Recent research claims that treatment using Coenzyme q10 mejoraria bothersome symptoms of cardiovascular problems. The consumption of products containing Coenzyme Q10 as active ingredient reduced symptoms typical of cardiovascular problems such as tachycardia, heart attacks etc. A new Italian study published in the online edition of the European Hearth Journal has found that daily supplementation with Coenzyme q10 can improve cardiovascular health in patients researcher Romualdo Belardinelli and his colleagues at Lanici Hearth Institute in Italy conducted a study with 23 patients with cardiovascular failures Chronicles, including 20 men with an average age of 59the blind, and placebo control were distributed randomly into four groups. The first group was treated with oral supplements of Coenzyme q10 (100 mg, 3 times per day), the second group took supplements of Coenzyme q10 and is joined a supervised workout 5 times a week, the first group took placebo, and the fourth group took placebo more exercises 5 times in the week researchers discovered that patients who taking supplements of Coenzyme q10 experienced an improvement of 9% on your cardiovascular health compared with the group that took placebo, the group who took supplements of Coenzyme q10 more 5 days exercise session experienced similar results to the group taking placebo and is exercised. The blood flow to the heart is increased by 38% in the groups taking Coenzyme q10 supplements, triplico levels of Coq10 plasma in these groups. Coenzyme q10 is a vitamin with antioxidants bike that is essential for the body, which helps energy production in the cells, Coenzyme q10 can be obtained on tablets, but also can get part of the diet, foods rich in Coenzyme q10 include fish oil that contains high levels of omega 3 oil, these fish include salmon, in beef and whole grains. Although the majority of scientists are focused on the effects of Coenzyme q10 in cardiovascular health of patients, there are some science professionals who investigate the effects of Coenzyme q10 in adenocarcinomas, polyps, cancer prostate, diabetes etc. Original author and source of the article.. Rosenthal.

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