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Transcultural And Culturally Sensitive Care

New training from March 2010 in Gottingen, Gottingen, 26.11.2009: the admission of the first migrants in the retirement age shows exemplary care, which changes itself will increase in the next few years in the health care industry. Intercultural competence is the new key qualification, can not succeed without the interaction between caregivers and patients. The Transcultural care approach involves the failure of communication on the foreign culture isn’t”to deport the migrants and to end in stereo typisierender cause attribution. Rather the concept of transcultural also deals with reciprocal processes and individual biographies of migration. The patient / patient is in his, of course also culturally influenced, individuality seen, what is important in the care.

Finally in this situation is about topics affecting the livelihood: health and disease. The nurses and medical staff must have intercultural competence to the world of to be able to understand immigrant patients. The first step is the knowledge about the importance of religious and everyday cultural aspects and the awareness of the own cultural glasses”. To convey intercultural competencies, intercultural training is an effective method has been proven. IKUD seminars offers in cooperation with komMedikus as of March 2010 an education for the intercultural trainer (m/f) for the health care sector “.

With this cooperation, we have succeeded in bringing specialists for the intercultural training and the medical industry. The participants learn how to better acts even in everyday working life in intercultural encounter situations and communicates and especially how you relayed this knowledge. You can offer intercultural training accordingly in the own health care facility/clinic or on the open market. The approach of the 5-module training to the intercultural trainer (m/f) for the health sector “to the culturally sensitive and transcultural care leans. It is not about so that mere mediation of culture recipes “for the medical treatment and care, but to a holistic education that extends basic competences at the level of experience based (E.g. through role-playing). Training to the intercultural trainer (m/w) in the healthcare sector “will start on March 16, 2010 and runs over 3 months. For more information see:…

EMS Manufacturing

M4E anchored a continuous improvement process in the corporate culture of Ebermannstadt, 22.12.2010. The EMS provider (electronic manufacturing services) Vierling has implemented measures to improve efficiency in electronics manufacturing in the international research project of methods for efficiency (M4E). The research institutes participating in the M4E project and companies met at the University of Bayreuth, to give a current status report. Four of a kind is one of the companies in which the optimization processes are well advanced. M4E aims, to analyse processes, provide information on opportunities for improvement, and to reduce the waste of resources.

A rethinking has employed four of a kind continuous improvement by M4E”, says Martin Vierling, Member of the Executive Board and responsible for production and process optimisation. M4E has pointed out ways us, optimal use of resources and to develop lean manufacturing processes. Aim is a continuous improvement process (CIP), in which the entire company is involved. Our employees continually suggest improvements and an internal team of lean production checked regularly all processes of production efficiency. This permanently anchored in the corporate culture of four of a kind.

the idea of optimization” Four of a kind has made short distances for more productivity on the basis of the M4E project over 20 optimizations of different scope. At goods receipt, the electronics manufacturers has reduced for example process paths. The staff summarized the area formerly on two rooms divided in a room who reduced the number of work tables from 20 to seven and the average route from twelve to five metres. In the Assembly, Vierling has made a time savings of 30 percent in a manufacturing project through improved workplace design. To reduce energy consumption, Vierling has analyzed its compressed air system by means of ultrasound and leaks closed. In this way, energy savings could be achieved, the annual consumption of a four person household match.

Insurance Women

Today on abundant amount is required for the maternity and delivery expenses. In this way, both the insurance policies like health and travel prove beneficial for the expected women. Are you getting pregnant? The feelings of becoming mother surround pleasure and happiness all around. When the due date comes so near then expected women require more protection, safety and care. To overcome from the medical as well as travel expenses, a large amount of money is needed especially for tackling maternity costs. In this way, health insurance sounds to be very helpful as it provides medical support. This insurance policy supports you with cash and covers all the maternity expenses. A number of branded finance companies are available in the market that offers their best services to the expected women.

In the advisors and physicians last the traveling of pregnant women few months of pregnancy, health prohibit. Doctors suggest for enjoying the comforts of home. But sometimes in case of emergency, women have to travel. During traveling, if any misshapen like delivery in the flight, miscarriage etc occurs, and then travel insurance policy covers all these expenses. Under travel insurance, expected women are completely protected and safe while holidaying or traveling. Apart from travel expenses, prenatal care requires a huge amount. In this way, medical insurance covers all the maternity and delivery costs associated with pregnancy.

After all, everyone wants to have a healthy and smart baby by getting the appropriate best parental care. Regular medical checkup are necessary for checking the growth of the baby. It is important that every expected woman must visit a doctor every week till the last month. These routine tests including ultrasounds, amniocentesis, or other costly procedures are necessary to sure that both the mother and baby are healthy. On these routine medical treatments, a larger amount of cash is needed but the medical insurance covers all the medical expenses. This fact is very much clear that those people, who credit score have good, can acquire insurance policy instantly but bad creditor have to face little bit complication. Apart from this, a number of agencies are present that provide protection to the health of low-income women, infants & children under age of 5 these agencies support them by providing supplement foods, nutrition education, and health care referrals etc. By online mode, you can get the appropriate insurance policy for the pregnant woman. Insurance companies have their different terms and conditions and quotation for insurance. So you can compare and contrast all conditions and requirements with one another. This helps you to acquire the best policy from the long list of insurance policies. Rosie Gravin is specializing in writing articles on maternity insurance coverage, pregnant travel insurance.

Anatomy Muscles

From the muscle can not be felt-wrapped implants, they feel really real”on. Why is this technique of breast augmentation not as widespread as other surgical techniques? This technique with full coverage of implants with muscles is more complicated, because four different muscles converge under the breast. The surgeon should have learned this technique and have a certain experience. The Anatomy of the chest wall muscles should be restored after the use. The muscles must carefully be separated from the ribs in this surgical technique and after inserting the implants with each other are made, so that the muscle-flexing will continue to work. What are the main benefits of this technique of breast augmentation? The complete under the muscle version has the great advantage that a mammograms on cancer screening or an ultrasound examination the implants absolutely do not disturb. The 4 muscles serve as a barrier so that no contact occurs between the breast and implant. Any chest nodes can be better sampled and the implants are less palpable from the outside.

Through the full muscle covering of the implants, the risk of capsular Contracture with painful hardening of tissue could be reduced to a minimum. The formerly common complications such as skin folds (Guizar), capsular Contracture, ice block feel of the breast or the so-called tennis ball chest are hardly to be feared. What are possible disadvantages of this technique of breast augmentation the? Because after the completely sub muscular breast augmentation 4 muscles are stretched the pain condition in which is 1 week after surgery stronger than at the other surgical techniques. However, the extent of the pain is bearable by prescribing strong pain medication. Furthermore is later the final shape of the breast visible as the other techniques of surgical, because the muscles need to stretch first, and then the new breast shape is visible. Otherwise the benefits outweigh the disadvantages in this type Brustvegrosserung define is a modern breast augmentation in our time? A detailed consultation with a specialist with much information content and much medical background belongs to a modern breast augmentation only once.

Furthermore only cohesive implants of last generation with CE certification and fluffed-up reverse silicone surface should be used. The rough surface ensures that foreign and endogenous tissue very well tolerated. Operation technology with more accurate location of the implants in the breast is to be regarded as last quality factor of a modern breast augmentation. The applied skin incision should not exceed a length of 4 cm. Considering these important factors, a natural breast enlargement can be achieved at the present time long form stability and very low complication rate.

Big Box Full

Like photos remind us of our past. Memories of baby and kid are probably unaffordable for most parents. Whether you are now kept in a simple shoe box or in a colorful and ornate box: mementos of childhood and youth of their own offspring are something very special. And that there are other memorabilia in addition to many photos, want to be stored in the personal treasure chest, yes okay. Not only photos are great memories not only with photos and videos from childhood are connected beautiful memories. There are many things which even more emotions attached, as on the colorful photos from the baby album. The first ultrasound scan, for example, the greeting cards to the birth or the name bracelet, which receives every baby in the maternity ward at the hospital.

Also a cute rompers, from which the child is already outgrown, tiny shoes or the christening gown are among the priceless pieces of favorite of many parents. Milk teeth, a blond curls and the first self painted pictures for MOM and dad remind kindergarten time, seahorse badge on the lined swimming lessons in elementary school. You make up your own memorabilia memorabilia, you have made together with your child, are probably the most beautiful. The little ones can help even actively at hand – and footprints for example. This simply mix two cups of flour, a cup of sugar and a three-quarter Cup of water and stir the ingredients to a firm smooth dough. If this is neither sticks nor too dry, you can knead it into a flat disk and bring it into the desired shape. Hands or feet, like both, now find their place on the disk. Now the name of the child and the date with a small wooden skewer into the dough cut and Pierce a hole in the top of the disc. So you can hang also him after drying in the oven at about 150 to 200 degrees.

Nondestructive Testing

The theory and the practical demonstration of common techniques: A workshop of the Haus der Technik on 12 June 2014 in Dresden. In the practical seminar the participants an overview of the mostly non-destructive test methods for plastics and fibre composites in production and service, but also views of methods that are still the subject of research and development. The test methods are applied in the aerospace, in the wind energy industry and the automotive industry in the fields of automotive, aerospace, fluid systems and combustion. Professionals, engineers and technicians in the fields are invited to design, manufacturing, Assembly, maintenance, staff material and component testing, students, technical management, technical purchasing from automotive, wind energy industry and aerospace. The agenda consists of the following areas: Ultrasound: physical principles, test equipment, test systems, ultrasonic testing of plastics and fiber composites, contact, immersion,. Ultrasonic phased array, limitations of the procedure, practical demonstration of optical methods – Visual inspection, physical principles, testing, Visual inspection of plastics and fiber composites, endoscopy, examples optical holography, Spekle measurement, Aramis physical principles, examples penetrant testing, physical principles, test systems, penetrant testing of plastics, limitations of the procedure, examples of infrared thermography, physical principles, test systems, thermography testing of plastics, limitations of the procedure, practical demonstration, examples micro waves, physical principles, test systems, micro wave testing to plastics, limitations of the procedure, Examples Terahertzverfahren physical principles, test systems, Terahertzprufung of plastics, limitations of the procedure, examples of X-ray procedures (computed tomography, X-ray), basic physics, test systems, test to Plastics, limitations of the procedure of acoustic methods (mechanical impedance analysis), physical principles, examples, practical demonstration visit structure tests for aviation and automotive industry visit demonstration Center fiber-reinforced composites (GFRP, CFRP) through the practicality and the savvy speakers of IMA material research and application technology GmbH is a high learning success after this training is guaranteed. The Haus der Technik (HDT) is the oldest technical training Institute in Germany, outdoor Institute of the Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH) and partners of the universities of Bonn, Brunswick, Duisburg-Essen, Munster and Bremerhaven University of applied sciences.

It maintains close contacts with companies and research institutions. The HDT has the legal form of a non-profit, registered association with approx. 1000 company and person members. founded in 1927 in Essen, the Haus der Technik is one of the leading German provider of seminars, courses, meetings and conferences today for professionals and executives. About 16,000 participants annually use the facilities in Essen and at the branch offices in Berlin, Munich and Bremerhaven as well as at numerous other venues in the country and abroad. The Essen headquarters is a modern Congress Centre regularly also used by nationwide companies and associations.

More than 50 seminars and meeting rooms for up to 600 people with State of the art conference and audio-visual equipment, as well as a full-service are available. For more information, see interested at the House of technology e.V.

Metastases Tumor

Symptoms of Pain, a reduced durability, unintentional weight loss, and a downward trend of the general health show as first symptoms bone cancer for both the primary and secondary bone cancer. The primary bone cancer cause in addition often swelling, which lead to a restricted mobility. Secondary bone cancer is often noticeable by unexplained bone fractures. Kicking one or several of these symptoms on a doctor should be consulted so that it can make a clear diagnosis. Bone cancer in addition to a medical history interview and a general physical examination, particularly Imaging examinations and blood tests for the diagnosis are necessary diagnosis. The first signs of bone cancer are often already on the basis of an X-ray image.

Typical signs of the Constitution are recognisable destruction and fuzzy boundaries of the bone. Through an X-ray can also any metastases in addition in the lungs are diagnosed. Besides the race gene analysis, magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography and Skelettszintigrafie be used for the diagnosis. Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography are used primarily to obtain more precise information about the tumor and its expansion. A Skelettszintigrafie can discover other cancer infested or exclude at best.

In some cases, the blood vessels using an angiography are represented. Also Ultrasound (Sonography) are used for the diagnosis. Various instructions on a bone cancer can be determined on the basis of a blood test. An increase in the enzyme exists in alkaline phosphatase, may reference an osteosarcoma. An increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate of body, as well as an anemia (lack of red blood cells), or an increase of white blood cell count (too many white blood cells) indicate an Ewing sarcoma. References to an Ewing Sarcoma, usually a bone marrow biopsy is carried out. By this analysis, the doctor receives instructions on the spread of the tumor in the bone marrow, which are essential for the subsequent treatment. Optimized always tailored to the patient treatment of bone cancer which is treating bone cancer and chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery usually is always based on the three traditional treatment options for cancer patients. A link from the three treatment options is often used in the treatment of primary bone cancer. The exact treatment depends always on shape and extent of the cancer. Metastases may also be present must be considered in the treatment. A radiation treatment can be used with an osteosarcoma, very limited. Therefore, an osteosarcoma typically use a combination of chemotherapy and surgery will be treated. Usually is already tried before surgery, chemotherapy to shrink the tumor. Renewed chemotherapy occurs after subsequent surgical destruction of the tumor. Have not yet looked at an osteosarcoma Metastases formed, the chance of survival is under the General cancer valid five year survival rate, approximately 60 to 70 percent. Metastasis in the bone the affected bone usually be stabilized operationally, to reduce the risk of a breakage. Also bisphosphonates can be given to the strengthening of the bones. A radiotherapy is often used for bone cancer in addition to a drug therapy as pain therapy. The treatment of secondary bone cancer is always after the primary tumor. Because starting with secondary bone cancer always to a metastasis from a primary tumor outside of the bone tissue, the forecast for a successful treatment is all in all inferior, in the therapy of primary bone cancer.