For in such a way, I cite the affirmation of Ortiz (2002 apud Zardo; Freitas, 2007) on the actions that still are processed in the imediatismo not to possess a proposal structuralized administratively, neither systemize pedagogical project, making it difficult the creditao in the work of the involved professionals. When Matos and Mugiatti defend new and specific knowledge for the Hospital Pedagogia strengthen the thought of Saints (2002 apud Zardo; Freitas, 2007) how much to the overcoming of the paradigmtico state of modernity in crisis that believes definitive answers for questions that follow the existence human being. Therefore, the paradigm of the necessary elitist knowledge to be surpassed not to compromise the knowledge. What they disclose the research In if treating to scientific productions that approach the subject in question in the material elaborated for Santos and Mohr (2005) fruit of a research on Education in Sciences in the Hospital Classroom, whose objective was to visualize the works of research produced on the subject Hospital Classroom, ample productions in the educational area and of the health had been found. These productions represent how much the quarrels on the subject have increased.

For being this originally to multidiscipline the works if they extend in the distinct areas of the knowledge, enclosing the educational, medical area, of nursing and education of sciences. The result of the research indicated that the periodic ones of the health area had originated more articles of what of the area of the education. This means that not only researchers of the educational area if worry about the teach-learning question. In the health the productions are constant and older. Works exist that show great differences in its approaches, some give emphasis to the curricular proposals, others to the structure and functioning, public politics, failure and pertaining to school evasion, humanizao of the attendance and conception of the health and illness.

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