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Corporate Events

Corporate events, since some time become the norm of business communication with customers and partners, as well as a powerful tool for shaping and strengthening the corporate spirit of the company. Increasingly, Moscow companies prefer to hold corporate events in Moscow: trainings, seminars, and popular in recent years, team building events. 'This fact has a logical explanation, as the organization Corporate events in Moscow has some significant advantages' – shared their opinions Sergeeva Christina, Head of corporate events' Group of Companies' Homeland's vast expanses. " On Today, this is the best alternative to overseas travel, for several reasons: close proximity to the residence save you from tiring flight, a syndrome of climate change and allow a short period of time 30 minutes to 1.5 hours transported into another atmosphere, that will distract from rapid city life and more focused on the workflow. Mostly Bs located near Moscow, in environmentally friendly areas, surrounded by beautiful nature, and possess a range of services is no worse than in Turkey and Egypt, which makes it possible not only to work productively, but also in quality rest.

Infrastructure Suburban resorts are modern and varied: for business events: a set of conference rooms equipped with modern audio-visual media designed for events from 10 to 1000. for outdoor recreation are provided equipped with gazebos and barbecues stocking ponds. for active recreation – horseback riding, skiing, quad biking, hunting, fishing and even fly on airplanes; for people looking for their appearance and health services to offer modernly equipped spa and Wellness center, health and beauty center, swimming pools, saunas and baths, tourists will appreciate the extensive sports and entertainment Infrastructure: bowling, professional sports fields for soccer, tennis, volleyball, paintball, as well as numerous restaurants and bars. Hotel business of Moscow region does not stand still, and always happy the advent of new facilities offering original services, as well as the development of well-known objects. For example, pleasantly pleased with an excellent reputation in a short time, the Imperial Hotel, the discovery of a unique Center of business entertainment and sports 'Grand Arena', which is unparalleled in the suburbs, thanks to universal rooms accommodating up to 1000 people and the wider sporting and entertainment infrastructure.

Discovery of the year, according to law can be considered southbound near Moscow, in particular, District, which opened over the past two years, once two of the original object – this is sports and entertainment park 'Drakino' with a unique extreme and entertainment infrastructure, and Constantinople 'Spas-Teshilovo' corresponding to the level 5 *. The same way the southern direction has opened a new hotel of suburban otley Foresta – Foresta Festival Park, according to tradition his astounding sports and entertainment infrastructure. I am sure that the Moscow region and in the future will evolve at the same pace, so will have more supporters on holiday in his native Moscow. " Significant contribution to Tourism brings in Moscow Committee for Tourism of Moscow Region, headed by O. . The Committee is continuing work on the tourist attraction of Moscow region, improve the legal framework for the development tourism in the suburbs, attracting investments, as well as works on the classification of hotels in the suburbs. And in the end you want to quote from an interview with O. for the Russian newspaper: "So in fact in the suburbs is generally almost everything, except, perhaps, the warm sea '. Come and see for yourself!


Inspiration, feeling or planning? It does not import the argument since that it is strong, based and not only a breeze or dust brought with the wind. That it is supported by who understands, propped up for who believes and that at the beginning and in the end of the line she is you. It promotes the light and it opens the door it closes the cadeado one and it erases the light. It works firm, it works strong, it has hands prepared as well as the agriculturist in swelled and the soldiers of a fort. It thinks and it learns fast, more does not run over the oxen and not if it forgets the competition, the wagon does not walk alone and nor to the front, more the competition already this the engine. It has coherence in its attitudes and has controlled its impetuses without losing the wisdom and the great virtue, patience.

Full life has that to be lived, success intensely alone it happens for the persistence. Little crisis more chance, little look in the defeat and more in the learning. It understands the road traced in its map, more does not leave of enxergar the acknowledgments of shortcut. The search must frantic and not be alucinada intent energy in the objectives of its day. Exactly that you think that the time passes and nothing happens, you understand that the time does not ask for authorization more arrives one day for who deserves. When to arrive at the hour commemorates, alive, more does not delay. There behind it comes plus some of you, wanting to copy its history. That they trip for its road and understand the shortcuts that you traced for the victory All you deserve the success if to understand as to learn the message of the life through the failure Foot the foot, step by step, with the hands the head and the heart. That to you everything comes, and to the end it only waits a gesture, a simple conjunct.

Aristoteles Hemeomerias

Which differ qualitatively, possessing properties irreducible and on whose blend and combination are born the visible things, confusion, separation, and mixing are what determines the formation of things. On the basis of these seeds which I call Aristoteles Hemeomerias. These seeds were initially confused and without a warrant; they were all together in primitive chaos only to able to be ordained by the spirit, intelligence, mind. Originally from the Hemeomerias mass underwent a whirlwind impelled by the spirit, by 33 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Dilthey made the distinction between natural sciences and Sciences of the spirit, to designate these last a group of Sciences characterized by spiritual scientist method. Freyer classified forms of objective spirit in groups consisting of formations with their own meaning, tooling, signs, social forms and the educational process. Understanding spirit goal objectifications of the individual life or equipped with sense forms a whole. For Scheler, what distinguishes man from other animals superior and in general from the rest of reality is the spirit or principle. That in his words it opposes all life in general.

For the individual act par excellence is the intuition of essences, and notes that characterize the spirit are freedom. If awareness and objectivity. For Hartmann, spirit is the point of contact between the human and the ideal. And it is part of being where the values are penetrated. As we can see these definitions they possess something in common, clear analyzing the spirit as something superior to matter.

Not be that conception ye acepteis, is your freedom. The mia the expose in another Treaty. You may wonder and intelligence? Well that is another point. But if you apreciais the above definitions. I tell you that you have good material, more of you, everything leaves well. Now if you define intelligence. Intelligence we know that a faculty or function of the intellect, in sense metaphysical is San Agustin, I use the term Latin intelligentia to designate Faculty of the human soul that is superior to reason and that it leads to an inner vision that only is possible through divine illumination.


An age the lizard and to another age the butterfly, as I always chose difficult ways, I chose the lizard and that voice said I to go to the search of a new life. After two months, when everybody already had lost the hope, I woke up, and said my life I moved. The days if had passed and I improved very to each day, and I arrived a letter saying that he had passed to be doctor surgeon in the hospital of the city, and would receive six a thousand Reals for month I accepted in the hour. When Donna died left its mansion in my name, was changed for house of it. In day fifteen of fourteen and a thousand July two, my first consultation were that a doctor if had cut, were serious, and had asked for to consult I it.

When the doctor arrives at the surgery room, looks at for scared me and asked for excuse for taken care of not having me in the day that I cut myself, I spoke that I accepted the excuse of it. we turn great friends! when everything was good happened a thing that still improved, found Viviane, I asked for in marriage, and it he accepted! After two years, I already had married, had three children, had a house. most important I obtained a new happy, full life of love and peace. This history that I created account a pretty life of Ademir, that fought in such a way to be a medical surgeon who one day its victory arrived and had in end everything what it wanted. It never leaves to fight for a dream, for more difficult than it is, fights, worse goes to be to have that to admit that never it fought for nothing, goes in front goes that the life of Ademir happens equal.

Social Psychology

Weaveeing a thought in relation to the construction of Social Psychology, it is to salutar to search in its origins as this if it developed while science and while practical. Due to World War II many European academics, professors and scientists migraram for the United States. With this the debate enters the cognitivista theory of Gestalt x Behaviourism was essential to develop Social Psychology. From then on some courses of doutoramento in Social Psychology had been being created in the universities. That the studies of the masses and changes of attitudes had as interest, this was tied very with the capitalist spirit, in what if it made necessary for the United States to become enlarged and they kept its hegemony in the world. Thus being, thinkers as Robert M.

Farr in its book Roots of Modern Social Psychology, 2000, it said that ' ' although social Psychology to have its roots in the Europe, the flowers are essentially americana' '. In this last one where this if developed and later was exported to other parts of the world. This if gave for reconstructions of the universities of the Europe and Japan. It is interesting to mention that the formadores were all formed in the United States, in this way, all the knowledge base was done from the American American context and American experience, point of view, without mentioning that the questions at least were ressignificadas pra the cultural context of these countries. This same influence happened in the universities of Latin America, therefore the professors made its formations of after-graduation in the United States, bringing all obtain a basement of a more psychological psychology of what social. Where if he takes in consideration everything what it was practical, alone that the man did not take itself in consideration as a historical being, active; of such to form that many of the done and corroborated research in the United States were impossible of if reproducing here (in Latin America).

Psychology Haroldo

RgisBonvicino is another one that analyzing this book of Haroldo De Campos points nessapoesia relative an ecumenical character to this integration of cultures numadimenso that eliminates space and 6 time. The critic still detaches in the haroldiana poetry a recovery of aspectosformais that were gifts in the poetry of Joo Cabral de Melo Grandson, mainly the metalingsticos elements of character, however, it seems us quetal cabralino prominence does not have to be placed as characteristic of primeiroplano in the workmanship of Haroldo De Campos, I believe exactly that in the haroldiana poetry esseselementos also binds who it to the poetical cabralina he allows with that let us think emMallarm, in Ezra Pound, in E.E.Cummings, that seems to be referenciadosnos poems of what the poet of ' ' Psychology of the Composio' ' ' ' Antiode' '. ParAurora Fornoni Bernardini the multiculturalista, ecumenical poetry, of viagensentre cultures of Haroldo De Campos can be compared with the trip of Dante pelomundo for stranger that can seem desenvolvimentodas 8 verbovocovisuais proposals of the concrete poetry, much even so, has the clear impression of that Haroldoagora reduces its research of words exploring the white of the page algumasescolhas of typographical elements as in the poem ‘ ‘ Anaflor’ ‘ of seo’ ‘ gatimanhas and felinuras’ ‘ of Crisantempo -, or still, the use dealguns typographical icons to the side of the graphemes as in the poem ‘ ‘ Satirlia: Roque to the way them Tits’ ‘ of the section ‘ ‘ Xnias: finenesses and grossuras’ ‘ -, and in rarosmomentos using itself of a disposal that breaks with the linearidadediscursiva of the writing occidental person as the poem ‘ ‘ zenrikushu compiled pelomonge eicho' ' of the section ' ' zen' ' where the reading if makes in the vertical line as the escritaideogrmica. Therefore my hypothesis is of that it more still exists, the poet noabandona the topic of the espacialidade in the page for the verse but yes, passing umnovo degree of the conception of espacialidade and visualidade we arrive at the poetry that orase presents in Crisantempo, but that already it comes in this tone in Educaodos Five Felt and that captivated Almost into Signantia Coelum.

Modern Society

In the modern society, the use of the cellular one for driver, became an arguable question front the increasing public concern on the risks of accidents in the transit that can be associates to its bad use. It affirms Ghunther (2002), that the basic task of the Psychology of the Transit is to make with that the real behavior if approaches to the ideal. In this perspective, the human beings look for to solve its problems in more conscientious and beneficial way. Rosenbloon (2006) strengthened despite the use of the cellular one while dirige can be associated with the increase of the risk of accidents with serious injuries. Beyond the possibilities of the airmiss to increase, the use of the cellular one provokes distraction of the attention and cognitiva overload. Errors in the transit provoked by the distraction have been the factor more common than it takes the driver to take the direction I oppose of the way and to provoke accidents. An in agreement questionnaire with 10 questions was used as metodolgico instrument appendix, in which we approach information respect of the use of the cellular one in the transit. 30 questionnaires had been applied, in citizens that carried qualification between 5 months and 18 years, being that 20 had been answered by men and 10 answered for women. The ten questions had been analyzed separately in percentage and compared with the available theory.


‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Referring managemental hypotheses to the nature humana.’ ‘ The texts make a boarding of a general and well ample vision on some theories, hypotheses and studies that had appeared in elapsing of history, to explain and to define the nature human being and to try to understand the behavior of the people in the organizations with the objective to improve the relations between employed and masters and also to increase the productivity in the companies. Organizacional Psychologist looks for to develop a concept of the nature human being, in order to provide to the entrepreneurs some ideas to help if better to relate them it with its employees. The organizacional psychologist search in the theory of the motivation the explanation for the behavior of the people in the organizations and thus to define some parameters to understand the nature better human being. To understand the motivation and the human behavior she is necessary to develop a set of hypotheses on people, and to point out this hypothesis in a sociological context /situacional and desenvolvimental. Sociological/situacional? them to be human, in one definitive situation, they in accordance with act the meaning that this situation has for them. She really does not obtain yourself to understand that type of situations the dignity of a person represents threat without if considers the situacional and sociological perspective, without the norms and values of determined person inside are studied of its group. Desenvolvimental – the necessities, the values and the norms in accordance with change the evolution of the society, the organization and also of the individual (Sheir, 1978, Hall, 1976). The motivation standards are also influenced by a organizacional perspective, that is, the way as the employees are treated by the company, the types of norms and values, the types exerted authority and power..

Kind Psychologist

The duration of the therapeutic process does not exist a number of sessions determined, each person is unique and different. This causes that each person reacts and acts of different form during psycotherapy. Also, he is determining to indicate the number of sessions, the kind of problem that lasts the patient, the gravity and its. Normally once the evaluation of the patient has been realised and a diagnosis has become, an approximated indication of the number of sessions can be given that could be necessary to overcome the problem.

The sessions are weekly: A session to the week of one hour approximately of duration. As the patient is felt better and acquiring abilities, the sessions go of weekly to biweekly (a session every fifteen days) and of biweekly to monthly (a session to the month). This is the dynamics that usually is used normally. The attitude of the patient with the psychologist Is fundamental that the patient adopts a positive attitude and activates during the psycotherapy. One is not to accept everything what the psychologist says. One either is not to reject it immediately.

It is necessary to adopt an attitude of active listening, of deep reflection envelope which is spoken in the sessions. Commenting with the psychologist as much the agreements as the discords. The patient must realize that during the therapy she must work along with the psychologist the problems that present/display. The psychologist is going to send a series to him of tasks that he will have to realise during the week based on the therapeutic objectives that both have been marked in the development of the sessions. One is not to sit down in a chair to listen the psychologist and who the problems are solved single. The magic for these things does not serve. What serves is the work, the will and the certainty.

Missiology 38

Continuation of recordings audio of kinds of missiology the holy spirit that now from the day in which Jesus went up to the heavens, the only thing that we can think in the case of God. It is the Holy Spirit. Without Jesus Christ, is dead of the past. The Church is an empty institution, a simple club. Without the Holy Spirit, there is no update of the Gospel, and therefore. Jesus knowing all these things in advance, he said: suits them that I go, because if I’m not, it won’t come to you the spirit, and if the spirit does not come, they may know nothing of what I have taught you see here a kind of God’s economy. The Holy fathers, based on Greek, the first 4 centuries, was the language of theology. Recently the latin, with Tertullian in the 3rd century.

Then starts to take great strength in the 4th century, with St. Augustine, and St. Geronimo, and then when he speaks of bread of God, speaks of the Divine economy which means, the God’s design. In the Greek Oeconomia means, knowing take the plan. St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians, also called Mysteriun – this, but isn’t the sense of what is not understood, but in the sense of what reveals the presence of God. And what is a mystery? That reality that reveals the presence of God. This mystery of God, is has been revealing in a way very wise, very intelligent, we can say face-to-face, in that Providence is the smart way to carry out God’s economy.

Then there between us in the mystery of God, to consider, as this mystery has been conducted. There are what might be called Dios before us. It is easy to understand this with the figure of the father. God before us = Father God among – us = God son in us = holy spirit.