The products done just by oxide of magnesium and magnesium peroxide are not the best products available. This is thus because the magnesium oxide is not able to release the good oxygen at least that is attended of other ingredients. So it will not really obtain the wished effect. The Benefits of Health with oxygen for the colon cleaning a true cleaner of the oxygen colon releases oxygen in his digestive system. Thence, he is transported through his body. This is important because the friendly bacteria in their colon need oxygen to work correctly.

When feeding the friendly bacteria in their colon, they can defend themselves better of the bad bacteria. This way, a sensible good atmosphere is created in its digestive tract. Oxygen also oxidizes all the intestine helping it to maintain cleans it. This reduces to the possibilities of constipation or the development of impactacin. In addition, a cleaner of oxygen colon helps to increase the level of the reactive oxygen species (SRO) in the colon, that stimulates the production of lymphocytes. When stimulating the lymphocytes, more cells T are produced as well, and this aid to generally improve the function of the system immunological.

How to recognize the best cleaners of colon? Unfortunately, many manufacturers make false affirmations on the sale of best cleaning products of colon. And, since the supplements of grass are not regulated by the FDA, there is no much is possible to be made to avoid outlandish affirmations. Some even include ingredients that act against-productive. For example, some contain ascorbic acid, that is a powerful antioxidant. Like so, in essence, it neutralizes the benefits that it will obtain from released oxygen! The unique way to determine if the product is a cleaner with colon oxygen is to realise a test of valuation. A control of the valuation that demonstrates if or of oxygen in fact is not released. Also it can measure the duration of the effect of oxygenation. In this point, only there are two products in the market that is to release oxygen by more than 16 hours: Oxy-Powder and Homozon. Also it is necessary to examine the effectiveness of the oxygen that is released, that is moderate with an electromotive force. The majority of products in the market has an electromotive force of 1.23 less or. Unique the two that they own high an electromotive force are Homozon and Oxy-Powder, with Oxy-Powder” s 2.4 + is the highest qualification. Although Homozon is a worthy competitor, Oxy-Powder is probably the best cleaning of product colon available. This must to that Oxy-Powder provides a greater security of oxidating effect, but also contains Germanium (GE-132). GE-132 is a long-range oxygen facilitator, which means that it helps to stimulate the immunological system lifting the potential of oxygen consumption of the cells cheers reason why generated oxygen in fact can be used instead of being wasted. With the aid of GE-132, Oxy-Powder ppm of oxygen is able to release more than 60,000 and has demonstrated to be consistently 6% of oxygen in the content. Homozon, on the other hand, is not coherent. In fact, it varies from a 4% to 6% of oxygen. Also ppm releases only 55,000 of oxygen. The investigation seems to speak by itself, but it can realise its own investigation, and find the best product for the cleaning that is adapted for you. Also it can read on the done intestinal cleaning in one night.

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