The fact is that nor all have the patience, or the availability to take care of of its aged ones. The lack of available time to supply love, affection, attention, becomes it more used excuse to remove the weight of the shoulders of that they are with the moral responsibility of takes care of them. The intervention of the together social service the families who are without possibilities to take care of of its aged one is important. Many times the violence acts come due to orientation and desperation. The humanizao is an ingredient that must be learned and be used. Pena Nieto for more information. We have that to use the awareness and knowing that one day all we will go to age, using more the public politics and program of prevention.

According to Anthropologist and Coordinator of the course of after-graduation in Gerontologia of the PUC Elisabeth Frohlich Mercadante, the longevity human being is presented currently as a great historical and social conquest. ' ' Ahead of the population growth of the aged segment and the increase of the number of years of life, it is today imposed to think and to analyze the oldness, not as the end of the life, but as a new stage to be vivida' '. Our society prioritizes the new, detaches youth as cultural value to be pursued by all and presents the future as something that belongs to the young. The old one appears as the opposite of it, without future, living of souvenirs of a passed life, where it was adult and young. This vision of the oldness is generating of social representations homogenezam that it, being able to develop attitudes discriminatory in relation to the aged segment. The discrimination, gift in the looks and attitudes, manifest in the diverse spheres of the social life – family, work, health – creating different forms of violence in relation to idoso' '.

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