Body shape Center-Multiwell method the body shape Center Multiwell method and everything connected with it, results from 15 years of research and development. Our professional experiences enable us slimming – health and fitness sector, professionally to advise all who want to invest in this market. It has been proven that the existing offerings and solutions from our group are successful: the Multiwell method is success in the fitness center, Artztpraxen, beauty salons, wellness lounges enthusiastic customers a general holistic, so comprehensive consideration of the person, i.e. She first considered the causes and consequences of obesity, so that the consequences can be handled then specifically, includes the use of a range of high-tech devices, the effect of which has been proven. An accurate assessment is before each treatment, so that the different areas can be treated with the various possibilities. It also enables the able to work preventively. The technique is the treatment techniques by the practitioner selected and combined with the treatment method. So it is important to make a pressure therapy (DLS 10) or perform a lymph drainage by means of Depresso-massage (bio-Derm) for example after a treatment with ultrasound. Local treatment: bold release fat using lymphatic drainage from direct fat energy use as the key to the success of the body form Center – Multiwell concept call us at: 030 76 21 32 02 body shape Center Berlin, Augsburger Strasse 25, 10789 Berlin

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