Inspiration, feeling or planning? It does not import the argument since that it is strong, based and not only a breeze or dust brought with the wind. That it is supported by who understands, propped up for who believes and that at the beginning and in the end of the line she is you. It promotes the light and it opens the door it closes the cadeado one and it erases the light. It works firm, it works strong, it has hands prepared as well as the agriculturist in swelled and the soldiers of a fort. It thinks and it learns fast, more does not run over the oxen and not if it forgets the competition, the wagon does not walk alone and nor to the front, more the competition already this the engine. It has coherence in its attitudes and has controlled its impetuses without losing the wisdom and the great virtue, patience.

Full life has that to be lived, success intensely alone it happens for the persistence. Little crisis more chance, little look in the defeat and more in the learning. It understands the road traced in its map, more does not leave of enxergar the acknowledgments of shortcut. The search must frantic and not be alucinada intent energy in the objectives of its day. Exactly that you think that the time passes and nothing happens, you understand that the time does not ask for authorization more arrives one day for who deserves. When to arrive at the hour commemorates, alive, more does not delay. There behind it comes plus some of you, wanting to copy its history. That they trip for its road and understand the shortcuts that you traced for the victory All you deserve the success if to understand as to learn the message of the life through the failure Foot the foot, step by step, with the hands the head and the heart. That to you everything comes, and to the end it only waits a gesture, a simple conjunct.

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