The most famous ski resort areas in Europe are in France and Austria. On the territory of these states are the biggest ski areas in Western Europe, where the mountains are renowned for their grandeur, beauty and inaccessibility. Millions of tourists each year choose to ski tours to western resorts. But France and Austria are famous not just around the corner. In these countries there are many monuments Middle Ages, which so attracted the interest tourists. And not only that! France – one of the most beautiful countries on the planet with an interesting history and culture.

This is a country of remarkable landscapes, fields, vineyards and delicious locks. And imagine how many people dream to live in palaces that once belonged to the true barons and the Marquis? Yes, absolutely any! In France, as in any other country of the globe, such a position to become a reality. Visiting France, you can walk through the corridors of the elegant Versailles, where she was not a dynasty of French monarchs. This palace is full, as it were shrouded in mystery, as it underground tunnels, hidden rooms and other secrets. For a long time lived and intrigued Dowager Queen Catherine de Medici, lived, and made lavish receptions her daughter – the famous Queen Margot. It is impossible to visit France and not visit the Notre-Dame de Paris – functioning cathedral, celebrated by the temple, a place of pilgrimage for thousands of tourists. Eiffel Tower – the famous creation of architect Gustave Eiffel has long been a symbol of Paris and throughout France in general, this tower is a unique style enjoys great popularity. A visit to this romantic place remembered for a lifetime, climbing the Eiffel Tower, you can feel under their feet night Paris.

In short, Paris – the most intriguing and exciting city on Earth. Austria – a unique country in which intertwined all the European culture. Despite the fact that the territory of this country is small, there is a large number of popular sites and landscapes. Among the guests Austria claimed also for the reason that is rich in historical monuments of the Middle Ages. Mostly, it's castles and palaces, in what at one time lived in the famous historical figures. Nevertheless, Austria could be called country skiing. In Austria, the ski industry, tourism and sports is directly linked to each other, just for such an active pastime and come here year-round travelers. Scenic Alps in this country extends from east to west and covering more than half of its territory. Austrian mountains are different in that even the most mild winters of their slopes covered with snow. Except Furthermore, nearly all ski resorts in Austria are equipped with snow cannons, so here goes skiing in any weather. The most famous of ski areas in Austria – it Vorarlberg. This is not just resting ex-President of Russia, and now Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and this resort prefer thousands of foreigners. fifa World Cup in alpine skiing in 2001, was also here. Three large and frequently visited the resort in the area – Zurs, St. Anton and Lech. St. Anton – a very funny popular place, the center of winter sports in the Austrian Alps, there rests mainly young people. Austria attracts foreigners a year: summer is ideal for exploring the legendary places, and winter Alps offer ample opportunities for skiing.

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