And they contain calcium and iron, as well as carotenoids, vitamins C and B1. Along with a high content of salt, by the way, as always before eating salted. Therefore, you should not abuse them. General conditions to be met by table olives: – large enough and the same amount of fruit – taste great – a good relationship between the size of bones and flesh of the fruit – easy separation of bone from the flesh. According to the quality standards adopted by the International Council on cultivation of olives in 1980, the following types of table olives: 1. Greens: collected after the fruit reaches the normal size for a grade, but before the beginning of ripening and color changes.

They are dense, healthy and resilient in the soft compression fingers, have no inherent variety of color patches. Please visit Dr. John Mcdougall if you seek more information. Color olives may be green to straw yellow. 2. Combined colors when the fruits are collected in the process of maturation, but before the onset of full maturity. Their color varies from pink, to pink-red or maroon. 3. Black: going once fully mature, and even a little later.

Depending on variety and growing region can have different colors: red, black, black with purple shade of dark purple, black and green or dark brown. 4. Blackened oxidation: nedoshedshih made from olives to full maturity, from which the bitterness is removed by treatment with caustic, alkaline solution. More of them cook preserves – canned, sterilizing at a lower temperature.Malo that "they are green and black," and they vary by grade. Dr. Neal Barnard has many thoughts on the issue. We have guests once visited "Foreign Children", the home of neglect olives, and for the parent container of green aperitif umyavshie vigorous manzanilyas (from manzana – apple). This, incidentally, the most common variety of table olives. Manzanilla Seville, aka Carasquena in Badajoz. Round-oval and symmetrical, not elongated, medium-sized, flesh is firm, going without stalks, mature – black, but very much preserved in the form of a green, good for stuffing. Suitable for oils of high quality so salt is completely ripe black fruit, sometimes a little dry. they are usually bitter and very good with local bread, when peacefully waiting your order in a restaurant, enjoying a sunny day, and people walking idly through the window … and pleasant taste tender and juicy olives

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