The presence of a dog has positive impact on the people’s physical and mental health specialists from different fields of medicine increasingly confirm that the presence of a dog can have a positive influence on the physical and mental health of the people. The Organization Delta Society has carried out investigations on the influence of pets on human health as one of the first. The results were interesting and surprising: dog owners have generally fewer health problems dog owners have a greater chance of coronary heart disease or to survive dog the heart attack are fit, among others thanks to regular walks with the Favorites, dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol content in the blood dog owners have better mood dogs act against the everyday stress thanks to dogs is the enthusiast – and feeling of isolation admits the low 70% of families, that her life was funny after the purchase of the dog dog owners feel safer and their fear of criminals is less Confidence of the children, who have a dog, the presence of dogs is more serious illnesses to endure helps children or with death which reduces parents to handle the presence of dogs during tests we feel the stress in children if we have an own dog, often, to know his thoughts. The dog can read our minds. He learns to realize before we do something, or say our intentions. He has the ability of observation to learn and the ability of empathy. We are spending so much time with our pets that will have positive consequences for our health.

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