All our products have CE 0434 and CE medical C93/42/CEE. New to us Nahrungsergenzung with clinical study. Our Nahrungserganzungs product is suitable for diabetics, as well as for people with an increased risk of diabetes, such as people with obesity. The extra pounds can quickly become a risk factor. The combination of obesity, high blood pressure, lipid metabolism disorders and impaired glucose metabolism is known as metabolic syndrome or as deadly Quartet. A study confirms the positive impact of the product on all four risk factors used by us.

According to scientific studies, the product favorably impacted the blood sugar level and promotes the impact of insulin on metabolism. In addition, it helps to reduce the weight and keeps the blood lipid levels in a healthy balance. There are now countless diets and weight loss programs. Many promise quick results without large Aufwand.Meist rises the weight soon (Yo-yo effect).We help your character back on the jumps. The proven system of well-being feel of the body shape Center is no crash or rush diet, but an Abnehmkozept, which you can easily reach your desired weight and permanently keep combined with sono-lipolyse treatments (called also cavitation, ultrasonic). We eliminate fat cells in their problem areas – safely, painlessly, without surgery, without anaesthesia but with lasting results – a pleasant treatment with no side effects. The fat reduction with ultrasound has proven successfully proved that does it work. The difference between us and other providers = your advantage! Combinations of sensational success with personal vitality training and show Cellsonic ultrasound treatments in the body form Center! Test treatments in Berlin for customers: Euro 67.50 (see price list) device purchase for doctors, beauticians, freelancers etc: see offers, there is already a CE 0434/93/42 / CEE ultrasonic fat reduction from euro 9520,-including VAT.

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