not allow moisture to penetrate. Boxes with a system KVALIBOX close smoothly and quietly, even when full of heavy dishes. 1. Model ROSETTA – one of the brightest of Scandinavian design, which is a reflection of 'Nordic' character. The severity of the lines, calm, even-tempered tone, natural materials, a combination of wood of different hues, gray stone and modern household appliances seamlessly embody synthesis of tradition and modernity. 2. Dining complementing the model can also be sustained in different colors. Set of light wood makes the situation more comfortable. The feeling of accomplishment. 3. Shelves dining groups are covered with frosted glass, illuminated from the inside cool white lamps. The total light in the kitchen can be redeemed, and the radiant surface is located some transparent dishes, for example glasses to their faces sparkling shining in the darkness.

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