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Mother Nature

Today, we often pay special attention to the food that brings us to Mother Nature. And truly – all without exception the development of medicine in general will be reduced to such that, initially, produced by nature. For example, currently there are a large number of mineral collections from various manufacturers that are intended in order to normalize the state of health, improve the immune system and so on. And while neither one of such mineral compounds can not even compare with the natural healing element, which we initially must bee. After proper honey, and it basically proved even traditional medical science, not just helps in diseases, but also for a sustained inward in small doses is an excellent firming and drugs. Endocrinologist has plenty of information regarding this issue. In essence, this is exactly the same fabled elixir of life on the invention which is so long and hard at work chemists.

Our ancestors were engaged in beekeeping since ancient times. And, of course, have seen how valuable the product is honey. He saved and a slight cold, and severe illness and death from starvation person the strength to keep medium-sized spoonful of therapeutic substances. At present, urban residents can not afford to allow to acquire personal apiary, and yet nothing at all interfere with buy honey directly from the owner of bee apiaries and satisfied with it really magical properties. After all, not counting the large number of Securities for our vibrant communities of elements that included in the honey, it's also very tasty product.

And by the way we are accustomed to from childhood, that will certainly have to be a useful bitter and tasteless. A deliciously honey all these prejudices remove completely. In order to create a supply of honey for the winter months, you can go to retail outlets in search of really authentic food, but you can only ask for resources, where the bee products sold, You can tell directly from the apiary. While a number of services is also available and delivery of honey, I mean, really seriously save your free time to walk to retail outlets, especially today, when the weather is not particularly has to festivals. Coming to the direct producers of honey, it will be sure that the nutritional and medicinal product really is a natural and high quality. Also today there is a probability buy honey of the year in which the best preserved without exception, useful component. Since each of us thinks about his health. Because to keep personal health, strengthen blood vessels, nervous system, and in addition the heart muscle, the best solution – it is a natural bee honey. When choosing honey, you get a long and happy life.

Rawsome Beauty

But the consumption of raw vegetable diet as an adult will make a difference in the texture of the skin and hair, healthy nails, weight and complexion. All these features and more determined by daily choices, with food is one of the most important and, fortunately, you can fully control. Rawsome diet is best for human physiology. It is healthy for a healthy body and healthy beauty. Many writers such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer more in-depth analysis. The ability to renew cells is built into his body and the body itself is able to make it look more attractive. After all, were designed to bloom continuously as old cells are replaced by new ones. Rawsome diet makes the most of this rejuvenating ability of our body. Rawsome beauty is not manufactured from the outside but cultivated from the inside by nutritionally charged food. In a question-answer forum Dr. Neal Barnard was the first to reply.

All raw food restores the integrity of all cells and facilitates the optimal operation of every organ inside and out. The body, after being awakened by the improved diet, in its wisdom, will reach the places where health was lacking, and little by little to see its beauty to the surface. The diet eliminates all toxins Rawsome a deeper level and bring amazing changes to your appearance. Beauty Rawsome Only the body sustained on raw food will host natural beauty, or should we say. The landscape of the body will change. The surface of the skin become soft and smooth but still firm and supple. Visible pores will diminish. A pale skin with a yellow pallor will turn into a porcelain like complexion.

Keeping A Healthy Baby

Often, for the intention to feed the offspring, we do not notice the most important – what we feed them. Frequently Dr. Peter M. Wayne has said that publicly. But most important task of food crumb – to deliver the body activity and building material for growth in the form of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. who has published a list of the most suitable for the products. First there are the grasses (cereals), fruits and vegetables (local) trace – animal proteins (myaso. eggs), dairy products, fruit, vegetable and animal oils, potatoes, water and complete the list of beans. But even these natural advice need to be decoded. If we talk about the grasses, it should be understood wholegrain cereals (buckwheat, millet, barley, rice, oats). Low nutritional value of semolina, as well as quick-cooking oatmeal with dyes in the arguments do not need.

They contain lots of sugar and other unnecessary fillers daze. Dream is to have the baby was a good hemoglobin? Give him the green. Parsley, dill, cilantro, celery, onions contain magnesium, which has a molecular structure identical to the hemoglobin molecule. Among the fruits the highest nutritional value are: apricots (including Dried-apricots), apples, cherries, cherry (during season), plum (in moderation). Remember that fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly (and bananas, too, because their skin exposed to contact with rats during storage in ports): Apples and Pears (overseas) – to clean from skin. In terms of food the kid – do not fill the stomach, and feed the body. And one or another product should be taken for consideration, based on its mineral-vitamin and protein-carbohydrate and fat values.

For example, what child of the Council at least 2 days a week to eat fish? Not because yesterday he ate meat, and not because the fish is mouthwatering and easy to prepare. And just because fish contain an easily digestible protein and essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega-6 Correcting the conductivity of nerve impulses, which normalize the maturation and activity of the brain that have a preventive effect on cardiovascular system. And it means that your offspring will optimally develop memory, attention, thought processes, increase school performance. Do not deprive children of sweet and do not use sugar substitutes. In reasonable quantities of homemade jam, honey (if not allergic), condensed milk, caramel (the simpler and cheaper, the less they preservatives, colors or flavors) will not do harm, and will add joy. Ground, remember that this is – not the main meal, as a treat, after the required amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. If you want to protect the health of their offspring, do not feed it with heavy, dangerous, worthless food. Consult with your doctor, and he was to objectively evaluate the health of the crumbs will recommend the best vitamin and mineral complexes.

The Problem Of Hunger

There is a theory that explains why you feel a constant hunger when starting a new diet. It mainly affects those who are reducing the size of portions to consume fewer calories, but a similar process occurs when you start ANY other program to lose weight. The quick answer is that your body has become accustomed to a level of energy and caloric intake, and hunger is produced to force the body to return to their orignal energy levels for the body to maintain stability. The process in detail If you've been consuming an average of 2,500 calories per day, your body has adapted to that level at that caloric intake. But the amount of food you eat provides some nutrients, and your body is accustomed to receiving these regular amounts of vitamins and minerals in your regular meal plan.

When you begin to reduce food to lose weight, your body gets less energy but also get less nutrition because smaller amounts of food you eat. Because of this, the body wants return to what was used, then shoot to kill hunger sensations encourage you to seek more food. The result is a diet hard to follow … The solution: Learn to quell these outbursts This is a trick that can help you eliminate the outbursts. This is a very simple technique. You can use the zig zag in your caloric intake for the body to feel you are getting enough energy. Thus hunger stops.

How? eat three days by reducing your calories by 250 and burn another 250 through the exercise. Then, for another three days to consume the calories you consume regularly for maintenance (ejercitandote follows, of course). Use this method to zig zag your calories and not only reduce hunger but gradually begin to notice as you lose body fat without even dieting. All you need is to calculate your calories correctly. If you want. m

Baby Food

Products are divided into six major groups: Group 1 – milk, cheese and other dairy products; Group 2 – meat, poultry, fish, eggs, Group 3 – bread, flour, cereals, sugar, pasta, pastry; Group 4 – Fats (Butter, cream, vegetable fat), 5 groups – vegetables, Group 6 – fruits and berries. For nutrition must be a rational combination of products of all these groups. Milk is a product with high nutritional value. Dairy proteins are digested by 95-96%, fat at 90-96%, carbohydrates, lactose 98%. Is a source of mineral salts, trace elements necessary for the formation of bone and teeth, for blood. Milk rich in vitamins – B1, B2, B6, B12, pp, pantothenic acid, biotin, folacin, choline. In infant formulas use cow's pasteurized (raw and fortified), sterilized, fortified, milk-fruit drinks, canned milk (dry, concentrated, condensed milk).

On the basis of whole milk manufactured food products for children: dry and liquid adapted milk formula for newborns and infants, baby cereals diet. Cultured products made from whole cow's milk. They are a good stimulant of digestion, inhibit growth of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic intestinal flora, is widely used in clinical nutrition for children of all ages. For the manufacture of dairy products using sourdough (lactic acid streptococci, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Kefir fungi, etc.). For infants dairy products produced on a dairy kitchens based adapted infant formula ("The Kid", "Baby," sour milk "Vitalakt, etc.) or whole milk (yogurt, acidophilus milk). In the nutrition of children more older use yogurt, acidophilus milk, yogurt, fermented baked, etc.

Exhibitor Health

Well-attended exhibition and lectures in City Hall and Kastenhof presented more than 30 exhibitors from the 14th-15th April 2012 on the first annual health days Landau their products and services. The Organizer Elisabeth and Martin Betz from the Centre to the healing of Landau the communication agency Vitamin11 marketing consulting commissioned with the design of the fair and the overall organization. The rush of visitors at the exhibition and the well-attended lectures made the event a success. The Mayor of Landau Josef Brunner and the District of Dingolfing-Landau, Heinrich opened the holistic health days Landau Trapp. Mayor Josef Brunner thanked Nauen for idea and execution of the exhibition organisers and the Organizer Gina, because she would be suggestions for a health-conscious life the people especially in times of sustainability. Governor Henry Trapp was impressed by the positive mood at the fair and held intensive talks with several exhibitors. In the exhibition the visitors experienced a wide Range of well-being and wellness methods such as naturopathy, massage, vital substances, natural cosmetics, water energizing, gems and jewelry. Sample treatments were offered at several booths.

The lectures informed the speakers on topics related to health. Elisabeth and Martin Betz had the idea for the exhibition. The Vitamin11 marketing consultancy commissioned to the concept and organisation of the holistic health days. The project began with the marketing of the space in the exhibition hall and handed over to the care of the Exhibitor, the organisation of lectures to the invitations and promotional campaign for the visitors and finally the organisation of the exhibition building. “We are delighted with the excellent response to the first health days Landau”, says Elisabeth Betz from the Centre to the healing of Landau. The professional exhibition organization by Gina has contributed significantly to the success of the exhibition Nauen. We plan the health days 2013 already together and are confident that we then increase the fair can.” The fair exhibitors were very satisfied with taking good care by the trade fair organisation and were impressed by the harmonious atmosphere at the event as a whole.

Gabriela Ortega Mind

Also accept and bless your current situation, is opening a space to the wellness energy contained in everything that is and exists. You break with the domain of the voice of your mind, to the the live PRESENT. That critical cud is strengthened when you recreas the past or divagas in the future (which you create and influyes to your today!) and is weakened when you keep you in the present moment, you become to observer of your thoughts and emotions, which is stop and listen to the droves of thoughts that run through your mind, feeling the emotions they provoke in the various parts of your body. All emotion has its corresponding body language, you stop to perceive them, quiets your mind which makes you take the helm from her and give the course in your favor. That critical dialogue has captive to your mind, because you believe him, because you think you’re that voice that thought in your mind, but when you recognize that your mind is a tool and that you are a being whose nature is unimaginably happy, enthusiastic and full of peace and that lies beyond and above that voice, you’re freeing you of it and access your inner power. To put that voice under your control, when you witness your thoughts, perceive your emotions or accessing the silence between thought and thinking, may emerge the voice of your inner guidance or intuition voice. With it you can find what you like and makes vibrate with emotion, you can view it with dedication without obstacles posed by that voice; You can give it shape, the scenario, the content causing you more fullness, but above all will have at your disposal your valuable attention, your strength, passion, initiative and courage to carry it out. Aquell@s that you admire, to whom tomas by exitos@s, they have been able to (consciously or unconsciously) do turn a deaf ear to that lower voice of their minds and go with determination towards obtaining their goals, ideas, dreams and wishes of personal fulfillment!.

Rugen Healing Chalk

Chalk – and Sea buckthorn in the wellness area of Rugen/Hamburg, October 2011 the Cretaceous of the island of Rugen is famous. For one thing, because it towers high as steep, white rock over the Baltic Sea, on the other hand, because the natural product fine and delicate as the beauty spa Elixir. One hundred years ago already the snow-white powder on the Baltic Sea Island was used successfully medically and acts such as osteoporosis, muscle tension or rheumatic diseases. In the form of packs, cleans and nourishes the skin healing chalk, also the metabolic processes in the body are stimulated. The island holds yet another natural product for health: Sea buckthorn due to its high vitamin C content called also lemon of the North.

However, the high vitamin content is crucial for the cosmetic effect. Sea buckthorn products prevent skin aging and act in conjunction with beta carotene as natural UV filter. Is also important, because Rugen is one of the sunniest regions of in Germany. Natural products in the wellness area in the 450 square meters large wellness oasis of the JASMAR RESORT RuGEN applications with Rugen healing chalk belong to the program such as cosmetics or body wraps. As particularly effective for a lively, silky soft skin, combined with oils and creams from the natural product has proven Sea buckthorn. Convinced of the effectiveness of the Rugen Beautifier the JASMAR RESORT RuGEN in the wellness-special Rugen guests feeling”: through a whole-body chalk Pack the skin is purified and purified. A relaxing back massage with Sea buckthorn oil is followed by a period of rest. At the end of the exclusive treatments, face and decollete are treated with healing chalk (duration: 110 minutes, price: 112). “” Cretaceous”: Wellness short holiday on the Baltic Sea In the arrangement Cretaceous period” the JASMAR RESORT RuGEN is the white gold “gives not only as Beautifier in the center of the short holiday, but it Additionally interesting facts about the origin of the Cretaceous: within walking distance from the resort away the chalk Museum on the premises of the former chalk plant Kreidemuseum, which gives the history of chalk mining and the emergence of the soft rock as a single House in Europe.