Conducting an anamnesis deep taking into account age, profession, height, weight, medication, associated pathology, physical activity and pregnancy the patient is of utmost importance.As well as predisposing, determinants and factors aggravating of the Fibro edemato fibroesclerotica in order to learn more about our patient, to give guidelines aimed to ensure the success of the treatment you are going to follow.Also be taken into account the reason for inquiry and what are the goals of the patient.The honesty of the physiotherapist to see what are the achievable and desirable objectives to avoid the displeasure of our patient is important. In aesthetic physiotherapy is important to know the maneuvers of physical examination and complementary tests that will provide us the correct diagnosis, as well as treatments suitable for each inesteticismo. In addition, will serve us to objectify the initial state of the pathology and check the evolution of the patient with the applied treatment. The diagnosis is important to perform it in a well-lit, both inspection and palpation is performed in supine, prone and standing. To do this, we will carry out clinical examination based on the inspection, palpation and complementary studies. In terms of inspection, will take into account: picnico habit or lanky, walking, plantar support, Lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, flat foot, asymmetries, changes color, flaccidity, stretch marks.The maneuver of the fold is the most basic technique of palpation for the diagnosis of paniculopathy edemato fibroesclerotica; It consists with both hands grab the contents of the cutaneous fold and roll with your thumbs on the deep drawing.

We will consider also: escarbosidad, pastocidad and skin elasticity, pain, flaccid tissue, stretch marks, macronodulos, muscle tone, dermal disorders, circulatory disorders, edema and hypothermia. Complementary studies and tests tests or studies that they will serve us for a precise diagnosis and differential, inclusive, are complementary:-routine (metabolic and hormonal profile) analysis. -Teletermografia infrared. -Ultrasound. -Xerography. -Thermometry of skin. -By contact thermography. -Morbimortality. -NMR. Want to get rid of cellulite naturally?

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