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Cardiovascular Exercises

Some research suggests that certain cardiovascular exercises practiced in fasting occasionally trigger the Elimination of the extra fat. Others point out that when the trainings are carried out without eating, the level of low intensity and the exercise doesn’t work as well for fat burning. Even others say that exercise in fasting causes the decrease in muscle mass. Benefits: The basic reason why people do cardio in the morning is to burn fats is done quickly, since the body is working with low levels of carbohydrates. If food you eat before exercise, the body will be saturated with glycogen, which means that you will have to work for a longer time period before being able to burn fat. This idea works for all workouts, not just cardio in the morning. Exercise in the morning has greater benefits because the body has used all glycogen during the night, then muscle turns to fat reserve to produce energy.

Disadvantages: Maybe They can not do exercises with the same efficiency since the body does not have enough energy, the first few times, it is possible to feel dizziness and in recurring cases collapse hypoglycemia. Myths: There are some myths as it is that you can train intensely without eating, which is false because having little energy in the body, exercise may not be practiced by long hours of time. Some people think that work in a State of fasting, contributes to the intense exercise since the body enters emergency mode with no power source, believed then that body passed to one higher speed to give you the extra energy you need to complete the exercise. For the training in fasting must dine well last night to have reserves of energy and not faint during exercise, sometimes eat fruit such as Apple or banana to have a bit of strength in the day.

Rainbow Underfoot

At the dawn of summer, and it's time to go somewhere – somewhere on the sea. Maybe this article will win you get out of his comfortable home and go for long sea-marvel to look at the marvelous. Punalu, Hawaii. Not only the pearl deep-sea hiatuses have a unique and mysterious black pearls, the beaches of this beautiful city are decorated with black velvet sand tsveta.Po legend, this volcanic sand owes its appearance goddess Pele – the goddess of Hawaiian volcanoes. According to the beliefs of local residents volcanic lava and black sand – is part of the goddess and she is very angry if someone takes them home. For those who doubt that, at the Museum Hawaii Volcanoes opened a permanent exhibition of fragments of lava and black sand, which was returned by tourists from around the world and asking them to forgive.

Papakolea, Hawaii. Volcanoes – the main 'suppliers' of colored sand on our planet. Known as the green sand beach, or even Pu'u Mahana, Papakolea Beach deserves its name. The sand here is olive-green tint due to the presence in its chips semiprecious stone, called olivine. Pfeiffer, California.

Motley sand. California – the legendary staff is here to 'rainbow' beauty can be run through the morning sun in the morning on the beach Pfeiffer. Rocks offers spectacular stretch of beach with an unusual sand, and enormous arch-shaped rock looks great in the rays of the setting sun kalliforniyskogo. Closes this remarkable list of Maui, with its red sand. Maui is much older than his Big brother, and the volcano Haleakala is almost in a sleep state. Almost, because the last eruption happened in the XVIII century, and still needs to happen about once or twice before finally extinguished volcano. Many people think of Maui the most attractive island of the archipelago and the red sand played a significant role. Beach Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay Bay has the white sand in the world. Guinness Book of Records did not fail to place this sign on their pages. Bay Jervis Bay Just two hours drive south of Sydney.

Coats Sable, Lynx And Chinchilla

Sable has always had a reputation for luxury and wealth, symbolized the pride of furriers in Russia. Lord, clad in sable fur coats, redingoty and coats, which were richly trimmed with this precious fur, even the ordinary collars and boas ladies, always stood out among the other gentlemen, dressed in no less valuable furs. Horse riding and elegance to this day is a precious way to wear fur as it did not attach importance to their huge cost, with some indifference. Sable fur coat of all time was a furrier crafts piece goods, are estimated only in hundreds, and each of them was a real treasure. Sable fur is considered the best, because it has all the qualities typical of fur at the same time – the tone, density, color, shine and silky soft sable are unsurpassed.

Attaches great value and durability – sable fur coats worn by many generations, handed down by inheritance. We all remember the image of the lynx in children's pictures – a large, graceful cat with long tufts on the ears, living in the taiga. Coats sewn from this rare and expensive furs. The product of the lynx fur afford only very wealthy people, because that value is not inferior to sable. Usually made of fur rysego only collars and hats.

Lynx – a very rare beast, practically it is not bred in captivity, and the issuance of licenses to hunt is strictly regulated. Considered the most beautiful fur Scandinavian lynx, the largest cat of this breed. But for good only his white belly, soft and fluffy with black spots, and what these spots are more distinct, the fur is more valuable. Lynx fur almost treated to change color, so it is natural and beautiful. In the Siberian lynx value are the only side of the skins, because only these parts are attracted to bright color and soft fur, and only they pronounced characteristic spots. Coat of the lynx, like any other piece goods, sewn into the studio to order. Find the studio, where you offers fur of a lynx, is not so simple. For sewing a fur coat will need a few of these cats. And each coat is unique in its kind and exclusive. If you have such a luxury, it will be a decent thing to Your collection of rarities. The fact that the chinchilla is one of the most prestigious members of the famous three precious furs, known to many. But few know that the furry creature belongs to the family rabbit. Unique structure chinchilla. She has one grown hair bulbs as soon as the finest gossamer 60-80 hairs, when all other fur-bearing animals – one. These hairs are placed in a thick layer of elastic and down to 2.5-3 cm thick. Chinchilla coloring is iridescent character – the dark back goes into a bluish-gray on the sides, reaching the snow-on the abdomen. This animal is highly prized American in the days of ancient Indian civilizations, using only the clothing of the nobility. Indians guarded the precious animals. But the conquerors destroyed almost all of chinchillas in the pursuit of beautiful fur. Population rescued from death, but learning how to breed these rodents captivity. Chinchilla fur coat is very expensive – the prices of luxury fur coat chinchilla can range from 10 to 100 thousand dollars. But this is not an obstacle to the wealthy ladies who can afford to shine the light output in a fur coat eclipsing its beauty all luxury toilets.

Tea and Health

Tea is an exciting infusion, with much more beneficial than the coffee properties. First because the caffeine of the tea excites to a lesser extent and for a longer time than coffee, and secondly, because the tea is a potent antioxidant that helps fight free radicals. According to traditional Chinese medicine tea (camellia sinensis), prevents tooth decay, fights cholesterol, removes fat, lengthens the life and a long list of properties that make this infusion a genuine preventive medicine. Little by little these qualities are demonstrating by modern medicine and increasingly there are more Westerners who incorporated the tea into your daily diet. There are different types of tea, and each of them will properties attributed different, although there are more than 200 varieties, we can be classified into four major groups: green tea-its fresh leaves, buds and tender part of the stem is used.

She is the wind, left to dry in the shade for a very short time, so that they not fermented. Attributed antioxidant, diuretic, prevention properties of the cancer, bowel regulator, and protective of the immune system. Red tea-comes from the city of Kunming, in the province of Yennen. Its leaves are crushed and dried in the Sun, until its partial fermentation. Its aroma is smoky and resinous. They call it the tea of the emperors, and it is credited as a main quality that helps to reduce fat and cholesterol levels. Tea black.-is the most used in the West, although it also has antioxidants and fluorine, its main quality is astringent, so it is used to stop diarrhea.

Tea white-is the newest, and that older properties attributed to him, but it is also the most expensive, for being difficult to obtain. It comes from China, it is grown in the high mountains. The flowers are used with their stamens (hairs), which is where their properties are more concentrated. Left to dry without being manipulated or fermented. It has antioxidant properties, prevents cancer, provides vitamins C and E, strengthens hair, stimulates the defenses, is good for menopause, fights radicals free, it lowers blood sugar levels. Many of the properties attributed to him for centuries by traditional Chinese medicine, are currently demonstrating through scientific studies. Although the fact that prevents Cancer is not currently shown, a study conducted among 40,000 people in Japan, who drank five or more cups of green tea a day, proved to have more longevity.