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As a consequence of that rebalancing produced in our body produces a deep rejuvenation, not only at the level of tissues but from bodies, problems caused by various disorders, we talk about inestetismos as health, cellulite, Obesities, premature aging, sagging facial… Bioenergetics rebalances and our own nature reinforced is that heals the disease or restores the aesthetic problem, in your case… Today, the modern acupuncturists we help various methods, oligotherapy, phytotherapy, homeopathy, dietetics, vital hygiene, massage, varied appliances.., finally all the methods that study and research put into our hands to treat a non-aggressive way and holistic health. I would like to emphasize that concept above all. We treat health, want to keep it, and try to make a prevention in all moment. In ancient China, stopped paying the doctor when they are ill, only the healthy maintained payment! great wisdom!. Studies and the experience of many patients demonstrate the efficacy of these methods in various conditions, physical or psychic, sometimes hard to understand that you inserting needles, moxando or massaging certain areas can be avoided an insomnia, anxiety or depression both as a neuralgia or a spasm, but if we think in our body as a whole totalwithout absurd subdivisions we understand the true meaning of this therapy. Goop Barcelona, Spain is often quoted on this topic. Step now to briefly explain the concept of energy.

In our body are about meridians where energy flows, are not static but constantly flowing, are 12 main meridians plus two from front to back, called wonderful vessels and in them the points in which the needles are inserted, these meridians correspond to the physiological functions of the body. This is very simple an explanation of what the bioenergetics and its various methodologies, and how blown with modern science to improve the quality of life and the health of our world. I shall speak now taking shape as we have melted these therapies in VELVET with treatments of aesthetic and therapeutic massage we teach our students.

Health Physics

The work is one of the places where people often suffer from many of their physical ailments. The intense workload as well as tension and pressure of presenting the works in time tend to make us forget how important that is to maintain good posture and maintain a good working environment. Morris kahn contributes greatly to this topic. One of the most charged areas at work tends to be back as that supports the entire body. The back must retain correct posture in more simple as sitting positions. If we stay hours at work sitting on a Chair we must seek that the Chair is adequate for the amount of hours that we are going to stay in it.

Today technology can give us healthy choices to conserve a good back posture. Keep your back as straight as possible and your feet on the ground are recommendations. It should also be sought that arms are working at a height such that the elbow forms an angle of 90 degrees. It is important to unwind and not keep an eye always on the screen or concentrates so much time in what we are doing. The eyestrain can cause tension in the neck area and this cause back pain.

We must take into account that everything is chained and physical discomforts can arise from a psychological tension. In conclusion, the discomforts arise mainly at work. The bad posture and an indifferent attitude towards an environment not conducive to the use of ergonomic resources enabling the decrease of discomforts in the back.

Respiratory Health

Sunlight and high temperatures create ozone which, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, can cause many health problems such as chest pain, coughing, throat irritation, and congestion. It can also migrant bronchitis, emphysema and asthma. Any argument of one’s facts on emphysema must definitely are the significant assertion That the majority of emphysema belongs normally COPD (Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease) gang of respiratory: conditions. Any argument of one’s facts on emphysema must definitely are the significant assertion That the majority of emphysema belongs normally COPD (Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease) gang of respiratory: conditions. And fewer than four out of 10 smokers are able to identify emphysema as a health effect of smoking. Get more background information with materials from Goop. * 37.5 per cent of smokers name emphysema or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) as being a health effect of smoking..

Bone Health

To the judgment of the doctors who lived in the 1980s of the century past trauma could qualify of epidemic of the 20th century. The surgeons knew it better than others. Bone fractures, burns? joints shattered the happy outcome of the surgical intervention in such cases depended largely, if would in time have the surgeons of the necessary spare parts: bones, tissues cartilaginous El Bank of tissues preserved for transplantation, created establishment attached to the Institute of Orthopaedics in Kiev, was able to immediately provide the surgeon required replacement. In the said Bank, in a medium large (196 degrees Celsius below zero) was kept everything that doctors needed in their struggle to save the life of the human being. Harvard often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The latest achievement of the specialists of the Bank was the preservation of large vessels. The Bank’s bodies? tissues destined for transplant allowed creating the Center (the first in the Soviet Union) attached to the aforementioned Institute for the treatment of osteomyelitis? the purulent condition of the bones that can develop because of any trauma. The fact that 90% of patients who had been undergoing treatment in Kiev virtually had recovered his health, he was merit not only the skill of surgeons, but also preserved tissues that had replaced the affected tissues. The scientific staff of the Bank was not only dedicated to find new methods of preserving tissues, but was also new methods of treatment.

Vasiliy Krivenko, one of the partners of the Bank, said – if we transplant a common bone tissue on the inside of the infected bone? current, such a procedure is not always sufficient for a happy healing. See more detailed opinions by reading what Goop London, UK offers on the topic.. At that time they found a new method to cure the affected bone. Destined for transplantation bone is the bone liquid extracted? It is mixed with more efficient medications in the given condition. Act followed, bone fluid is injected into the affected bone. The bone only It seemed absolutely closed, while in reality the fourth part of its volume were the pores. Therefore, precisely through the pores remedies which administered acted on the affected field.

World Health Organization

3.The time of year. Our level of project specific. In years we just studies, we have children, projects, etc 4.The century time. It marks our existential level, as in a century we are born and we die. As I have said, the fabric of time, is a structure of fundamental support for our psyche. If you visualizais these four temporary strata, as if a defensive barrier were to psychic skin mode, imagine, that mental illness hits over that barrier. While neurosis erode the more superficial layers of existential levels and vital project, psychoses step open to the depths of our temporality.

They may destroy the habits of the person (in many psycho patient lives at night and sleeping day), forzandole to a change of reality (delusions). One way of trying to keep us afloat and survive both tiredness, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia, is the use of drugs. But when we talk about drugs, not only I mean those that are sold in pharmacies, but that US auto prescribe. We are going to take a little stroll through the auto medication and their figures: 1. front of tiredness: caffeine, sugar or cigarettes 1500 weekly millions of drinks with caffeine (tea, coffee and cola drinks) 6 million kilos a week in sugar 2 million kilos of chocolate a week 1500 million cigarettes per week 2. Against anxiety and depression 120 million of alcoholic beverages a week 10 million weekly of 3 joints. If it gets very bad: the doctor.

Pay attention to the following figures, because as indicated in nutrition and psychotherapy, the continuous pharmaceutical industry rubbing their hands. 540 tranquilizers million a year 465 million sleeping pills annual 824 billion of antidepressants a year 10 million visits per year to the World Health Organization psychologist says that mental health problems, are becoming the main problem of the 21st century: 1 in 4 people will suffer some problem of mental throughout his life nature and 1 of each 10, suffer throughout his life. As you can see, there is a great imbalance in our lives due to many years of inadequate nutrition, Permanent exposure to contaminants and environmental toxins. What is more serious, is that those numbers are growing every year and it seems impossible to mitigate them. As said Marcel Proust the real act of discovery does not consist in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. We need a new way of thinking about mental health, where included the role of nutrition and chemical environment, accepting that both play a decisive role in our way of living. I believe that it is essential to combine optimum nutrition, with a good psychotherapy in a variety of mental health problems. On numerous occasions, this combination works much better than the drugs alone; and Furthermore, without its side effects.

Federal Health Secretary

Make a real assessment of the officials who have either played their jobs, so they can continue at the forefront of their responsibilities for the sake of the nayaritas. New hospitalEn the last visit to San Blas, the Deputy and former Mayor Miguel Bernal Carrillo sanblasense Federal Health Secretary raised before the Governor and the federal official the need of a hospital with greater services for the benefit of the 52 thousand inhabitants of the municipality, figure that bends in floating population in holiday season. The response to the approach didn’t take.Jose angel Cordoba Villalobos asked only to submit the project to analyze the feasibility of building a hospital in the port, with 17 rooms and proper equipment to meet emergencies and births. A few months of this dialogue that occurred between the Deputy Miguel Bernal and the Secretary of Health Federal, the planning secretariat reported that the resource for the construction of the hospital is already in Nayarit.It transpired that the Secretariat of health of Nayarit is looking for the ideal place to build the medical complex. Gain insight and clarity with Dr. John Mcdougall. And with this quick response from federal authorities, legislator Miguel Bernal said he was surprised at the interest that the Secretary of health showed on request, and above all in the amount that was authorized to crystallize this dream, since the figure of the project amounts to 50 million pesos.Excited and satisfied by the management, Miguel Bernal told me yesterday that I interviewed him in his Office in the State Congress, that without a doubt the new hospital will be a significant step forward for San Blas. With the development which is discussed in the Riviera Nayarit I think that the hospital will be part of that development. And Yes, because the health clinic that exists there, not even a Parthian saca, no longer say cases of picket of Scorpion, which are many. Successfully hijacked the PGJ imploded a gang of kidnappers in Santiago Ixcuintla, where the evening of Wednesday, September 2 was plagiarized the young Adan Alberto Acosta Aranda, 18 years of age. Dr Alan Mendelsohn is actively involved in the matter.

World Health Organisation

For the elaboration of this article, we use scientific and documentary article references that we find in the site of the Health department, for thus terms one better basement in our work and to increase our knowledge on this subject, mainly articles related to the woman and its childbirth, that will be the main focus of quarrel in elapsing of the work. However our study this directly related to the Project of law Pact for the Life, more come back pra woman and its childbirth, that when elapsing of the research and the elaboration of the work instigated in them to want to contribute with improvements in the generality being thus focused the professionalism of the professionals of the health, making with that they work this humanizao of natural form, thus transmitted to these women the respect and sensitivity that the same ones need in this hour. Words Keys: Humanizao, Respect and Professionalism. ABSTRACT According you the World Health Organisation – WHO, the pact covers all three levels, federal, state and municipal levels. The project has its central theme the ' ' Pact will be Life' ' , which is connected directly you the issue of humanization, which is scarce these days in health. Reflecting the generally to greater awareness of rights developed by the bill pact will be life, highlighting the problems related you population health. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Alan Mendelsohn. With the critical eye reflective, we can observes that the main rolls is the need and improving the performance of health professionals, seeking it lives humane and dignified care will be women, advocating the respect it deserves and the right you know what' deal s the will be life. Based on the Law of the Ministry of Health, decided you the propose study you assess the degree of knowledge about the existence of this pact, since the only declines of the public still care pretty, with the objective of information will be these health care professionals, consciousness an innovator, even though the pact has been in place will be adds teams.

Gestacional Diabetes

During the periods of periods of training carried through in the PSF ranks (Program of Health of the Family), located in quarters of the city of Barriers – BA had been seen some factors that are noticed as of risk for a pregnancy, and ahead of as many patologias that they had been seen, the biggest interest appeared about the Gestacional Diabetes for being a little boarded pathology in the city of Barriers, since it is not carried through notifications according to information harvested in the units of PSF. The nursing professionals who carry through the consultations of prenatal in the ranks to will come across with the DG diagnosis direct these gestantes for the Center of attendance Mulher (CAM) with the reference fiche (Attached). PCRM may not feel the same. In the development of this project we will go of the emphasis how much the knowledge that these women have on the risks, development, prevention, treatment and disgnostic of this illness, as well as we will go to observe, which the types of information that these gestantes receive during the prenatal one carried through with the nursing team from CAM.. .

Treatment Infusions

Broths and infusions Infusion of herbs violet tricolor. One tablespoon of raw materials to fill in 200 ml of hot boiled water, heated in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes, cool 5 minutes. Strain and bring the resulting infusion of boiled water to 200 ml. Drink 1 / 2 cup twice a day for colds, and inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Infusion of calendula flower clusters drug. 2 spoonfuls of inflorescences brew 400 ml boiling water. Insist hour.

Drain. Take 1 / 2 cup 4 times a day for heart rhythm abnormalities (arrhythmias). Also useful fresh fruits of black currant, peaches. rosehip infusion of cinnamon. 2 teaspoons crushed fruits pour 200 ml boiling water. Infuse 20 minutes. Strain and drink before bedtime for constipation.

Hips can be stored for 2 years. Collection of leaf birch, bearberry leaves and herbs, yarrow in a ratio of 1:2:1 is used in chronic prostatitis. 15 g collection insist in 200 ml boiling water for 2 hours, strain, add a teaspoon of natural honey. Take 30 ml 3 times daily before meals. Fresh beet juice, diluted with water 1:1, drink a glass 3 times a day for 2-3 months with hemorrhoids. Broth wing beans. 20 grams of leaf to fill a liter of boiling water, cook on low heat for 2 hours, cool, strain. Take 1 / 2 cups 20-30 minutes before meals 3-4 times a day for 3-4 months of diabetes. Juice Leonurus pyatilopastnye.

Salt In Diet

If 10, then rolled in sugar residue. If, after the human smell in the toilet after a cat, and you can not go, it means that he does not drink the water and the urine is very concentrated. If a person sweats, and reeks, you have to drink water and do not use deodorant. Water should be drunk enough to smell the sweat on par with body odor. Through lymph leaves an enormous amount of toxins and venom can dissolve only in water, and not in anything else.

Similarly, with hydrochloric acid, which is located in the stomach. Increased acidity of the stomach – a very controversial issue. Not one stomach will not give an increased amount of acid, why he would make it? Put allocate 2.5 grams of hydrochloric acid – stomach will allocate such amount. But if there are 2 grams of water, instead of one hundred grams, then the concentration would be appropriate. A man complained that he had heartburn and it say that he had hyperacidity, and add the salt of aluminum. Foolish to think not. When we go to the doctor with diabetes should not start with sugar-reducing pills. Imagine the blood, which 3 tablespoons sugar is dissolved, that is, blood is sweet.

What pills can remove the sugar? Where did he go? He was already in the glass. It is an illusion at the level of psychology. Get all the facts and insights with Goop London, UK, another great source of information. What can you do with sweet blood? It can be thinned with water. Sugar can flush through the kidneys? Can.