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Sade Professor Guilherme Abath

Considering still, Portaria n 971/GM, 2006, understands that the construction of the individual and collective health must search to reach: capacity to answer to the manifest suffering, what it depends in such a way on the position of the professionals, as of the organization of the services; position not reducionista front to the action necessity and services of health presented for the citizens; capacity of apprehension extended of the necessities of action of health, in the context of each meeting, by means of the intent look; finally, recognition and defense of inherent intersubjetividade to the practical ones in health, that basically involves a dialgica dimension or of negotiation, between professionals and users, how much to the definition of its therapeutical projects (6,14). With this, studies that if consider to search the inclusion of these practical integrativas as strategy of promotion of the health if justify for the necessity of if knowing, evaluating, to support, to incorporate and to implement experiences that already they come being developed in the public net of many cities and states, as a strategy accomplish to search the completeness of the attention to the health. From this perspective, one searched to describe here in this study, the functioning of a unit of health directed toward the application of Practical the Integrativas and Complementares in the promotion of the Health, presenting a partner-economic profile of its clientele and the more frequent reason of the guiding with the complaints and patologias. PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS were carried through a study of in case that, description, in the Unit of Integral Cares to Sade Professor Guilherme Abath (UCISGA), located in the city of Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco, situated north-eastern Brazilian, in the period of January of 2005 the December of 2007. The studied population was constituted of 3.160 users who if had submitted the multiprofessional selection in the period in question.

Health Studio Kempten

“‘ The Bikini project ‘ 4 pounds in 4 weeks with the chip card-driven training system of milon Ute Wiedemann and Juliet Kolle, figure and health advisors in the fitness studio exclusively for women, are looking for 55 volunteers for the Bikini project”. All ladies from Kempten, who suffer from obesity or joint problems, should equal access to pick up the phone and log on to the latest four-week study in the Lady figured and health Studio. The majority of the participants should so far not too regularly and many sports have operated and have some excess weight or joint problems. For four weeks, Ute Wiedemann will guide the participants through a special program. How many kilos are tumbled or how the joint symptoms have improved held firmly at the end. It waist circumference and body weight are determined at the beginning and after four weeks. In the four weeks the participants must attend twice a special training per week for 44 minutes each, for which they previously received a plan.

In addition they are supposed to be even within the Study period the time valuable backgrounds take, in a seminar on the subject of diet and exercise. You must not really make more”, declared Ute Wiedemann that milon has been working for several months with the chip card-controlled Trainngssystem of the renowned German manufacturer. After a workout, fat metabolism remains active up to 55 hours. What is achieved in four weeks by the majority of the subjects, has it already exact ideas. Normally, the participants take off during this period between four and six kilograms. Fat and cholesterol are likely to regulate themselves in this time, generally improving the well-being and reduced even joint problems.


The products done just by oxide of magnesium and magnesium peroxide are not the best products available. This is thus because the magnesium oxide is not able to release the good oxygen at least that is attended of other ingredients. So it will not really obtain the wished effect. The Benefits of Health with oxygen for the colon cleaning a true cleaner of the oxygen colon releases oxygen in his digestive system. Thence, he is transported through his body. This is important because the friendly bacteria in their colon need oxygen to work correctly.

When feeding the friendly bacteria in their colon, they can defend themselves better of the bad bacteria. This way, a sensible good atmosphere is created in its digestive tract. Oxygen also oxidizes all the intestine helping it to maintain cleans it. This reduces to the possibilities of constipation or the development of impactacin. In addition, a cleaner of oxygen colon helps to increase the level of the reactive oxygen species (SRO) in the colon, that stimulates the production of lymphocytes. When stimulating the lymphocytes, more cells T are produced as well, and this aid to generally improve the function of the system immunological.

How to recognize the best cleaners of colon? Unfortunately, many manufacturers make false affirmations on the sale of best cleaning products of colon. And, since the supplements of grass are not regulated by the FDA, there is no much is possible to be made to avoid outlandish affirmations. Some even include ingredients that act against-productive. For example, some contain ascorbic acid, that is a powerful antioxidant. Like so, in essence, it neutralizes the benefits that it will obtain from released oxygen! The unique way to determine if the product is a cleaner with colon oxygen is to realise a test of valuation. A control of the valuation that demonstrates if or of oxygen in fact is not released. Also it can measure the duration of the effect of oxygenation. In this point, only there are two products in the market that is to release oxygen by more than 16 hours: Oxy-Powder and Homozon. Also it is necessary to examine the effectiveness of the oxygen that is released, that is moderate with an electromotive force. The majority of products in the market has an electromotive force of 1.23 less or. Unique the two that they own high an electromotive force are Homozon and Oxy-Powder, with Oxy-Powder” s 2.4 + is the highest qualification. Although Homozon is a worthy competitor, Oxy-Powder is probably the best cleaning of product colon available. This must to that Oxy-Powder provides a greater security of oxidating effect, but also contains Germanium (GE-132). GE-132 is a long-range oxygen facilitator, which means that it helps to stimulate the immunological system lifting the potential of oxygen consumption of the cells cheers reason why generated oxygen in fact can be used instead of being wasted. With the aid of GE-132, Oxy-Powder ppm of oxygen is able to release more than 60,000 and has demonstrated to be consistently 6% of oxygen in the content. Homozon, on the other hand, is not coherent. In fact, it varies from a 4% to 6% of oxygen. Also ppm releases only 55,000 of oxygen. The investigation seems to speak by itself, but it can realise its own investigation, and find the best product for the cleaning that is adapted for you. Also it can read on the done intestinal cleaning in one night.

Fitness Club

Pencil Internal century can be easily distinguished by the inscription on the pencil – is the prefix Khol or Kajal. Often the first use a pencil French brand, and the second – for everyone else, but they mean essentially the same thing. The very word "kaya" comes from ancient India, where so-called contour your eyes. Remember the make-up of Indian characters movies, and all will understand. Pencil is soft enough to not injure the delicate lining of the century (as the lower and upper), and very rich in color, indicating that the content in it for the most part pigment. Good quality pencil for long stays, but as soon as you apply it to the external upper eyelid, it is immediately printed. Typically, a white pencil exists only in the form of Kaya, in his opinion the application becomes more clear protein – a white, visually eye increases. The use of other colors is limited only by your imagination.

Finishing touches Eyebrow pencil – one of the most important of pencils. Eyebrows define your character and character make-up, so they are the most important detail of the face and should always be well groomed. This type of liner is perhaps the most dense mass and must always be well sharpened in order to draw the eyebrows do not solid line, and flavorful natural strokes. Tassel on the cap of the pen (usually it is) will allow you to feather the image and make it virtually invisible to other people's eyes. For shade eyebrows should not be different from the hue of your hair or be on a darker tone for blondes and lighter one – for brunettes.

There are also pens for correcting small defects on the face. They may be green hues (For use on redness or inflammation of the skin) and any bodily – from ivory to chocolate tan. Pencils nail in their classic form is a white mass, often on a clay base. In obtained from its use trendy European version manicure – French. These pencils, some manufacturers recommend the use of moist, lightly moistened with water, and some in classic – dry. It all depends on the composition of a pencil. As you can see, the choice of big. Try it, draw and take the risk, and you will succeed. Good luck! 'Academy of Beauty' Fitness Club 'Kimberley Land'

Financial Health

A comparison of the test winner, which helps facilitate the choice of the right private health insurance consumers in selecting the right insurance to the consumer, some independent institutes and the Stiftung Warentest, focus money or Assekurata rating agencies perform regular tests of private health insurance private health insurance. Private health insurance in the test to evaluate the private health insurance companies used a variety of criteria for the test. However that will not compare test of various credit rating agencies and companies, checks because each company in a specific direction. So, the Stiftung Warentest compares mainly the rates of various private health insurance and brings points such as E.g. the service with the result. The map report, for example, has placed its focus on the economic profitability and valued points such as balance, service quality and contribution stability.

Also, the financial test, dieunabhangige Financial magazine of the Stiftung Warentest, was appointed a test winner in the financial test private Krankenversicherung 2011. private health insurance also winner this year 2011 were again the PKV 2011 crowned winner. In the map report test also the DKV and the R + V convinced besides the Debeka insurance. The Debeka insurance could already for the eleventh time the title of the test winner back up. She achieved the best grades in the areas of service and balance sheets.

PKV winner compare using a PKV comparison test winner every consumer can compare easily and free of charge the different test winner. This comparison is useful for almost any consumer, because the optimal health insurance a car don’t maintains test winner for each insured person. The result of the comparison of the test winner is made by experts for each request individually according to the individual.

Micronutrient Medicine

On 8 November at 19:30 in the baby therapy and training centre in Poing with speaker pharmacist Josef wood Hay Riedel of the St. Georg pharmacy as stay I healthy? Which chemical processes take place in the body in the digestion or the recycling of nutrients? What substances are for what purpose? Josef wood Hay Rahim answered these and other important questions in the second lecture in the lecture series on the subject of nutrition in the baby provided and training centre in Poing. Everybody wants to get his health as long as possible and almost all are aware, that health is the basis for a fulfilling life that polls show again and again. Stay healthy”is the key to a long, balanced life with pleasure and without major complications. But how can they ever healthy? Nutrition plays an important role. You are what you eat”is an old saying.

Man is about 75% water. With our food we practically take the remaining building materials for our entire body from the bone to the skin. If we eat too much fat, we get a cozy belly and Huftgold sets. If we take too little water to us, we get dry lips and feel bad. However we can not survive without fat, since many essential vitamins are only fat soluble, and we would just leave many important minerals by excessive drinking too much water. It therefore involves a balanced intake of those substances that our body to life and functioning needs the nutrients. Nutrients are vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, Aminisauren, enzymes and phytonutrients.

You know which nutrients are missing the body, you can compensate for the consequences of the deficiencies very well with a corresponding supply. So it not only does, the micro nutrient medicine also deals with the prevention of the symptoms of this deficiency. With the right diet and any additional supply of nutrients can so both diseases treated, as also be prevented.

Mental Health Problems

Therapist psychotherapy psychological advise on mental problems affected parties should seek professional help to take not shy. A psychological consultant, i.e. a psychologist or alternatively a therapist providing psychotherapy help. Psychologists and psychotherapists help not only with serious mental health problems. Advise in love things.

As rendered in the context of a love advice can learn for example how they finally successfully resolve recurrent problems. Again repeat certain problems, are in most cases learned patterns of the cause, which the person concerned must be first aware to resolve it in the connection. You have always the same difficulties in relationship issues, is usually the lack of distance that prevents that one perceives the problem at all. Counseling should be done by a specialist. Here, you should pay attention to the qualifications.

Diplom psychologist may for example, only someone call themselves, a Study of psychology has successfully completed. Psychotherapists and psychologists specialize mostly certain therapies, considered in specific mental health problems as particularly useful. Thus, for example, the confrontation therapy offers the possibility to learn dealing with fear-inducing stimuli. Step by step, people, learns through confrontation with the fear-inducing stimulus to deal with the phobia. Who knows by looking at and touching the fear-inducing animal does not embrace a spider phobia? But also other forms of therapy, such as about Gestalt Therapy, psychoanalysis and Hypnotherapy have proven many times. Often a problem of childhood is based on the psychological conflicts. To dealing with their own past, psychologists and psychotherapists offer a variety of options. Also severe traumas can be resolved. As a patient or client, it is important to allow enough time to find the therapist of his confidence in peace. Only then are a successful refurbishment of Conflicts and a sustainable treatment possible. Concerned with the help of experienced psychotherapists can also work on everyday problems such as a bit pronounced self-confidence, shyness, fear of conflict or floundering successfully. The best one can deal with own deficits in a safe therapeutic environment. In this way, it is guaranteed that the person concerned not strengthened in its problems and weaknesses increases in. For mental problems, you need not to be ashamed of. Every person goes through and problematic stages in which he should not shy away from, to seek the support of an expert. The author of this text also writes articles about psychologist

stage Marine Compressors

Our wave series compressors are the ‘moving spirits”in high seas and already the starting of the engine – a moving moment. If you are looking for a marine air compressor with a stronger performance for a continuous operation at sea, we have just the thing for you: the Hertz compressors wave series. A large number of manufacturers has focused on marine compressors. Numerous industrial applications on the market, such as two-stage high pressure compressors are trying to cover the needs of the shipping industry. However, more than just compressed air is required in the modern shipping industry. So we have 3-stage wave at Hertz compressors series compressors designed for use adapted to today’s requirements. All components of the W-166 products have been developed for the reduction of the energy costs. The strongest Member of the wave series produces 200 m3/min compressed air at 31KW and 40 bar.

The achievement of the well trained and experienced engineers at Hertz compressors is lower energy costs with higher performance. The wave series provides not only efficient solutions, It provides user friendly working conditions compared to the market is befindenen solutions. In particular the use of axial wheels reduces the noise level during operation on 83 dB. In addition, there is an electronic control unit the wave series standard equipment. Thus, all the operating parameters can be as temperature and pressure, oil pressure, service and electrical parameters control and monitor on the monitor. The new wave series cover the 16 and 31 kW performance classes and produce compressed air between 110-200,7 m3/min at 40 bar. About Hertz compressors, the Hertz KOMPRESSOREN GmbH is a premium brand of existing since 1965 d group company, one of the leading manufacturers of air compressors worldwide.

She specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of compressed air compressors and associated spare parts sale. For Hertz compressors worldwide customer satisfaction is paramount. That’s why we develop and produce our products at a reasonable price. We offer creative, challenging and also pragmatic solutions to many challenges to our customers. The global market for compressed air offers a high potential for continued growth in the years to come. Our goal is to become one of the world’s leading provider for air compressors. Products and services of highest quality are a prerequisite.

Managing Director

Among the best in Germany: Impressive growth rates, high level of innovation and personal commitment be honoured Berlin, September 24, 2012: last Friday, Albert Saldana, founder and Managing Director of the Berlin based company of mysportgroup GmbH, the Economics Prize awarded by the auditing and consulting company Ernst & young entrepreneur of the year finalist took 2012 “opposed. Albert Saldana and Erik Pfannmoller, also founder and Managing Director of mysportgroup GmbH, prevailed in the multi-tiered selection process and thus are among this year’s finalists, for which the award was presented them at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt. The entrepreneur of the year award”was awarded for the 16th time already by the auditing and consulting company Ernst & young to the best medium-sized entrepreneurs of in Germany. Awards are given in the categories of industry, Commerce, services, information and communication technology/media start-up. Albert Saldana and Erik Pfannmoller could convince the jury with the success of their company of mysportgroup GmbH. Thus, the strong growth of the company, disruptive innovation, and high personal commitment, with which the company is managed, were recognized. From numerous applications, first 300 companies were nominated, then to be checked by the jury with renowned economists in a multi-tiered, strict selection procedure. Qualify Germany far were 75 companies from the strong field for the finale to the entrepreneur of the year”.

Company mysportgroup GmbH by reaching the finals of the entrepreneur of the year “, a price that is highly regarded for many year, confirms that it has efficient organizational structures, with short decision paths and can respond flexibly to changing market conditions. Albert Saldana and Erik Pfannmoller deny this road to success with the now 130 qualified and highly motivated employees the company, which contribute to the positive development and the rising growth rates. But the mysportgroup GmbH can convince not only with economic success. Social commitment is capitalized in the Berlin-based company.

Windach Such

DELO presents anaerobic universal adhesive Windach, 06 June 2013: the industrial adhesive manufacturer DELO has developed an anaerobic-curing all-rounder: the in-house produced, innovative DELO-ML UB160 convinced in a variety of metal bonding and sealing machines, plant and automotive with extensive features. Due to its versatility, such as screws and threaded fuses, for the bonding of magnets and ferrite in electric motors and shaft-hub connections, the high-tech adhesive is the ideal complement of the DELO ML product family. The a-component universal adhesive cures in just a few minutes anaerobic, i.e. under oxygen conclusion, and in conjunction with metal ions. Also, is the product of the DELO ML especially highly viscous series and thus also suitable for applications where the adhesive should not flow like stick-on magnet on a shaft or stators. In the usual temperature range of – 60 C up to + 180 C has the high strength adhesive excellent bonding strength on. The innovative material shows Additionally a very good chemical resistance for example engine compartment media such as oil, petrol or diesel. The new UB160 DELO-ML is available in the sizes 50, 200 and 600 grams.

About DELO: DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives based in Windach near Munich. In the last fiscal year to 31.03.2013, 350 employees generated a turnover of 51.7 million euros. The company offers tailor-made special adhesives and systems for applications in specific sectors of the electronics to the smart cards and automotive industry as well as in the glass and plastics processing. The customers include companies such as Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Infineon, Knowles and Siemens.