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The Analysis

The results of the analysis can be used by the Organization to determine trends, – customer satisfaction, – the level of satisfaction of interested parties, – the effectiveness and efficiency of its processes, – the contribution of providers, – the success of its objectives of improving performance – the economics of quality and financial performance and related to the environment- comparative studies (benchmarking) of its performance, and – competitiveness. Key benefits: Decisions based on information. Increasing the capacity to demonstrate the effectiveness of previous decisions through reference to objective and documented evidence. Increased capacity for reviewing, questioning and change the views and decisions. The application of the principle of facts for decision making-based approach is implemented by means of: Make sure that the information and data are sufficiently accurate and reliable. Make accessible the data to those who need them. Analyze data and information using valid methods. Make decisions and take actions based on objective analysis, balanced with experience and intuition.

Principle 8 mutually beneficial relationship with a library provider and its suppliers are interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship increases the ability of both to create value. This implies: establish relationships with suppliers and partners of the library to promote and facilitate communication with the aim to mutually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes that create value. There are several opportunities for the library to increase value through working with its suppliers and allies such as: – optimizing the number of suppliers and partners, – establishing communication in both directions at appropriate levels in both organizations to facilitate the expeditious resolution of problems and avoid costly delays and disputes, – cooperate with suppliers in the validation of the ability of their processes, – giving tracking the ability of providers to deliver compliant products with the goal of eliminating redundant verifications, – encouraging providers to implement programs of continuous improvement of performance and to participate in other joint initiatives of improvement- involving suppliers in design and development of the library activities to share knowledge and improve efficient and effective processes for the provision of service and delivery of compliant products, – involving allies in the identification of needs of purchase and in the development of joint strategies, and – evaluating, recognizing and rewarding the efforts and accomplishments of suppliers and allies. Key benefits: Increase in the ability to create value for both parties. Flexibility and speed of response of shape Joint to a changing environment or to the needs and expectations of the user Optimization of costs and resources. The application of the principle of mutually beneficial relations with suppliers is implemented through: Establish relationships that balance short-term gains with long-term considerations. To share experience and resources with the allies of the library. Identify and select key suppliers.

Clear and open communication. Share information and future plans. Establish joint development and improvement activities. Inspire, encourage and recognize the improvements and achievements by suppliers.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley, singer of reggae, considered a Patriarch of the rastafari culture, music was born in a small town to the North of the island of Jamaica, located in the parish of Saint Ann, between the mountains. Well, this place that saw him be born and grow, now is the place most visited by her fans, especially your House, that has been turned into a mausoleum, where you rest the remains of this legendary singer. This colorful House, is also named as a national monument, after decision by the Government of Jamaica. Currently, the House is the headquarters of the international record company Marley Tuff Gong International s. The inhabitants of the island, considered reggae music as his popular hymn, is part of the culture rastafari, that almost all the island’s inhabitants feel identified. His followers regarded Bob Marley as his guru. To get to the House, a detour is taken towards the interior of the island before arriving at Montego Bay, if coming from Ocho Rios. Anyone local will tell you because every Jamaican knows where his idol was born.

Excursions programmed from the hotels have also organized, this information is useful especially for people not travelling on their own. After entering an area of soft green landscapes mountains, is passed through several villages where it is observed the authentic Jamaica. Finally it reaches the birthplace of Bob Marley who is now fenced and controlled by the foundation that bears his name. But as any had them before, you can opt for a scheduled tour. This island has cheap hotels, in this way, tourists and fans can enjoy mythical experience.

ABO Increase

As Tomita (1999), the people possess genetic differences in the blood due to substance presence in it found. Before being discovered, many people died when receiving blood in transfusions. System ABO, the blood of the group, the B of the B or the group, depending on the antigen or the B that is present in the surface of the hemcias. In the case of the blood these antigens are called aglutinognio, had to the aglutinao power that they possess. In the plasma sanguineous two types of antibodies, determined can exist agglutinins: anti- or anti-B. 3,3 DONATION OF BLOOD Since the passed century, the transfunsional therapy, comes presenting great progress scientific and who had technician to the increase of the use of the blood as therapeutical resource, comes growing the number of givers (CANADO gradually; et al., 2007).

Brener, et al., (2008, P. 109), affirm that in Brazil the problem is aggravated had the high percentages of clinical incapacities and sorolgicas between individuals that if make use to make donation, beyond the high financial costs that involve the guarantee of transfunsional security, great part is of responsibility of the public power. With this the units of hemoterapia give to guarantee of the attendance of the demand disponibilizando quality products. The cited authors above tell despite in the last times he had a considerable increase of the population worried about the guarantee of the transfunsional security which had the sprouting of the HIDS. Together with the aging of the population, the violence and the accidents, had been the factors that had more collaborated for the increase in the demand for transfusions, thus reducing the number of blood givers. As the RDC n153, the blood donation must voluntary, anonymous, altruistic and not be remunerated, directly or indirectly. The information that are passed by the giver are sigilosas, in case that it has some contamination the stock market is discarded, therefore the receiver must receive a blood from quality.

Wrought Iron Furniture

House – it's my castle. Everyone thinks so, but that does not mean that we live in a box made of concrete and stone. Everyone is trying to make your home unique, to create a unique atmosphere, comfortable for themselves "beloved" and that people were not ashamed to show. Country Houses provide an opportunity to turn imagination of its owner, because their talents designer can be applied not only inside the building, but also on the plot. And then each owner with their wishes. Someone comfortable alpine meadow, someone – the pool, and each step by step is chosen to his ideal. Wrought iron furnishings – these are the things that create comfort and beauty in your home.

Difficult to find an adequate substitute for forged stairway or balcony railing. Forged products are a variety of forms, provide the necessary strength at the outer lightness and elegance. Straight, oblique, radial, spiral, inner and outer fences individual design to attract universal attention, decorate the house. Another category of forged products, which will give the house special delicacy, are French balconies. Manufacturer of the fence and the fence requires creative thinking, good knowledge of the technology of forging and precision engineering. Wrought Iron Gates are time-tested classic design options for your home or land. Performed in the same style with fence could become an ornament to the architectural composition. Wrought iron window bars are not only reliable protection of property, but also a harmonious element of the decoration of the facade.

A variety of design and technology opportunities wrought will satisfy all desires. Forged visor – a very original decoration element input. It is designed to not only protect from inclement weather, but also give a unique charm to the entrance of any building, either, that a house or organization. Wrought iron furniture – an ideal solution for restaurant owners of country cottages. Wrought iron tables, chairs, beds, chairs, stools, mirrors and benches perfectly fit and accentuate any decor, will be the best solution for outdoor areas. Chandeliers and lamps is a lively, warm light in your house, because all items are unique and individual and in every living particle of the soul of our masters.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

The first group was a fresh infusion of low-serious series of so-called 'tsundere'. Tsundere – looks sharp characters hiding behind his fragile nature of rudeness. Typically, this is very basic female characters, although there are exceptions. They appeared as the most successful visual novels (Tohsaka Rin from Fate / Stay Night, Tohno Akiha from Tsukihime), and in the successful television series (Louise from Zero no Tsukaima, Ke from Clannad, Shana from Shakugan no Shana). In the non-serious dramas trying tsundere hide aggressive attitude to the protagonist his confusion caused by the growing affection. Her true feelings are seen almost immediately and the viewer clumsy attempts to hide their passion protagonist added extra points of attraction. The protagonist is usually a stop not to notice feelings of the girl and continues to believe that she disliked him. Type 'tsundere' very quickly came into vogue.

Two popular parody anime series (Lucky Star and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) already open in discussing this term and its features. A little later, series of rustic tsundere rolled down. The second and third seasons of Zero no Tsukaima failed. The same with the second season of Shakugan no Shana, and other TV shows where the main female role assigned tsundere. The reason? Inspired by the success that was achieved at the expense of innovation, the studio continued introduction of such typecasting.

But they are quickly become boring, the novelty has exhausted itself and in the end there was only empty bezynteresnogo shell character. The second unit is much more interesting. The second block was used as the main female character is rather complicated, complex female character. The main characters were strong women, defending their interests, and not by what power struggle, but through the use of the main male characters. This is Saber from Fate / Stay Night, Arcueid of Tsukihime, Shinku from Rozen Maiden, Holo from Spice and Wolf. CC from Code Geass. Roughly the same case with the male protagonists. School children, fainted at the sight of a human female, in the past. They were replaced by superstrong, capable and obscure people who are both women and everyone else wanted to spit. Yagami Light from Death Note, Lelouch of the Code Geass (indicative tsundere, by the way), Lavrens from Spice and Wolf. In the novels of a similar situation. Compare poorly bygone standards and standards of the new model. Take the same titles. Sunken characters about fifteen years. Successful spent more than five centuries. The failed refer to the protagonist as a hindrance. For the successful protagonist is an integral part of the plan. Sunken ignore the question of food. For successful heroines food is a kind of fetish. Tsundere very emotional, as opposed to heroines udavshihsya. Successful very comfortable with the death of their own and are ready to kill. It is clear that each 'model' the girls, as well as the main male character, is built on the basis of the plot and is calculated on a specific audience. But the studio still tsundere consider relevant to an adult audience, lose very large. Now in vogue old.