In this way, beyond the application of the EB daily, the preventive cares of Nursing reduce the UPP.26 Analyzing the study carried through in 2007, Intitled ' ' Evaluation of protocol of prevention and treatment of UPP' ' , applied in hospital institution of So Paulo, where if it searched to identify the number, I serve as apprentice and I prop up total of the UPP in the admission in UTI 24 superior period that horas27 the application of the prevention protocol consisted of evaluating the patients for way of the scale of Norton in first the 24 hours of internment, what it allowed a classification of the patients for risk degrees. Four degrees had been defined: high risk, medium risk, low risk and without risk of danger. After to classify the patients the authors of this article, had prescribed the cares of Nursing as: corporal hygiene and massage of comfort after bath; decubitus change and the application of hidratante cream, to the patients who presented you prop up them of high risk, medium risk and low risk, was efficient in (79%) of the patients. James A. Levine, M.D. pursues this goal as well. The appearance of the UPP occurred frequently in the patients most serious. The 27 authors conclude that much has been argued concerning the protocols of prevention of UPP in the Units these therapies Intensive, measures efficient, when applied in the admission of the patient and daily accompaniment for the nurse in its internment. 27 With regard to the intitled article ' ' Evaluation and prevention of the integrity of the skin in patients interned in intensive therapy study retrospectivo' ' carried through private hospital of the River of January, Where if the authors of this article had analyzed the predisponent factors for the UPP.38 development, they had analyzed 48 handbooks of patients, where they had been had applied protocol of prevention of UPP that it contemplated given as: identification, sex, age, period of admission, medical diagnosis and evaluation of the skin (complete skin and not complete skin, degree of risk, place and period of training), action of prevention as: special mattress, transparent film in the sseas proeminences, change of decubitus, hidratao of the skin the,38 data had been collected in handbooks of the interned patients organized, later categorized tabulated.

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