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The first years of his life marked fire its existence, due to sudden changes experienced and which were as slaps, as succession, not you gave him time to recover, when now came the next. He was booted from his homeland, his paradise, without explanation, to lead a hard life, violent, and full of unsatisfied needs. Such was his rebellion, which was on the verge of falling into the abyss of crime, where it is impossible to succeed. A phrase heard passing hondo Calo in his being: look, kids like that, are future offenders, as if an angel had come to shake it by the shoulders saying: reacts, you are falling into a dark hole! He had always sought the light, life, nature, the good, God, and was not willing to follow a path that would lead to a lack of everything, so it still, without strong guidance and example, proposed choosing only those actions that serve to advance. Thus managed to study, work and maintaining a family, but never He could return to his paradise, moreover, his paradise no longer existed, but in their memories. This reality, more the stress of modern life, and the weariness of the years, led him to having to walk through hospitals and clinics seeking the lost balance. The wheels of the Chair spun fast through cold corridors, dodging hurried steps and traversed stretchers, waiting to be moved to apply x-ray equis or ultrasound waves, in an environment steeped in an indecipherable mix of medicines and antiseptics.

Suddenly, an invisible lightning insensitive eyes, produced a Flash at the crossing of two lives, one that ended and another began. The Chair he is crossed with the stretcher of his past, a too large stretcher to that boy bare torso, with a bloodied shorts and covered face with his own shirt, unequivocal sign of the absence of life. Many times his mother had imagined it, having no news for several days, until they appeared to receive his reprimand. Hence in forward, little by little his balance was restored and managed to live fully in the new paradise that his positive energy helped you design.


The sound waves are able to modify the organizational structure when they are transmitted through fluids. On the basis of this concept was used for the first time, ultrasound, in cataract surgery in the mid-1960s, with the introduction of the phacoemulsification. This is how its use is has spread to various branches of surgery when the goal has been the selective destruction of unwanted tissues. The Italian physician, Michele Zocchi in 1988, was the first plastic surgeon who applied the ultrasonic waves to selectively destroy fat cells of the body, its formidable results have encouraged investigations around the world which continue, hence its technology and know-how to suffer transformations and new concepts and directions appear. To make a sound wave, which is mechanical energy, ultrasonic is necessary that its frequency is above 16000 kHz, in plastic surgery this is generated from crystals that possess the ability to piezoelectric or are able to deform with AC power, these fluctuations of deformation produced vibrations at ultrasonic frequency the same as amplified it channeled them is through a cannula inserted between fat cells destabilize them causing rupture of their cell membrane, releasing its contents, the same that sucks it at low pressure through a cannula. Thus ultrasound is used to sculpt the body.

The best candidates for liposuction assisted with ultrasound (LAU) are the same for liposculpture assisted by suction (SAL), which are patients with normal weight, elastic skin and fat accumulation that do not disappear with nor with the gym or with diets. Choosing the ideal method to perform liposuction depends on the experiences and training of the surgeon, both techniques both the assisted by suction salt (conventional) as the assisted by ultrasound LAU possess advantages some above others and specific indications that to some extent make them complementary, ultimately your surgeon will choose the most suitable for your particular case. On the other hand liposculpture not recommended it to patients with systemic, cardiac, pulmonary disease, diabetes, and degenerative diseases. The specific complication by the use of ultrasound is the local skin burn, complication that avoided if the plastic surgeon is well trained in its use. Finally, liposculpture is a simple surgical procedure, aimed at patients who have decided to change his lifestyle one more healthy and disciplined hence need to exist the, prior commitment, on the part of the patient care results performing exercises and diet. DRA. Monica Espinoza.

The Nurse

One is about one searches bibliographical, of descriptive and exploratria nature, carried through by means of a data-collecting about the nurse as leader in the basic attention. For the elaboration of this research it was necessary to national consult works published in propagated scientific articles by means of the Internet and in books that treated on the subject. For the collection of data a revision of pertinent literature to publications of the area of health through the consultation of scientific articles and books was effected that contemplated the subject in the period of April the August of 2011. Words keys: Leadership; Nurse; Basic attention. ABSTRACT It is important that health workers, especially nurses, is fit and able you serves customers in view of to their problems and needs in health, adapting you the demands of the work market before the various technologies in health, both the light harsh.

Thus, we can highlight the rolls of nurses in primary care the professional a entrepreneur in the context of public health, this being the most qualified will be the position of leadership/leadership recognized by to other professionals and by the academic. Thus, we concluded that the nurses must have knowledge of the administration you be good to manager, it is essential you the union of theory (knowledge) with the practical day you day. Therefore, nurses UBS managers establish an effective relationship between the object and purpose of to their work process, IE, the management actions ploughs directed at meeting the health needs of the clientele. This is literature, descriptive and exploratory study, conducted through survey of dates about the nurse to leader in primary care. The will be preparation of this research was necessary you consult papers published in scientific papers nationally transmitted through the Internet and in books dealing on the subject. You collect dates we performed literature review of publications on health care by consulting scientific articles and books that included the subject in the period April you August 2011.