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Good night! Mr Vice Minister of Salud Dr. Meliton Arce Senor Decano de el Colegio de Medicos of the Peru: Dr. Ciro Maguina gentlemen managers, colleagues, friends. I’m doctor Miguel Palacios Celi and belong to the historical XVI promotion of Medicine of the Universidad national of Trujillo and similar to hundreds of colleagues, perhaps thousands, we have crossed the border at some point and we have become uppercase disease patient, destiny, wanted to give me, fortuitous level allotted to me, the privilege to share this testimony, which I appreciate. This story begins some years ago, when he was driving my car by the Panamerican Highway and at the height of the 679 Km, before Guadalupe, a Sunday in June, I was hit by a car driven by drunken youths, they hit my vehicle with such violence, that instantly killed my little daughter, she was traveling with me, unconscious and poly traumatized, I was aided by generous drivers of route I evacuated to the Hospital Almanzor Aguinaga of Chiclayo, where precisely, worked as gynecologist obstetrician, when surgeons opened up my abdomen, they found 2 liters of blood free in cavity, had 3 GR. hemoglobin, had exploded the spleen, had multiple lacerations in liver, Pancreas, bowel, omentum and mesentery bled torn, I had bleeding comminuted fractures, and with loss of substance in Femur and Metacarpus; colleagues needed to rebuild me 3 laparotomy, a bloody reduction, in addition to graft bone and platinum plaques, transfundieron me 12 units of blood, I endured many complications, bronchopneumonia by suction, sepsis, kidney failure, I agonice and I resucite in each of the three strokes that I endured, I received the paintings Santos, went down to hell and met the same devil, I survived dreaming that he could no longer, worse suffering than we had passed, the President of the body Doctor said only a miracle could save him and was saved!, I distinguished as hero, 45 days later I went high, in a wheelchair, to applause from my colleagues, had lost 15 pounds, 5 months later, my wife gave back me my white dust of doctor, gave me a kiss and full of painful physical scars and soulI reintegre me to continue successfully to medicine.

De Janeiro Childbirth

What if it all gave per century XIX, necessary period so that techniques of surgery, anesthesia and asepsis in the childbirth work were developed. The institutionalized childbirth was necessary so that such techniques projected and were carried through. The first ideas of hospitalization of the childbirth appear in the Europe and Brazil if of the one from century XIX. Rio De Janeiro and Bahia had served of installation for the first facultieses where the courses of formation for obstetricians in 1832 had been created. Women would have to learn the medical and scientific teachings on the basis of.

She happens from there formation of the professional obstetrician, subordinating the rite of partejar the medical authority. Valley to remember that with the resqucios of the black slavery, the demanded norms (age, to know to read, antecedents of good customs) left of is the obstetrician layperson (SAINTS, 2004, P. 07). The transference for the hospital resulted in changes in the event of the childbirth. Make reference to reference this event Souza (2005, P. 18) it portraies that amongst them they are: the use of the bistoury and frceps, procedures as episiotomia and the cesariana, changes in the position to give birth: of the vertical position, to that lying with the legs supported in stirrups, providing to the doctor one better intervention, while of the patient is being deducted the right to choose the best form to place its son in the world, because it was stipulated that pra is better parturient to go for the hospital.

At the same time where part of the population had an affection for the diplomee obstetricians, it had a resistance on the part of great part of the population to the news conditions imposed to the event of the birth. The resistance to the internment remained per many years (SOUSA, 2005, P. 18).

Miguel Vicente

The agency tries to then eliminate them through the kidney, and may produce diarrhea, kidney failure, and even the death. How arrives toxin of this bacterium to humans? Usually come from remains of contaminated animals, fecal waters of animals, or you can be found in the treatments of the meat if not done with sufficient hygiene, responds this researcher. The vegetable that spread with this toxin makes it by contact: it is surprising that once reaches the surface of the plant, attaches to your cells and is very difficult to dislodge it from there, it’s a strong toxin, describes Vicente. Are antibiotics effective to combat this Toxin? Their cells are more complex that the toxins that cause pneumonia, for example, still less effective results. The problem is that drugs that are most useful for treating the e.

Coli, some toxins with much resistance, induce the production of still more toxins into the body, becoming counterproductive, indicates Vicente. What is the origin of the contamination? This is one of the key issues that are investigating, although the origin of three of the infected cucumbers was Spanish, it is not proven that has been in Spain where the cucumbers have been contaminated with the bacterium e. Coli. For its part, the Ministry of health emphasizes that although cucumbers are of Spanish production, it is necessary further research in order to find out throughout the entire chain in which phase has produced bacterial contamination. Miguel Vicente, researcher at the CSIC, the view that is easy to learn, though it takes time. Genetic identification techniques are so good today that you can determine what culture they come from cucumbers by comparing their DNA, he adds. There are control systems in greenhouses where they come from cucumbers? 13 Analyzed greenhouses and which come from lots of cucumbers affected by the bacteria have some control, such as integrated production or biological control systems.

Exact Evidence

A special place belongs to the problem of timely, accurate and most complete removal of physical evidence when viewed from the burned car. Can high degree of confidence that, as in the case of failure of or incomplete removal of physical evidence to establish the exact cause of fire in the car is almost impossible. Dwell on timely removal of evidence. Obviously, the withdrawal should be carried out immediately upon initial inspection of the vehicle, regardless of weather conditions and time of day. Otherwise, great the probability of loss of evidence, as due to natural causes (for example, by moving pbx in place of storage), and as a result of deliberate actions of stakeholders.

In expert practice there are cases of removal from the car to investigate important subjects a material environment, but also, the facts of the complete destruction of cars, in order to conceal traces of the crime. Therefore it is necessary to know exactly what to withdraw in the first place on the scene of a fire in the car and be able to properly pack the exemption. First and foremost, you must seize physical evidence that may be lost in the course of inspection of the scene For example, traces of burning intensifier, as which can act flammable (HIL) or flammable liquids (GJ). It is advisable to take samples for the presence of flammable liquids (GJ) in places where the thermal effect was minimum, for example, fragments of shell on the floor of the passenger compartment or under the soil sample sites, designed to drain water from the body. You may find Mayo Clinic to be a useful source of information.

Childfriendly Space Systems

The solution for the phases of construction and modernization as a provider of mobile room systems PA in recent years the specialists for schools and kindergartens developed into. It has spread, that our space solutions provide a high degree of comfort, ambience and safety”, says Oliver Kolblin ELA field staff. Also those two kindergartens in the Fribourg region look that way. At the St. Elisabeth kindergarten 18 ELA quality container with a useable area of 270 square meters are available during a period of modernization. In addition to games and lounges, there is also wheelchair-accessible sanitary facilities, a door terminal cover and a smoke alarm. A purchase and conversion is also the reason for a PA solution in Jockgrimm. Please visit Dr. Peter M. Wayne if you seek more information. 17 PA modules result in eight areas for playing and learning, a child-friendly sanitary facilities and a magazine.

We have already made good experiences with ELA container at a daycare in Rheinzabern”, says Doris wing, architect of the project. At schools and Often the so-called premium rental container by ELA kindergarten is used. This offers a unique market advantage: the three-meter-wide model has an effective area of 18 square meters. Compared to a standard container means this is a plus of three square meters. Already from a space of 90 square meters, the use of PA minimum allows the saving of a standard container. Transport, Assembly and energy costs fall substantially as a result.

Currently, ELA provides more than 20,000 spaces for immediate use. A dense sales network, it is possible to deliver a complete container plant almost anywhere in Europe within 24 hours after receipt of order, to rebuild and to pass on the same day turn-key PA experts. Full facilities ELA containers are fully equipped according to individual requirements. Include furnishings, heating and air conditioning or a deployed directly using the containers, comprehensive and modern communication technology such as telephone, fax on request and Internet. Conventional devices can be connected to Internet and telephone preparation. ELA furniture offer additional facilities such as burglar-safe doors, a vestibule and a complete electrical installation as well as tables, chairs and cabinets. The ELA anti-theft represents another safety aspect of mobile spaces. In addition, the polyurethane rigid foam insulation, as well as the integrated ventilation system in the Windows make for a pleasant and healthy room climate. PA package capitalizes on the technology, service at ELA. The care of the customers even after the container delivery is especially important to us”Gunter Albers explains therefore our customer hotline 24 hours, our service is available at any time”. The PA package include among others an insurance policy for the protection of the container and a Germany-wide repair service. Through the exclusive insurance for ELA-container damage be repaired immediately free of charge. The emsland family business PA has Since 1972 the rental service and also the container technology constantly. Now, ELA has approximately 400 employees in throughout Germany. With a fleet of 50 special truck with loading crane supplied customers in almost any location in Europe. The respective PA contact person can be found on the website contact: ELA container GmbH Zeppelin Strasse 19-21 49733 Haren (EMS) Michael Schmidt, ELA marketing Tel: (+ 49) 5932/506-0 fax: (+ 49) 5932 / 506-10

Intensive Prevention

In this way, beyond the application of the EB daily, the preventive cares of Nursing reduce the UPP.26 Analyzing the study carried through in 2007, Intitled ' ' Evaluation of protocol of prevention and treatment of UPP' ' , applied in hospital institution of So Paulo, where if it searched to identify the number, I serve as apprentice and I prop up total of the UPP in the admission in UTI 24 superior period that horas27 the application of the prevention protocol consisted of evaluating the patients for way of the scale of Norton in first the 24 hours of internment, what it allowed a classification of the patients for risk degrees. Four degrees had been defined: high risk, medium risk, low risk and without risk of danger. After to classify the patients the authors of this article, had prescribed the cares of Nursing as: corporal hygiene and massage of comfort after bath; decubitus change and the application of hidratante cream, to the patients who presented you prop up them of high risk, medium risk and low risk, was efficient in (79%) of the patients. James A. Levine, M.D. pursues this goal as well. The appearance of the UPP occurred frequently in the patients most serious. The 27 authors conclude that much has been argued concerning the protocols of prevention of UPP in the Units these therapies Intensive, measures efficient, when applied in the admission of the patient and daily accompaniment for the nurse in its internment. 27 With regard to the intitled article ' ' Evaluation and prevention of the integrity of the skin in patients interned in intensive therapy study retrospectivo' ' carried through private hospital of the River of January, Where if the authors of this article had analyzed the predisponent factors for the UPP.38 development, they had analyzed 48 handbooks of patients, where they had been had applied protocol of prevention of UPP that it contemplated given as: identification, sex, age, period of admission, medical diagnosis and evaluation of the skin (complete skin and not complete skin, degree of risk, place and period of training), action of prevention as: special mattress, transparent film in the sseas proeminences, change of decubitus, hidratao of the skin the,38 data had been collected in handbooks of the interned patients organized, later categorized tabulated.

Ottawa International

More than 100 governments they approve in Dublin the text of an international treaty to prohibit the cluster pumps, that are had been using during 40 years. When the Spanish Government ratifies the new treaty, both models of pumps that make here will be prohibited. Final S.A. Endocrinologist addresses the importance of the matter here. of the decade of 90 saw the light the Treaty of Ottawa by which the use, the manufacture, the sale and the storage of the mines were prohibited person, now we have managed to reinforce the international right with a new treaty to prohibit the cluster pumps. In Dublin, the diplomatic conference has been celebrated that it concluded with the approval of this new international convention. International governments, organizations and civil society, all we have united efforts to end the enormous suffering that brings about between the civil populace the use of this type of armament. The cluster pumps are like containers that, once sent from earth, sea or air, are abren and in his trajectory they drop from tens to hundreds of explosive charges.

These the ammunition are scattered by an ample zone, of an extension similar to the one of three football grounds, and act of indiscriminate form, without distinguishing between civilian and military objectives. They have out of proportion effects that extend in the time. These loads would have to explode when they arrive at earth, but often this does not happen. One calculates that 5% enter and 30% of the ammunition stay until somebody active – many young young occasions and attracted by its color and form makes contact with enemy with them and the explosion takes place. The cluster pumps have killed and hurt to tens of thousands of innocent civilians since they were used for the first time during World War II. Later, these ammunition have been used in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and also, in summer of the 2006, to the south of the Lebanon.

Kitchen Rosetta

Rosetta PRODUCER A LA CARTE (FINLAND) Scandinavian style became the basis of this kitchen design. The severity of the lines that someone else may seem excessive, negate the chamfered edges of fronts: the doors seem to be so soft, like upholstered in leather. Simplicity, functionality and naturalness, combined with high quality and original design – the motto of this collection. Materials and Structures in this style cuisines are particularly good quality materials used. Preference is given to different kinds of wood and a variety of colors. Endocrinologist may not feel the same.

Thanks to a special processing technology, wood gets additional features: high resistance to humidity and strength. By eje wood used in these objects retain their original appearance throughout the life of the kitchen. Accessories – steel handles, glass door – also picked up in such a way as to emphasize natural beauty of the wooden parts. Countertops can be made of different materials. Buyer a wide choice of laminate flooring, colorful marble, stone gray or cherry warm tones.

EQUIPMENT The internal structure of this collection of cabinets also are practical. All cabinets are equipped with caps that are easily removed if necessary, and shelves along the perimeter of the frame and parts of furniture is a special edge, which does not allow moisture to penetrate. Boxes with a system KVALIBOX close smoothly and quietly, even when full of heavy dishes. 1. Model ROSETTA – one of the brightest of Scandinavian design, which is a reflection of 'Nordic' character. The severity of the lines, calm, even-tempered tone, natural materials, a combination of wood of different hues, gray stone and modern household appliances seamlessly embody synthesis of tradition and modernity. 2. Dining complementing the model can also be sustained in different colors. Set of light wood makes the situation more comfortable. The feeling of accomplishment. 3. Shelves dining groups are covered with frosted glass, illuminated from the inside cool white lamps. The total light in the kitchen can be redeemed, and the radiant surface is located some transparent dishes, for example glasses to their faces sparkling shining in the darkness.

Healthy Lifestyle

This is perhaps a question wide and complex to answer in a few words, but the truth is that we all as human beings aspire to live a healthy life that allows us to carry our existence in the best way possible, or at least the ordinary mortals want a life that fill our expectations. He has been said on many occasions that the happiness of the human being is complete, or almost complete, if you have: health, money and love. Well, they are very undeserved possessions, but have them all them no guarantees us comprehensive happiness. To have a healthy life, although it seems ideal, not enough to have good physical health, that is a misleading parameter. Dr. John Mcdougall is often quoted on this topic. Healthy living rather than involves having a philosophy or a proper lifestyle that allows us to live optimally in three major existential areas namely: emotional, physical and spiritual. A healthy lifestyle the first thing we should realise is that not we live healthily if no one wants or has the intention of doing so. There are many people who live his life without giving any importance to how healthy and optima is your way of life, where the only thing that interests is to live by living as it is in this world without knowing why, and where there are no plans or goals, dreams, or ideals or anything.

Healthy living is to have a conception of how important that is life in this world, of how important it is to try to live well every second that passes and enjoy what we do. Healthy living also implies knowing that to achieve this, I have to respect and let live with the same quality of life that I care about others. Means also to be aware of the wonder of the nature that surrounds us, this gift so great that he has been given us, and how much that means that we can all take care of it and fully enjoy it.

Modern Furniture Company

Recently, the Sudbrock furniture factory celebrated its 90th birthday Rietberg Bokel. Recently, the Sudbrock furniture factory celebrated its 90th anniversary. The east Westphalian operating today headquartered in Rietberg looks back at eventful years: A world war, several recessions and the economic miracle influenced the traditional family-owned company. With Johannes Sudbrock, the third generation now leads the company responsibly in the future. Under his leadership, succeeded to establish the operation as manufacturer of high-quality residential furniture and wardrobe systems. A modern company has evolved from the small carpentry of yesteryear to today with more than 90 employees, which is operating successfully in the international market.

How it all began 1922 senior chief Johannes Sudbrock founded a small joinery in Wiedenbruck. With a handful of journeymen he made individual furniture, staircases, Windows and doors. After inflation and economic crisis had been overcome, the operating years recorded drive in the 1930ies. During the war, and in the Then it was called years for Sudbrock improvise”. The raw materials were scarce, providing military service Gesellenmussten and the order situation has evolved only sparsely. With wardrobes to success from the 50s, it was then steeply uphill.

Franz Josef Sudbrock turned the craft operating in series production. Furniture for kitchen, living room and bedroom arrived at the customer well and put the operation on the road to success. The final breakthrough came with the production of wardrobes. Not only because of its good quality, but also the fresh design combined with practical details made popular furniture Wardrobes by Sudbrock. You brought a rapid growth of the company. Endocrinologist oftentimes addresses this issue. And so was the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a new facility on a 12,000 m 1957 acres in Rietberg Bokel. Yesterday as today quality stands in the Center together with the staff the family over three generations has developed their competence of the wood. Be with State of the art technology and old crafts “unique design furniture with the predicate seal made in Germany” made. Almost all production employees were trained in our own factory. Often, their fathers at Sudbrock had traversed the doctrine. We have to thank our employees for a large part of our success. Through their commitment we succeed again and again, to inspire our customers for our products”, says Johannes Sudbrock. The cheerful round anniversary was celebrated with a family day. “For more information, company: contact: Sudbrock GmbH furniture plant fountain Street 2 D-33397 Masud mountain Bokel FON: 05244/9800-0 fax: 05244 / 9800-10 eMail: company profile Sudbrock: Sudbrock GmbH company furniture factory” produces high-quality furniture and wardrobe systems in paint and wood, which are characterized by a timeless aesthetic design, sophisticated functionality and individual customization. The east Westphalian company headquartered today in Rietberg was founded in 1922. Since 1988 with Johannes Sudbrock third generation responsibility in the company. Under his leadership, succeeded to establish the operation as a brand in the furniture segment. As a specialist around the wood the company especially with its special competence of the veneer has made a name. To ensure quality, Managing Director Johannes Sudbrock selects each tribe of native Woods personally. Almost all processed wood come from certified sustainable forests. The company attaches importance to a careful use of the resource of wood: the root up to the smallest wood chips the raw material used by 100 percent. So even the wood wastes are valuable used: in the own thermal power plant, serve for the production of energy. “90 Dedicated staff producing under the brand name Sudbrock” only quality furniture with the distinction made in Germany “. For more information see author: Petra Menath communication