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Tonsillitis Treatment

Tonsillitis – an infection with local phenomena in the form of an acute inflammation of one or more components limfadenoidnogo pharyngeal ring, most of the tonsils. Tonsillitis is an acute or chronic. Acute tonsillitis is known as angina (from the Latin ango – squeeze, strangle). Although the term "angina" is not accurate (acute inflammation of the tonsils rarely accompanied by suffocation), it is widely distributed among health professionals and the public. The causative agent of a sore throat may be bacteria, viruses, fungi. Among the bacterial agents most frequently is a beta – hemolytic streptococcus, at least – Staphylococcus aureus, or both, infectious agents can be as pneumococcus, mycoplasma, chlamydia. The reason for viral sore throats may be adenovirus, herpes virus.

Infection is the air – drop by. The source of infection – the patient, subjects life. Enhanced selection of an infectious agent occurs during coughing, sneezing. Infection is possible, and from healthy carriers – in transport, classrooms, auditoriums. The highest incidence is noted in the winter – spring period. The incubation period ranges from several hours to 2 – 4 days. The disease begins with a sharp rise in temperature to 37, 5 – 39 degrees, accompanied by fever, malaise, sore throat, joint pain, headache pain. On examination, there is an increase in the lymph nodes of the mandibular angle, and inflammatory changes in the tonsils from swelling and redness (with catarrhal angina), before flying loose in the form of film (with lacunar angina), as well as education fester follicle (with tonsillitis).

With adequate treatment and no complications of the major clinical manifestations of disease are rapidly disappearing, normalize blood tests, only swollen lymph nodes may persist for another 10 – 12 days. Under the influence of various factors (weakened immune system, strong exciter, inadequate treatment, lack of treatment), acute tonsillitis may go into chronic. Chronic tonsillitis is characterized by periodic exacerbations, which are triggered by hypothermia, emotional stress and other factors. Chronic tonsillitis is a source of infection in body. This focus undermines the strength of the body and can help to spread the infection to other organs (most often affects the heart and kidneys, because strep has an affinity to the tissues of kidney and heart). Treatment tonsillitis. consultation is required in the treatment of ENT conservative method: – washing tonsillectomy (removal of purulent plugs) and lubrication Lugol's iodine solution – antibiotics – Physiotherapy (FAL, UHF) – phonophoresis (combining low-frequency ultrasound treatment and the drug). Operating method (if conservative treatment of tonsillitis does not work): 1. Tonzillotomiya (regular removal of tonsils or pruning of children) 2. Operation using kriometoda (destruction of damaged tissues cold). To date, one of the most effective treatment is the treatment of tonsillitis on the unit Tonzillor!

South Korea

Smoking spiral work about as well. The only difference is that they set on fire by hand, the poison they emit more and use them only need the fresh air. Otherwise, the poison is not only mosquitoes, but humans and pets. Physical methods of mosquito control are diverse. The easiest – prihlopyvanie insects by hand or a newspaper.

Modification of it – vacuum suction – very useful in homes with high ceilings. And so the room does not have flown New bloodsuckers on windows and doors is desirable to hang mosquito nets. More large-scale method of physical extermination of mosquitoes is not aimed at adults, and the rising young. As is known, the females lay eggs in clean stagnant water. It is best suited for this purpose, swamps and wet basements. That means they need to drain! Now I understand why under the Soviet regime a lot of effort was given to land reclamation.

Americans, by the way, went the other way. Not to disrupt the natural balance, they offered to build a dam around the wetlands and flood their surface water. In running the mosquitoes to breed more complicated. The following method – ultrasonic. It is known that certain signals frequencies inaudible to the human ear, causing mosquitoes something like panic. This phenomenon is based on the action of pocket mosquito emitters. While the instrument is turned on, closer than a meter, no insect is not approaching. A resourceful South Korean mobile operators sk Telecom three years ago offered to its subscribers: only a few dollars, anyone can upload to your phone, mosquito ultrasound.

Pelvic Massage

Under the influence of pelvic massage there is expressed a direct and reflex stimulation of large areas of skin exteroreceptors abdomen, perineum and external genitalia, vessels interoreceptors viscera, endometrium and myometrium of the uterus, peritoneum, bladder, and rectum. Pelvic massage causes significant changes in the blood and lymph circulation in the uterus and other organs of the abdomen: improved arterial circulation, leading to a decrease in venous congestion and increase metabolism, and simultaneously accelerated lymph flow, which leads to rapid absorption of exudative fluid that accumulates in the bodies and pelvic tissues, with inflammatory infiltrates become softer, education, and especially dense union, reduced and absorbed. Pelvic massage indirectly, through improved circulation and increased metabolism, exerts a positive influence on the functional state of the ovaries, on the menstrual and secretory function of the uterus. In general, massage increases the tone of the pelvic tissues and the abdominal cavity. In addition, improves the general condition of the patient, increases efficiency, reduces irritability, pain disappear, improved appetite, normalized sleep, bowel function and urinary bladder. For the treatment of gynecological disease presents a wide selection of physical treatments: ultrasound facilitates the rapid resolution of scar-adhesive and infiltrative-adhesive structures of internal female genitals; electrophoresis with copper provides analgesic, anti-inflammatory and resolving the action on the structure of adhesions, as well involved in the biosynthesis of pituitary hormones and ovarian cancer, thereby normalizing the endocrine function of pituitary- Ovarian systems, laser biostimulation of female infertility is intended to eliminate the inflammation of the uterus, ovaries, and in the tissues of itself in the uterus, stimulates peristaltic Activity yaytsevodnyh ways, has a positive impact on the process of oocyte maturation and increase its ability to accept sperm, etc. Often becomes the method of choice in the treatment of reflexology gynecological diseases, as premenstrual syndrome, tuberculosis, pelvic ganglionevrit, menstrual disorders, vaginismus, menopause, etc., where the need to normalize the autonomic nervous system (stimulation of the reflex activity or sedation), to relieve pain, etc. .


Conducting an anamnesis deep taking into account age, profession, height, weight, medication, associated pathology, physical activity and pregnancy the patient is of utmost importance.As well as predisposing, determinants and factors aggravating of the Fibro edemato fibroesclerotica in order to learn more about our patient, to give guidelines aimed to ensure the success of the treatment you are going to follow.Also be taken into account the reason for inquiry and what are the goals of the patient.The honesty of the physiotherapist to see what are the achievable and desirable objectives to avoid the displeasure of our patient is important. In aesthetic physiotherapy is important to know the maneuvers of physical examination and complementary tests that will provide us the correct diagnosis, as well as treatments suitable for each inesteticismo. In addition, will serve us to objectify the initial state of the pathology and check the evolution of the patient with the applied treatment. The diagnosis is important to perform it in a well-lit, both inspection and palpation is performed in supine, prone and standing. To do this, we will carry out clinical examination based on the inspection, palpation and complementary studies. In terms of inspection, will take into account: picnico habit or lanky, walking, plantar support, Lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, flat foot, asymmetries, changes color, flaccidity, stretch marks.The maneuver of the fold is the most basic technique of palpation for the diagnosis of paniculopathy edemato fibroesclerotica; It consists with both hands grab the contents of the cutaneous fold and roll with your thumbs on the deep drawing.

We will consider also: escarbosidad, pastocidad and skin elasticity, pain, flaccid tissue, stretch marks, macronodulos, muscle tone, dermal disorders, circulatory disorders, edema and hypothermia. Complementary studies and tests tests or studies that they will serve us for a precise diagnosis and differential, inclusive, are complementary:-routine (metabolic and hormonal profile) analysis. -Teletermografia infrared. -Ultrasound. -Xerography. -Thermometry of skin. -By contact thermography. -Morbimortality. -NMR. Want to get rid of cellulite naturally?

Difficulty Getting Pregnant

Many times have doctors not heard the difficulty getting pregnant that have some women? In order to provide a clear diagnosis and successful why, it is necessary to perform several medical examinations, thus finding the different pathologies that may prevent that a woman could not become pregnant. Among these pathologies is Anovulation or lack of chronic ovulation. Suffer women with sporadic cycles in which there is no ovulation and the presence in the long term for this type of cycle is likely to cause infertility in women. Among the causes are: a congenital problem that many times has been able to be caused by the pituitary gland or pituitary gland problems. Excess production of the pituitary gland causes the politosis ovarian and hence the alteration of the ovulation cycle. This problem of the pituitary gland is associated with overweight and excess production of male hormones.

In the case of the ovarian politosis, with the reduction of weight per part It can the patient be to normalize the menstrual cycles. Similarly, Anovulation can also be caused by lesions in the ovaries, which have been caused by surgeries, trauma, chemotherapy among others. All of these injuries cause what is known as premature ovarian failure or early menopause. In this case, all the functioning of the reproductive system of women is altered precluding the possibility to conceive naturally. What is recommended then is make a reproduction oocytes provided by some donor-assisted. And how to catch this difficulty getting pregnant? Cases of Anovulation are commonly presented in irregular menstrual cycles and medically are detected through ultrasound and hormonal doses (to measure the amount of hormones in the blood) one of the treatments to counteract Anovulation is the induction of hormones to stimulate the ovary and ovules to this release. However should already be under control with this method the risk of a multiple pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant naturally fully within 60 days, no matter your age, please Click here. Original author and source of the article.

Gastronorm Containers And Their Use

Gastronormartikel indispensable helpers gastronorm containers, for commercial kitchens also GN containers called are indispensable for industrial kitchens. Gastronorm is a standard measure of container in the catering industry. Due to the standardized sizes and dimensions, as well as the robust processing, GN containers are useful helpers in industrial kitchens, canteens, cafeterias, restaurants and snacks. Standardization allows the container to stack and thus space-saving storage. Most gastronorm containers are made of stainless steel, plastic and porcelain used. While the stainless steel GN containers suitable for the cooking, the plastic containers rather serve the purpose of the storage. Grade hot and hot dishes such as Lasagna, sauces, vegetables, meat, etc. are not only prepared in stainless steel containers, but can be placed also in the same containers to the buffet.

Usually they come in the Size GN1/1 used, because they engage in chafing dishes without any problems. Chafing dishes are water baths that are heated with appropriate Brennmitteln below. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Neal Barnard. That is particularly convenient because the food not be required to after cooking in the oven. The plastic GN containers are ideally suited for cold and quickly perishable foods such as fruits, vegetables and fish. There are two types of plastic containers, once made of polycarbonate and polypropylene. Polycarbonate is a transparent plastic. So, the chef has the perishable food in the eye. In the stressful everyday life it is time consuming and annoying, if you have to open each container to see the content.

There are not these problems at the poly carbonate containers. But unfortunately whatever disadvantages bring benefits, gastronorm containers made of transparent polycarbonate due to the transparency out of direct sunlight to protect. Package made of Polipropilen Milky are less sensitive to light. But are the contents from the outside, not to recognize. Here remedy color clips. With the so-called color clips you can label the container well from the outside. While stainless steel containers are ideal for stoves, plastic containers are completely unsuitable for ovens and salamanders. Vice versa, stainless steel containers should never be placed in the microwave. Only plastic containers should be used for use in microwave ovens. Standard sizes include GN1/1, GN1/2, GN1/4, GN1/3, GN1/9 GN1/6 and GN 2/1 and GN2 / 3.


See for yourself, just make an appointment with us. Endocrinologist may not feel the same. Slimming, body forming and Wellnessfaktor increase by low-frequency ultrasound, connective tissue massage and diet in the body form Center Berlin. Who is affected and want to do something against his problem areas, which should look at once more the concept of body form Center. Since April of this year, there is the body shape Center in Augsburg road 25 in Berlin Charlottenburg. Initially it should serve as a showroom for interested doctors and Cosmeticians, which alternatively see live and in action to measurement, the treatment devices. But also more and more women and men come, to remove excess fat with the help of the body form Center concept and to sculpt your body. \”No customer will believe me when I tell you they have visible results in short time or your problem zones that decrease in one to two months can be\”, says Sevil Bulak, Managing Director of the body form Center. Many people are we going to have to see it to believe\”is about unaware the following: one gram of body fat is equivalent to about 9 kcal.

This means that if you want to lose just one kilo of body fat, then you must burn approximately 9000 kcal. If someone jogging 35 minutes, that the average person burns up to 700 kcal.Now, we want to lose 10 kg of body fat mass. Can you imagine how many hours you have to spend it at the gym? Not a chance! With ultrasonic cavitation equipment we can do half of the work because we ensure that positively affect the speed of natural processes of lipolysis. With a mixed diet, diet does the other half and we make sure that the skin is tightened by means of connective tissue massage. Body shape Center deploys innovative combination technologies in Berlin for the large-scale reduction of fat deposits and cellulite in Berlin.

Body Shape Center Fat Reduction

All our products have CE 0434 and CE medical C93/42/CEE. New to us Nahrungsergenzung with clinical study. Our Nahrungserganzungs product is suitable for diabetics, as well as for people with an increased risk of diabetes, such as people with obesity. The extra pounds can quickly become a risk factor. The combination of obesity, high blood pressure, lipid metabolism disorders and impaired glucose metabolism is known as metabolic syndrome or as deadly Quartet. A study confirms the positive impact of the product on all four risk factors used by us.

According to scientific studies, the product favorably impacted the blood sugar level and promotes the impact of insulin on metabolism. In addition, it helps to reduce the weight and keeps the blood lipid levels in a healthy balance. There are now countless diets and weight loss programs. Many promise quick results without large Aufwand.Meist rises the weight soon (Yo-yo effect).We help your character back on the jumps. The proven system of well-being feel of the body shape Center is no crash or rush diet, but an Abnehmkozept, which you can easily reach your desired weight and permanently keep combined with sono-lipolyse treatments (called also cavitation, ultrasonic). We eliminate fat cells in their problem areas – safely, painlessly, without surgery, without anaesthesia but with lasting results – a pleasant treatment with no side effects. The fat reduction with ultrasound has proven successfully proved that does it work. The difference between us and other providers = your advantage! Combinations of sensational success with personal vitality training and show Cellsonic ultrasound treatments in the body form Center! Test treatments in Berlin for customers: Euro 67.50 (see price list) device purchase for doctors, beauticians, freelancers etc: see offers, there is already a CE 0434/93/42 / CEE ultrasonic fat reduction from euro 9520,-including VAT.

Ultrasound Fold Cellulite

Ultrasound we know innovative beauty methods for self-treatment from medicine, if the doctor performs an ultrasound. But ultrasound is used not only for diagnostic purposes, but also to the therapy. In sports medicine, ultrasound is used for example, to bring in gel contained active ingredients deep into the skin. The sound waves from the surface thereby penetrate to the skin cells. You spread out in the soft tissues of the body and cause that every particle of the sonicated body begins to vibrate. In this way, the ultrasonic even deeper layers of the skin reaches the dermis.

He promotes the skin’s metabolism and stimulates the lymph flow, making the skin beautiful elastic and rosy-fresh. What is ultrasound? Sound waves, which can no longer perceive our ears are ultrasonic. There are extremely high notes in the field about 20,000 oscillations per second. Most frequencies used in cosmetics by 1 to 3 million cycles per second. Finally, the strong vibration of ultrasound opens the skin for smallest molecules that can penetrate very well into the skin.

This process Sonophoresis is called in the jargon. What can ultrasound? The extreme vibration of the ultrasound extends the spaces between the cell of the skin and thus stimulates the purifying process. Also, the tissue is heated by the strong vibration due to friction, which in turn promotes the energy metabolism of the cells. The sound provides a higher membrane permeability of cells and capillaries, speeding the diffusion process in the tissue. Also the fibroblasts are activated strongly, resulting in an increase in the production of collagen. You can buy cheap versatile ultrasonic devices for self use. This allows himself with regular use visibly tighten the skin – not only in the face, but also on the body. So, even cellulite can be reduced significantly. For the treatment, you should use the best an active ingredient-gel for the face or body. The active ingredients of the gel then determine the main effect Acoustic treatment: Firming the skin, wrinkle reduction, skin clarification, reduction of cellulite, hardening or scarring. And the beautiful: an ultrasound treatment takes only a few minutes. For more information about ultrasound treatments in the current guide the new BEAUTIFIER by Vanessa Halen. The new Beautifier – innovative beauty methods for self-treatment of current Advisor of BoD bestselling author Vanessa Halen ISBN 978-3-8370-5406-4 96 pages with color pages 12,90 euro free eBooks, free excerpts and learn more

Pregnancy Ultrasounds

Ultrasound, also sometimes called ultrasound, is a medical test that uses high frequency sound waves to produce an image of the organs in the body. In the case of pregnancy, ultrasounds are routinely prescribed to produce an image of the fetus. Dr. John Mcdougall describes an additional similar source. The 4 d Ultrasound uses a special ultrasound machine and takes pictures of some different angles, which reveal more detailed images of the fetus, such as facial features. You can also capture the movements made by the baby during the procedure. A standard ultrasound only gives a picture of two dimensions of the fetus. Ultrasounds are usually ordered during pregnancy for a variety of reasons such as the evaluation of the development of the baby, or to determine gestational age and identification of any anomaly.

Although the standard ultrasound produces an image of the fetus, a trained Sonographer or a doctor can take it to identify features and body parts. topic.. Souvenir photos are they administered to the patient. Occasionally, a two-dimensional ultrasound may indicate a problem while a 4 d ultrasound is used to confirm an abnormality. For many pregnant women, there is no medical need for a 4 d ultrasound. Most of the centers that perform a 4 d ultrasound, recommended that the test be carried out after 25 weeks of gestation. It is there when baby tends to be large enough to clearly see the features. The standard ultrasound are ordered by a physician and are performed in a clinic by physicians in an Office or a centre of ultrasound images.

The 4 d ultrasound does not require medical prescription and is often done in a business private ultrasound, which specializes in 4 d ultrasound image recording. The procedure is non-invasive and takes about twenty minutes. After a conductive gel that is applied to the abdomen, the procedure is performed by sliding a transducer over the abdominal area of the pregnant woman. A monitor It is out of sight, is what allows women to see the fetus and see how ultrasound has been completed. Give MOM a photo of remembrance and the video of the baby. The administration of drugs in the United States.UU regulates the level of energy used in ultrasound machines. While they are considered safe, many physicians believe that unnecessary ultrasounds should be avoided. This has led to a debate on the choice of the 4 d ultrasounds. Due to the fact that 4 d machines create a higher quality image, there is some concern about the level of energy used in ultrasound 4 d by doctors, which can be greater, although this has not been proven. For women who want a souvenir photo and opt for a 4 d ultrasound, it is important to make sure that the technician performing the test is a licensed Sonographer. Women who considered becoming a 4 d ultrasound should talk to your doctor in respect of any problem security before the procedure.