As Tomita (1999), the people possess genetic differences in the blood due to substance presence in it found. Before being discovered, many people died when receiving blood in transfusions. System ABO, the blood of the group, the B of the B or the group, depending on the antigen or the B that is present in the surface of the hemcias. In the case of the blood these antigens are called aglutinognio, had to the aglutinao power that they possess. In the plasma sanguineous two types of antibodies, determined can exist agglutinins: anti- or anti-B. 3,3 DONATION OF BLOOD Since the passed century, the transfunsional therapy, comes presenting great progress scientific and who had technician to the increase of the use of the blood as therapeutical resource, comes growing the number of givers (CANADO gradually; et al., 2007).

Brener, et al., (2008, P. 109), affirm that in Brazil the problem is aggravated had the high percentages of clinical incapacities and sorolgicas between individuals that if make use to make donation, beyond the high financial costs that involve the guarantee of transfunsional security, great part is of responsibility of the public power. With this the units of hemoterapia give to guarantee of the attendance of the demand disponibilizando quality products. The cited authors above tell despite in the last times he had a considerable increase of the population worried about the guarantee of the transfunsional security which had the sprouting of the HIDS. Together with the aging of the population, the violence and the accidents, had been the factors that had more collaborated for the increase in the demand for transfusions, thus reducing the number of blood givers. As the RDC n153, the blood donation must voluntary, anonymous, altruistic and not be remunerated, directly or indirectly. The information that are passed by the giver are sigilosas, in case that it has some contamination the stock market is discarded, therefore the receiver must receive a blood from quality.

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