This is perhaps a question wide and complex to answer in a few words, but the truth is that we all as human beings aspire to live a healthy life that allows us to carry our existence in the best way possible, or at least the ordinary mortals want a life that fill our expectations. He has been said on many occasions that the happiness of the human being is complete, or almost complete, if you have: health, money and love. Well, they are very undeserved possessions, but have them all them no guarantees us comprehensive happiness. To have a healthy life, although it seems ideal, not enough to have good physical health, that is a misleading parameter. Dr. John Mcdougall is often quoted on this topic. Healthy living rather than involves having a philosophy or a proper lifestyle that allows us to live optimally in three major existential areas namely: emotional, physical and spiritual. A healthy lifestyle the first thing we should realise is that not we live healthily if no one wants or has the intention of doing so. There are many people who live his life without giving any importance to how healthy and optima is your way of life, where the only thing that interests is to live by living as it is in this world without knowing why, and where there are no plans or goals, dreams, or ideals or anything.

Healthy living is to have a conception of how important that is life in this world, of how important it is to try to live well every second that passes and enjoy what we do. Healthy living also implies knowing that to achieve this, I have to respect and let live with the same quality of life that I care about others. Means also to be aware of the wonder of the nature that surrounds us, this gift so great that he has been given us, and how much that means that we can all take care of it and fully enjoy it.

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