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Civil Guard

Young people consumed, according to testimony from his friends, various narcotics such as cocaine, speed or Thornapple. The rave attended took place in an area known as la Aldehuela. The bodies appeared in the vicinity of a river, separated by several metres. Two eighteen year olds have died in Perales del Rio (Getafe) and another is in serious condition after a rave party held in the area this weekend, according to sources from the national police and the Civil Guard in Madrid. The bodies appeared in the vicinity of a river, separated by several feet and several hours of difference. In addition, bodies were not found signs of violence.

The causes of death has not been confirmed, but the hypothesis is a drug overdose, since during the party youth consumed cocaine, speed and Thornapple, among other substances, as been stated by the friends of the victims. Passes 18: 00 hours a couple alerted to the Summa that he had found the body of a young man in unconscious state, when they walked through an area camprestre of Perales del Rio. Upon arrival, restrooms found that the young man had been dead for several hours, judging by the lividity presented, according to sources of emergency of Madrid. Later, around 23: 00 hours and following the course of the River, were found by the Civil Guard and the Local police of Getafe the corpse of a young man and another in serious condition, which has been admitted to the hospital in that town. Statements of some friends questioned by agents have allowed to know that young people had participated in a rave party in an area known as la Aldehuela. There they consumed various substances, such as the Thornapple, a plant containing toxic components and that sometimes is used in ceremonies of shamans. Source of the news: two killed and one injured at a rave in Getafe

Aged Anthropology

The fact is that nor all have the patience, or the availability to take care of of its aged ones. The lack of available time to supply love, affection, attention, becomes it more used excuse to remove the weight of the shoulders of that they are with the moral responsibility of takes care of them. The intervention of the together social service the families who are without possibilities to take care of of its aged one is important. Many times the violence acts come due to orientation and desperation. The humanizao is an ingredient that must be learned and be used. Pena Nieto for more information. We have that to use the awareness and knowing that one day all we will go to age, using more the public politics and program of prevention.

According to Anthropologist and Coordinator of the course of after-graduation in Gerontologia of the PUC Elisabeth Frohlich Mercadante, the longevity human being is presented currently as a great historical and social conquest. ' ' Ahead of the population growth of the aged segment and the increase of the number of years of life, it is today imposed to think and to analyze the oldness, not as the end of the life, but as a new stage to be vivida' '. Our society prioritizes the new, detaches youth as cultural value to be pursued by all and presents the future as something that belongs to the young. The old one appears as the opposite of it, without future, living of souvenirs of a passed life, where it was adult and young. This vision of the oldness is generating of social representations homogenezam that it, being able to develop attitudes discriminatory in relation to the aged segment. The discrimination, gift in the looks and attitudes, manifest in the diverse spheres of the social life – family, work, health – creating different forms of violence in relation to idoso' '.

The History Of Perfume

History of the creation of spirits is in the East. But there's not all enjoy the scent. Most preferred aromatic oils, which are not diluted with anything. In contrast to the same toilet water, oils do not dry the skin, in addition improves its appearance, as well a positive effect on mental state of man. In the composition of oils contain many different components. At any time after fragrance unfolds in three stages.

First, after application to the body there is a major odor – fresh, light, time fragrance opens and displays the average and heavy tone. Because of these properties of aromatic oils, perfume manufacturers to get different shades and saturations flavors. Essential oils are also used for medicinal purposes. This procedure has a name – aromatherapy. This procedure is also applicable to seduce a partner. There are oils that help to uncover hidden desires partner. The therapeutic effect of oil is very effective in certain diseases due to their active influence on the human body.


As St. John Chrysostom wrote: "We will try as possible to help the dead, instead of tears, instead of weeping rather pompous tombs – our prayers for them, alms and offerings, in order thus to them and we get Promised benefits. " On Tuesday, the second week after Easter, the day after Quasimodo (or "Antipashi"), the Orthodox Church established All Souls' Day, the first after the Passover. This day is called Radonitsa and Easter is for the dead. This year he celebrated the Russian Orthodox Church on May 3. Radonitsa – holiday victory over the grief, sorrow and death. For Orthodox Christians Radonitsa is a special day All Souls' relatives.

It is an ancient custom of celebrating Easter on the graves of the dead, not to mourn the death of loved ones, but on the contrary, to rejoice in the birth of their eternal life. In ancient pagan Rus Radonitsa or Trizna were deities personifying guardians of souls of dead people. Immediately after the funeral Radonitsa sacrifices in the form of abundant feasting and libations at the burial mounds. It was believed that not otletevshaya soul of the deceased rejoices looking at the respect and reverence it provide real people. Funeral feast called himself Navim day, graves, or Radavanitsami Trizna. Centuries later, the "funeral" was called a wake, and "Memorial Easter" – Spring commemoration of the dead. In the spring, when poured juice and blooming nature, our ancestors tried to appease especially souls of the dead. Today many people consider it their duty to go to the cemetery on Easter Sunday itself, Considering that on this day to visit graves and commemorate the dead.

Proper Translation

It has already decided to hire a translation for your documents service, however it becomes arduous the task of finding the appropriate translation service that fits your needs. First of all, you will have to opt for a self-employed professional or, on the contrary, for a translation agency. Both vendors have their advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to hire a freelance translator service, you will only have the possibility of treating the process of translating your documents with a single person. On the other hand, you always know who responds and who has to speak in the event that problems should arise. Now, if you are looking for is a language translation service, perhaps the best choice comes from a translation agency that has different professionals specialised in each language and translation fields. In this case, you will probably need to contact, first of all, a receptionist or Secretary and might not be easy to contact the Manager of translation projects.

With this option also you will have the opportunity to have more than one person working on your translation project and therefore the advantage of being able to obtain a better translation with contributions from more than one member of the translation team is assigned to which your translation. In addition to what was mentioned above, you will need to consider is the material that need to translate. Is it destined for engineers and technical material? Of something related to the field of medicine or health and aimed at professionals of the medicine? Documents of legal nature to lawyers or interns? Are we talking about financial information for bankers, brokers or financial advisers? Some translations, especially the legal, require a sworn translation that may only be performed by an official translator, so that the services provided by certain professionals and agencies would not be the choice in this case. To what language or languages you want to translate your document? Reflect on the needs of your company. Some translation services providers only provide it in one or two languages. Sure which vendors have this service in the language you want to use. Who is it aimed? This is another key factor in choosing the translation service suitable for your project.

Translate a document on public relations or marketing for use in internet project requires a different treatment to a document of a legal nature that will be used in a court case. Verify that the service provider have the specialty that you require for the translation of your documents. The service provided is the most important element when choosing the most appropriate translation service provider, but will also need to consider the budget available. Lower cost service provider will not always ensure a proper translation service. This becomes, therefore, a personal factor that you must consider. Once you have made use of the available information on the internet will be easier to find suitable for your project the best price and translation service.

Effect of Divorce

Divorce is certainly an emotional moment for families. In fact, located as one of the most stressful experiences in life. However, it is not just to adults experiencing this stress. If parents who are already adults, their children often suffer much. Their suffering cannot be totally eliminated. A certain amount of pain for the death of their parents relationship is expected.

However, while adults are going through legal wrangling typically arduous, it is important to remember the needs of their children and put them in the first place. The decision to cooperate for the good of them will help protect children emotional well-being, maintaining his sense of safety and need for unconditional love. marriage breakup is difficult for everyone especially children. There are several ways in which loving, responsible parents can cooperate for the good of their children. While marriage may have been broken, the parental relationship is until death do us part and that it must be love that they don’t have to leave that never will be, mutual love for their own children, will be that bond that will never be broken.Child and youth counselors emphasize that children need long lasting relationships with both parents. Most of the times the shared custody is granted because it is an accepted agreement. Ideally, the relationship of parents must be enterprise-class and cooperation for the sake of the children.

Children should not witness the hostility between his parents and you should not hear negative statements about any of the parents. It is recommended that the parents commit to scheduled meetings on a regular basis, in a neutral place for the purpose of dealing with problems related to children. Children who pass by the divorce of their parents usually have many questions and concerns. Answers are required and no doubt it has mature parents are responsible for responding to them and in order to set aside their own problems and help their children acquire some knowledge about a situation over which we have no control. Unfortunately, guilt is one of the experiences of many children and often blame their parents marriage break. Counseling either group or individual can be an effective way of reducing this destructive payload. The objectivity of the adviser can help the child to open up and share their feelings. As children mature, their questions will be different so that the issue of the divorce of their parents is never really finished. A commitment on behalf of both parents to open communication with children will put ease them much.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

For many centuries, hand massage and enjoys continued popularity is not surprising, because it improves health, raises vitality, make muscles strong and elastic skin. It's a nice way stay young and loyal assistant in getting not only from disease but from excess pounds. In the fight against cellulite, one of the most effective methods is cellulite massazh.V based anti-cellulite massage is the elimination lymphostasis. Therefore, to achieve maximum effect from the massage must take into account the presence (absence) of edema, associated diseases, obesity, etc. As a general rule of anti-cellulite cure Massage is performed only after certain preparatory stage, the elimination lymphostasis, as well as a few sessions of lymphatic drainage. Many people think cellulite massage relatively painful procedure, due to strong mechanical action, there may be short-lived redness or swelling, but these signs disappeared within a few hours or sutok.antitsellyulitny massage allows you to: enhance blood circulation normalize metabolism excrete the toxins and waste products to lose weight get rid of cellulite make the skin more elastic in the modern world, massage has become scientifically sound methodology. How we interpret Dictionary, massage – Mechanical action of special techniques on the surface of the body or any body for therapeutic or hygienic purposes. Massage increases the flow and salootdelenie, improves blood and lymph circulation, and metabolism.

For the treatment of Cellulite offers many modern approaches. It's like a hardware techniques and procedures with the use of professional cosmetics. Although it is believed that the manual massage cellulite better hardware anti-cellulite massage, massage your hands as warm up prominayut and subcutaneous fat . massage is not just the ladies over 30, but young girls who got to know what tsellyulit.Antitsellyulitny massage your legs will look younger and skin cellulite massage will give the elastic and loska.Antitsellyulitny massage in combination with other methods of getting rid of cellulite, gives maximum effect.


The hemorroides arrived at the point to be unbearable, is very probable that it is looking for the best remedy for the hemorroides, exist many techniques and remedies that will be able to eliminate their problem, but always are those that offer better effects have. Next we will analyze that remedy is better for each type of hemorroide, and in which occasions must be taken. Hemorroides Internal: The best remedy for the hemorroides interns is an aloe preparation side, we must congeal the gel of this plant with water in a receiving length, to give the form him of supositorio. When already this ready one, to wash the zone well, to defrost a little not to cause burns and to apply until they calm the annoyances; it is possible that some this treatment does not resist, so is recommended to realise baths of seat with manzanilla. Hemorroides External: The best remedy for the external hemorroides is to realise baths of seat with honey and eucalyptus, which we wished to obtain is that these return to place of size origin reducing, so that it does not make contact with enemy with the outside, to use seats not so hard influences much in its priest. Hemorroides Bleeding: The best remedy for the bleeding hemorroides is the daily consumption of alfalfa leaves, and the application of hamamelis in the hemorroides during seat baths, with time you will notice that bleeding has disappeared due to its efficient coagulating effects. Hemorroides Prolapsadas: When the hemorroides get to prolapsar themselves, remedy does not exist that can eliminate them completely, the treatment but ideal in these cases it is an operation using rubber bands, in which they cover the hemorroides so that this circulation does not arrive to him, with time this weave of falls more and with this we end this type of hemorroides. Hemorroides Trombosadas: With the constant scrapings of lees the hemorroides tend to break several times, this can trombosar to the hemorroides giving him a consistency lasts and that is irreversible, in these cases the unique solution is most painful, we spoke of a called operation hemorroidectomia, that consists of cutting the hemorroides followed of an uncomfortable recovery..

Supreme Intelligence

Who possesss espiritualidade is a person for same itself relatively clarified, for its readings, studies, reflections and meditations, and directly receives orientation from the world spiritual. I am not mentioning mdiuns, even so these are the instruments or canals through which the manifest espiritualidade if. But I speak more or less of espiritualizadas people, that is, in itself same clarified by the spirit. The religions exist to doutrinar those that they do not know to search nor to walk by themselves in the way of the espiritualidade. Men as Jesus do not need a religion (of the Latin? religio? or? reverse speed-ligare? = to religar, or to bind of new what he was off) to speak to the heart of the people.

It is enough that these make a daily pause in its tasks, if collect in itself same in its proper interior temple (? it enters in your room and it closes the door) looks for, by means of the control of its breath and of the absence of thoughts and feelings that can intervene with this exercise (the person must learn this), sincerely to hear the voice that comes of inside, of the silence of its proper one to be. A Biblical ticket exists in this direction that says (Mateus 7.7.8): ‘ ‘ I asked for it will be given and you, You search and you will find, You beat and if abrir’ to you; ‘. These words literally do not mean to leave to ask for, to search and to beat of door in door, as some people make. The act of religar, in the espiritualidade, is a liturgical act (of the Greek laos (people) + urged (work, craft) spontaneous, of each one, with its proper Master or interior I. On the other hand, God, Supreme Intelligence, and Jesuses, Its Son, do not need propaganda nor public recognition. They are what they are by themselves without the necessity to be presented nor Its attributes proclaimed for nobody. Who They are really on not necessary to give certifications of this nor to prove to that its life improved later that it accepted or it recognized in itself the Deity or the Christ Redentor.

Its proper personal behavior will go to radiate this condition of course. One another characteristic of the espiritualidade, different of the religion, is that the espiritualizados individuals do not complain of the life, nor asks for nothing for itself, not even the cure of illnesses. They simply accept and are thankful what they have or the picture why passes, while, for a close process of clarividncia, its personal persistence and its merits, they acquire the necessary knowledge and the power to act on behalf of the Father (? I and the Father Are One), a time that is d? It, for all the ends that lead to the good, legitimate heirs.


According to of conformity 8402: 1994 audit quality (vocabulary) is an independent methodical test that is performed to determine whether activities and outcomes related to quality, meet the provisions previously established, and to check if these provisions are carried out effectively and are suitable to achieve the previous objectives. SCOPE audits the quality aims to compare with the standards aspects of quality for: to) determine whether activities and outcomes related to quality satisfy the provisions laid down. b) compare those provisions are carried out and are suitable to achieve the objectives.

(c) provide managers the information that, to be independent, free from the prejudices of other departments that report themselves. (d) determine the effectiveness of the system and make improvements possible. (e) the scope will come determined by the customer, who requested the audit and requires auditors to its realization. (f) the internal and external customer should receive a good service that is quality, efficient, timely, affordable, appropriate to needs of the unit audited, that satisfies both which makes it as to who receives it. IMPACT Quality audit allows the Auditor, assess the degree of compliance with the proposed requirements and, if necessary, introduce actions to improve; It is not so much detect faults and determine the effectiveness of actions to achieve the proposed objectives.

Using the results of the report (which is the final product of the quality audit) which provides the address of the company objective evidence based on facts. These allows management to make decisions based on facts and not on assumptions. The audit quality has important repercussions across the enterprise that applies to all functions of the same. ADVANTAGES The audit quality helps to verify and evaluate the activities related to quality in an organization, as well as for the identification and improvement of the non-compliant areas with the required model. Provides the Organization to offer product / service that meets the needs of customers. Be competitive with respect to other companies that offer the same product / service. To be able to offer their products / services globally and recognized for its prestige and good quality. It is a tool that contributes to the improvement of the quality aimed at the user who requires the product / service. The audited company keeps its activities (processes, production, system etc) CONCLUSION is recommended for the company in function of determining, which also is operating management of the quality in their production processes and complying with international and national regulations in order to ensure a good quality that guarantees competitiveness and achievements. Coordinator: Management of the quality and productivity of Area of graduate UC program.