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The therapeutical one adopted is chosen in accordance with the degree of the illness, if diagnosised precociously, generally the treatment is less aggressive and mutilante. As Sclowtz (2005), this pathology comes gradually reaching a bigger number of women, in lower etrias bands, and with tax of mortality also increasing in the Country. Between 1979 and 1999, it had increase of 69% in the rude tax of mortality for cancer of breast in Brazil (5,77 for 9,75 deaths for 100 a thousand women/year). In this way, the main feminine malignant neoplasia also in mortality was considered, with rude tax of esteem mortality, for 2003, of 10,40 deaths for 100 a thousand women. Of similar form, between 1980 and 2000, it had increase of 60% in the rude tax of mortality for cancer of breast in the Rio Grande Do Sul (10,5 for 16,5 deaths for 100 a thousand women/year). The examinations for precocious detention of of breast if base Here basically on the auto-examination and clinical examination carried through by the professionals of the area of the health, mamografia and ultrasound, with the dissemination of these practical, mainly in the decade of 80, the programs of tracking of the pathology had been intensified.

The practical ones of precocious detention present 0 variable as age, familiar history, habits, among others. The mamografia is pointed as the main disgnostic method of the breast cancer in initial period of training, capable to detect not yet concrete alterations and favoring, thus, the precocious, more effective, less aggressive treatment, with better resulted aesthetic and reduced adverse events. However, Trufelli (2008), emphasizes that even so some studies show reduction of mortality for cancer of breast by means of the mamogrfico tracking in mass, it also is white of controversies how much its effectiveness, over all in women below of the 50 years. Although this, the mamogrfico tracking in mass has been stimulated and practised in women from the 40 years, and although its limitations, still are optimum method of tracking of the available mammary cancer.

Josh McDowell

In this phase the ultrasound can identify the sex of the future baby. After nine months, the embryo is apt to survive outside of the maternal organism. In the first months of life, its development it is surprising. Beyond physical transformations, it passes for an intense intellectual and social learning. ' ' The complicated and fascinating reproduction cannot be resulted of perhaps. The scientists cannot explain the reason of the life.

Why the life if develops? Why the life is different? Why it has similarities between the varied forms of life? Why it has differences? Those that give the reply of ' ' evoluo' ' they are not explaining, only describing a possible chain of events. They are not explaining the reason. In final analysis, the life always will be a mystery for cientistas' '. ' ' A corpse, for example, still consists of the same chromosomes, same molecules, same atoms, the same elements of the living person. But he is not alive.

The life if was. The scientists can observe the differences between the alive things and deceased. But they cannot explain what he is vida' '. ' ' When the Christians say that God is the Creator, are mentioning it Planner for backwards of the plan, to Intelligence for backwards of intelligence, to the Proponent for backwards of the intention, and to the Mind for backwards of the complexity of universo' '. ' ' The evolucionistas that catch substance and energy, and they add time, had not yet decided the problem. A planner or programmer is necessary. The Christians know this Planner as Deus' '. Josh McDowell planned You everything our respect, that can honor it for all the life.