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the games” “With I turn from the left to the right side of 2-3 of cm wide strands to vertical curls. a medium curling iron” “Finally, I brush the hair and give the hair shape and movement only with my fingers.” The products: Moroccanoil treatment: the unique formula contains argan oil and immediately penetrates into the hair. Moroccanoil treatment is especially popular for runway – and celebrity – editorial stylists. It was specifically developed to return its natural silky sheen to the hair, and is also antistatic and very well against Frizz. It strengthens, nourishes and revitalizes the hair, while at the same time to accelerate the drying of hair. (45.00 / 100 ml) Moroccanoil root boost is an innovative styling product that gives natural looking lightness and volume by it strengthens the hair at the root and consolidates. The hair is protected and backcomb superfluous. This light, volume spray is suitable for all hair types and structures whether fine, straight or curly.

It reinforces from the root to and everyone gives this style long-lasting volume, without to coincide. (available only in the United States) Moroccanoil volumizing mousse was developed for more texture and natural movement in the styling to bring. The lightweight formula provides flexible, long-lasting hold and allows an effortless style looks with volume. Moroccanoil volumizing mousse gives to leave more wealth without leaving sticky residue strands of thin, feeble. Feel healthy and shiny hair.

(expected to be available from 2014) Moroccanoil, Moroccanoil provides innovative, easy to use and effective products that transform every type of hair in naturally beautiful and healthy hair. Luxury as an inventor and pioneer, enriched with argan oil hair care products has become a catwalk hit among fashion and beauty insiders Moroccanoil and has cult status in fashion and TV stylists and their high-profile, celebrity clientele. Since its launch seven years ago Moroccanoil products are in 40 countries worldwide. Famous for its light, residue-free quality, Moroccanoil offers products for every hair and his special needs and provides through its patented, innovative ingredients for fantastic results. Moroccanoil products are exclusively available in selected salons. For more information, see. For daily updates and insights behind the scenes you follow on Twitter moroccanoil and Instagram Moroccanoil moroccanoil. Beauty tutorials is moroccanoil on our YouTube channel.


Abroad at the direction of Pilates a lot of fans. In Russia it has appeared recently. Pilates is striking in its originality and effectiveness. It is a combination of western and eastern athleticism measured. It is designed for almost any age.

If you want to look at the seventy-fifty, fifty-thirties, forty to thirty … – A direction for you. An example of this are the many Hollywood stars such as Madonna. At fifty she wears the clothes he wants to, and affects those around her boundless energy. His appearance is required German Pilates Joseph Pilates.

In his youth he did a remarkable not stand, a sickly asthmatic, but he wanted to be strong. Devised his own method, and after a few years it turned into a real circus star. His method became known. Pilates in our body There are many large and small muscles. Many types of physical activity involve only the large muscles. In Pilates due to a combination of different exercises to ensure the harmonious development of the muscle. Pilates is very helpful for joints that are using various techniques of stretching (stretching) take on a surprising flexibility and mobility. The main types of training on the system of Pilates are: – training on the floor – the floor exercise with a special equipment: Rings Pilates Ring, dumbbells, balls – training at the gym without zhestkofiksirovannoy support, which, in addition to the target muscle, makes a lot of time to work other muscles. By Joseph Pilates method in this area there are several simple rules: 1.Chtoby benefit from each movement, we must concentrate on it, forget about their worries. Total concentration. 2.Vypolnyayte exercises from simple to complex, to monitor the quality and accuracy of movement. 3.Vazhnym is proper breathing, so that each cell of the body supplied with oxygen. Breathing should not breast, and stomach (as in yoga) directing a stream of inspiratory air to the back. 4.Vse movement should be smooth, without jerks, or you may get injured. Many beginners want to achieve visible results immediately, because of what are muscle strain. 5.Nagruzka should be central to the muscles of the body. Sometimes called the Pilates exercise to slow. Motion gentle, unhurried, thoughtful. Therefore, the result is visible immediately. But if you do pilates regularly, then the effect will not make long to wait! And this despite the fact that the self need not exhaust the heavy nagryazkami in fitness centers. Source: Fitness for Woman's world.

Invalidity Insurance For Teachers

Replenish the small pension patchwork and teachers are increasingly unfit for service. Scientists are convinced that this is due to the increasing strength of the class and the growing share of fuhrte children and young people. Only teachers lifetime receive a pension. This fails but also increasingly less through changes in the law in 2011. A private pension provision by means of an invalidity insurance is strongly advised by experts.

Who needs a private service disability insurance? The invalidity insurance for teachers is a special variant of the well-known disability insurance. Just teachers on trial and withdrawal, but also teachers for life should be not ausser eight this private insurance. Teachers lifetime receive the full officers care for invalidity. Through changes in the law in the past few years the tees were however always further increased. Officials on trial and withdrawal, however, will be in the statutory pension insurance insured post. Here too, a private service disability insurance for teachers is essential if you want to not get into financial difficulties. Invalidity insurance teachers need to consider a lot for an invalidity insurance must be respected on the same clauses, such as for disability insurance. However, there is a difference: the invalidity clause.

In this clause, a professional with a service disability is equated in the best case. In addition, there is still the fake invalidity clause. This is with caution, because then the invalidity is only accepted if she equate with a disability. In addition, there are still clauses to note such as the abandonment of the abstract reference to the insurance guarantee. Does not waive the insurer on the abstract reference is the insured person paid alternative work referenced, but receives benefits from its invalidity insurance. When the insurance guarantee, the amount of pension without re-examination of health can be increased under certain circumstances. So teachers that were previously available matching service disability insurance find it not many providers of invalidity insurance. Today’s market is broad and transparent. Therefore, a comparison of products worth even with the invalidity insurance for teachers. Unfortunately, there is no meaningful test for you insurance. Here consumers can however refer to the test winners of disability insurance. Otherwise teachers did consult also the possibility to have here is an independent insurance expert.

Successful Experience

You do not need to convince anyone that a big problem in many families with children – is a complete absence of any interest in reading fiction. I want to share how my husband and I were able to interest daughter. Our family is ‘read’. My husband and I can not live without books, and spend the day, and the daughter of interest is limited to TV and PC. And then, when she was 12 years old, decided to give her a birthday unique publication – a collection of Alexander Green‘s ‘Red Sails’. The book is excellent: good print, framed in the best tradition of expensive editions, as for the leather cover, it is so soft to the touch, so nice to keep it in your hands … .. Daughter and her friends were delighted with our gift.

As a result, all told – “glue” book. Their language is the highest praise. As for the daughter, then, imagine it for three days without stopping, reading donated books, including novels, and the “Golden Chain” and “Running on waves.” After Alexander Green and began to read Jules Verne, and Cooper, and Pushkin. Although this educational moment cost us dearly enough, but my husband and I are very happy that my daughter is reading. It’s worth a lot. I am deeply convinced that literature is not only broadens the mind, but a greater impact on emotional development, which subsequently will form her healthy attitude to life. By the way, gift edition of the “Scarlet Sails” of Alexander Green, we ordered a book online store “Madina – gift books, and exclusive.” Brought it to us on time at a convenient time for us, without delay. And for that we are very grateful.