An ulcer it must daily be evaluated and be registered, therefore its evolutivo process can vary, either it of one week for cicatrizao the months and in some cases until years for it heals-ls. This register of nursing must include the main characteristics of the injury, such as: necrtico the fabric stadium, dimension, exsudado, presence, fabric of granulation, reverse speed-epitelizao or signals of celulite. WRITS OF PREVENTION Are essential, therefore they reduce the risk to develop pressure ulcers enters 25 50%. According to Agency of Health Care Policy and Research? AHCPR 1994, apud ROCK, 2006, the primary objectives are necessary, therefore they at risk identify to the sick people and adoption of writs of prevention, essential in the maintenance and otimizao of the tecidual tolerance to the pressure, as well as for protection of the harmful effect of the pressure, friction shear, beyond as educational programs and of formation for reduction of the incidence of pressure ulcers.

Amongst the writs of prevention we detach the protectors of the integrity of the skin, derived from acid greasy and aliviadores of pressure (that such are the descompressores as: plate hidrocolide, film hidrocolide, air colxins, mattress, etc), beyond the necessity of adequate and regular reposicionamento. Massages of comfort are indicated for stimulation of the local sanguineous circulation, becoming massages regularly, in special in: spike, ndegas and ankle. What it is not indicated is the use of the massage on hiperemiadas areas. TREATMENT the identification and the precocious treatment allow a significant reduction of the costs, to prevent the progression and to speed up the regeneration of the pressure ulcer. The global cost of the treatment of a pressure ulcer degree IV is 10 times superior to the one of an ulcer degree II.

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