It enters the considerations to take into account in the surgery of glteos we must take the following: You implant them of glteos cannot help to give to form to the part inferior of the glteos. This can be solved with fat injections the own body of the patient. The fat injections also can be used to carve and to give one better form to the rumps. In case you do not want to resort you implant to them, a Brazilian method exists in which fat of other parts of the body of the patient to the glteos becomes congested. Nevertheless, in these cases, approximately 30% of the fat dissolve soon after, which means that it will be necessary to repeat the process of constant way. Surgery of lifting of glteos? The surgery of lifting of glteos eliminates the excess of skin and fat that can cause that the rumps see falls, in addition adds contour to the waist and to the later part of the thighs.

The surgery of lifting of rumps is realised by means of an incision of hip hip, in the low back. The surgeon it extracts the excess of skin underneath the incision to raise to the rumps and the thighs. The leftover skin retires. A rise of glteos normally takes around two hours to be realised and general anesthesia is used. The majority of the people who have been put under a rise of glteos can return to their houses to the following day; but the hospital stay can be greater if other procedures are realised simultaneously (surgery of glteos and liposuction, surgery of glteos and abdominoplastia, etc.). Posoperatorio is something of pain generally, but it is possible to be controlled with medecines. Also medecines are recommended to avoid the accumulation of liquid and to support the treatment of the wound. The inflammation can last up to three months and the cosmetic results will be totally visible in a year. The election of a plastic surgeon certificate and with much experience in surgery of glteos is very important. It considers the possibility of seeing the photographies of before and after other patients who have treated in the clinic which you have chosen.

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