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Rwandan Spanish

Lawyer Jordi Palou, representative of the nine Spanish victims whose killings in Rwanda and Congo investigating judge Andreu, believes that the Rwandan travelled convinced that was not going to pass anything, given the background. A week ago, however, they jumped the alerts and the Audiencia Nacional alerted Palou, among others, the casual detention of this member of the Rwandan Patriotic Army (APR), led by Ruanda President Paul Kagame. Extradition judge Andreu and Interpol Spain have already confirmed the identity of the detainee and now expect to United States to deliver it to the Spanish authorities in order to begin the extradition process, which would have to apply, at the request of the magistrate, the Council of Ministers, and placed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacting the U.S. State Department. Palou believes that the Spanish Government will do the necessary formalities, since it is a subject that makes direct rrencia to the death of three Spanish citizens and because Majyambere was a hierarchical bottom of Kayumba Nyamwasa, on which South Africa still does not give news to day today. There is no term for United States arises though, if it does not, Palou explains that both the families of the victims and complainants in the process, the International Forum for truth and justice in the Great Lakes of Africa, will proceed to formally ask the Embassy of EE UU in Spain a response and encourage the Congress of deputies to ask for explanations. Who is Justus Majyambere? Captain Justus Majyambere in 1997 was a 408 of the Rwandan Patriotic Army Brigade intelligence officer, according to the indictment from judge Andreu. A protected witness stated during the investigation carried out by the judge that the military headed a group of rapid intervention and planned operations strategy that gave rise to the systematic killings of thousands civilian hutus in the Rwandan region of Ruhengeri and its surroundings (Gisenyi and Cyangugu).

The three aid workers of doctors of the world, M Flors Sirera, Manuel Madarazo and Luis Valtuena, knew the massacres by the information that you provided them with a witness and they themselves to render medical aid. Since that time, became an obstacle to the plans of the APR, which was proposed, according to the auto, forcing the abandonment of NGOs and other international observers in the northeast of Rwanda as well as the border area with the then Zaire to continue attacks in the current Congo and also proceed to the pillaging of resources such as Coltan. The decision to assassinate the Spaniards took it four military, including Kayumba Nyamwasa, and put it into practice, by appointing executors, two others, including Justus Majyambere. Conducted, in addition, an attack cascade to three NGOs to conceal the killings and also to terrorize the population and expatriates in general. After that, all the organizations and United Nations offices retreated towards Kigali, the Rwandan capital. Source of the news: EE UU keeps detained a Rwandan military claimed by killing three Spanish

Projection Screens

Only a properly selected projection screen can provide a really bright, quality image and create a comfortable environment to watch a movie or presentation. Choose a projection screen, on the basis of conditions of the presentations, including characteristics of the room in which it will be used, and of course, buyer preferences. Choose the type of screen design I. A projection screen will be used repeatedly in one If the indoor presentation will be conducted in normal office or room consider the option to buy a roll screen. Securing the stationary housing to a wall or ceiling, you can easily expand the canvas screen a spring mechanism and also quick to fold it after use. The shell itself can mask or hide the drapery in the niche.

Or you can just order a screen with a design case. For example, elegant screen TabScreen Electrol (Projecta) in an aluminum housing in black, not only will not spoil the look of your room, but on the contrary will give it a modern and stylish look. And the screens Artisan / Series E (Draper) provides an opportunity of manufacturing exclusive case from solid wood with different finishes. Roll-up screens are equipped with manual and electric (motorized). At some of them to stop the choice depends on your budget and personal preferences If you have a special room for negotiation or equipped with a separate home cinema, you can choose wall tension screen.

Due to its design tension screens are perfectly flat surface and provide amazing picture quality. Taut canvas mounted on a metal frame in different ways: by means of latches, buttons, elastic cord or tension rods and hooks. There is also tension spring mechanism. If the standard aluminum frame that comes complete with a canvas, you do not like, you can replace it with a trim – with black velvet trim or finish under the skin. For example, a velvet frame could be ordered to screen tensioner Clarion (Draper). A surface tension screen Cineperm (Draper) on the perimeter is framed by strips of artificial black leather. ii. A projection screen will be used in different areas, including on-site presentations are available for this purpose mobile (portable) screens that are easy to carry, assemble and disassemble without special tools. Mobile screens come in various designs. Mobile screens on a tripod (tripod) Steel Case screen, which concealed ducting fabric, easily attaches to any height of the tripod. Sturdy tripod is bearing retainer for maximum stability. These screens are reliable, easy to operation and are ideal for intensive use. For convenience and protection of the screen during transportation can also order a case or bag. Portable screens with folding frame screens are large for use at major events. Can be mounted almost anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Due to their design, they are very stable and have an ideal surface for the stretched image projection. Represent a collapsible aluminum frame, removable legs and a cloth screen, which is mounted on the frame with latches or buttons. Compact roll-up screens Roller screens in a portable package, from which the canvas is stretched (turns) on the show. Include the installation shell directly on the desk or other surface. Ultra-compact and lightweight, for example, a desktop screen TableScreen (Projecta) 76h102 weighs only 2 kg, they are ideal for mobile presentations.

IAEA Syria Denounces

The Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency adopted in Vienna a resolution by 17 votes in favor, six against and 11 abstentions. The Syrian regime violated its safeguards (controls) with the IAEA agreement. They are based on evidence gathered during almost three years; the Security Council has powers to issue sanctions against Syria. International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA) has complained to Syria to the Security Council of the UN to secretly build a nuclear reactor bombed by Israel in September 2007. According to the resolution adopted Thursday in Vienna at the Board of Governors with the votes of Western countries members, led by the US and the EU, the Syrian regime violated its safeguards (controls) with the IAEA agreement. The text received 17 votes in favor, six against and 11 abstentions, according to diplomats present at the vote. Russia and China, both with veto right in the Security Council, voted against, as well as Azerbaijan, Venezuela, Ecuador and Pakistan. The rest of Latin American countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru, abstained in the vote, which helped the Western bloc to adopt the resolution.

Very likely the approved text is based on the Agency’s latest report on Syria, which ensures that according to gathered evidence for nearly three years, Damascus was to complete what likely was a clandestine nuclear reactor. The document points out that the undeclared construction of a nuclear reactor and the fact that it has not provided information on the design of the facility constitutes a violation of articles 41 and 42 of the Syria in relation to the NPT safeguards agreement (Treaty of non-proliferation). In addition, Syria would have breached its obligations under its safeguards agreement with the Agency in the context of article XII.C of the Statute of the Agency. Therefore, the Board has decided to inform the Member States of the IAEA and the Security Council on the breaches of Syria, a close ally of Iran, another country facing the international community on its nuclear activities. The United Nations Security Council has powers to issue sanctions against Syria to force greater cooperation by the Damascus Government. Source of the news: the IAEA denounces Syria before the UN to build a nuclear reactor in secret

Ovarian Cysts

How to remove ovarian cysts? This is the question that women with cysts, do their doctors. Doctors, for their part, will explain the majority of ovarian cysts are benign and do not affect them. Active now for cases that require medical attention, there are medications available to them, even surgery, although surgery is used in extreme cases only. Ovarian cysts should be removed only when they have proved to be malignant or they are already causing much pain and discomfort ovarian cysts may be manifested in the body of the woman in different ways:-lot bleeding the menstruating. Suppression of the menstruacio for months. Pain in the lower abdomen. Fainting, drops in pressure. villi.

Women who have doubts about their ability to conceive, due to ovarian cysts should first consult a specialist in fertility problems. In reality, there are types of cysts that can affect fertility. There may be a need to remove the fallopian tubes and an ovary, in some cases. This must be taken into account when considering future pregnancies. A plan to treat the problem of fertility may also recommend.

The women concerned must be prepared for tests that the doctor could perform before treatment or removal of ovarian cysts. A similar test to an annual gynecological exam or ultrasound can be done. These tests used sound waves to get a clear image of the reproductive organs and detect abnormalities. The results of these tests, the physician may require a laparoscopy, a surgical exploration, and other recommendations. All options should be discussed. Unless it is obvious that the immediate suppression of the cysts of ovaries through surgery is necessary, women can always opt for taking medication or wait for cysts to disappear alone. Ovarian cysts are known to reduce or disappear quickly as they appeared. In any case, all angles of treatment and the benefits of each must be carefully considered. When the exam results tend to favour surgical procedures for removal, method of how to remove ovarian cysts by surgery which can be a small incision or a total abdominal surgery all this should be discussed with the doctor. This article is based on the book, delete Amanda Clark ovarian cysts. Amanda is a woman who fought for 9 years with the problem of ovarian cysts until he found the solution in a casual way.

Juan Antonio Juanes

The pictures rotate in any spatial position, see them as you want, you decide what you want to see and how it wants to see, because each structure can be removed and put, says Juan Antonio Juanes. The work of developing each of these viewers takes at least one year, but does not pass unnoticed to the scientific community. The ultimate recognition in the form of prize arrived in the international film doctor, health and telemedicine, pageant held in November 2010, when Juanes and his team gained an award for their Viewer for major depression, although others work, as anatomical viewer of the skin or in the female pelvis 3D reconstruction have also been awarded previously. Always with the support of the Madrid company Desarrollos Informaticos Abbey, the projects that have come forward so far are as follows:-anatomical viewer of the brain or UB-Brain. Based on the Visible Human project. -Parkinson’s disease. On the basis of the above and with the participation of prestigious neurologist Eduardo Tolosa, of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona.

-Optic pathway. Anatomical elements comprising the optical path and system oculomotor from serial sections of magnetic resonance. -Female pelvis. Destined for the morphological understanding of the anatomical elements of the female genital tract. Based on orthogonal planes of magnetic resonance imaging of the female pelvis. -Major depression. To visualize brain activity in patients with major depression, considered a severe mood disorder.

-Hand. Three-dimensional reconstruction of the bones of the hand after acquiring radiological images from one hand. It allows the analysis of anatomical structures. -Maxillofacial. It shows the anatomy of different dental pieces. Images were reconstructed from serial sections of the skull obtained through helical computed tomography. -Vertebral column. Three-dimensional reconstruction of the vertebrae and visualization of different regions of the column. Their morphological knowledge is important for the body stability. -Skin. This viewer has allowed to recreate for the first time in three dimensions and interfacing with sectional images obtained by histological techniques. -Anaesthesia. The last tools developed until today is a dynamic and interactive atlas for the study of different bodily extremities neuromuscular systems, a software development of clinical simulation that allows to perform an emulation of scanning ultrasound for regional anesthetic blocks of upper and lower extremities. In this case, the partners they have been in Salamanca: Clemente Muriel Villoria, Professor of Anesthesiology; and Pablo Alonso Hernandez and Felipe Hernandez Zaballos, the service of Anesthesiology and resuscitation and therapy of the pain of the University Hospital of Salamanca. Each of these projects has been funded by different pharmaceutical Labs based on the area of interest anatomical Viewer that was developed.