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Stiglitz For President of Planet Earth!

The following is a note that publishes the weekly on a recent statement by Joseph Stiglitz against Wall Street and banks. Of course I endorse everything that says the baron, but would add only one comment: “A little thought Stiglitz could be different Are you really so innocent “. The day we have elections to vote for president of Planet Earth, I vote for Stiglitz (with Paul Krugman for Vice President and Gerardo Esquivel of Senator). Will the note: The bankers have not expressed “minimal gratitude” to grants received from the contributors, without whom today would not exist, said in annoyed tone Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in economics.Why, asks the laureate in economics, have spent so much money Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama to help banks and so little to assist homeowners This would have helped first the citizens not to lose their homes, have slowed the decline in real estate prices and would have protected the banks pass on the root cause of their problems: the sharp depreciation of securities backed by those mortgages residential. “The current crisis has seen how governments assumed a new role: asumidor risk of last resort. When private markets were on the verge of bankruptcy, all risk is transferred to the government,” Stiglitz criticizes. “The safety net should be there to protect individuals, but extended to corporations in the belief that the consequences of not doing so would be horrible.Once extended, it will be difficult to withdraw now, “the Nobel. “Companies know that if sufficiently large and their eventual bankruptcy constitutes a sufficient threat to the economy, or if they have enough political clout, the government will take the risk of eventual bankruptcy,” said Stiglitz. According to the economic adviser to former President Bill Clinton, the banks try actually “putting the tip of a gun against our temples” to tell us that unless we keep them in the conditions they set, “they will kill the entire economy.” Stiglitz argues that it has always been “skeptical of the idea that the market is someone you can argue that this is an intelligent, rational, well-meaning: it is a fantasy.” “We know the market is subject to irrational optimism and pessimism, and is vindictive.If you suffer an attack, not try to pacify him, but the key is to know if you can break your spine. ” Stiglitz says he is furious on behalf of the 170 million people estimated to have lost their jobs worldwide because of the crisis and regular contributors, who are asked to pay more taxes now, who postpone their retirement age and that can withstand worst government services by the greed of the bankers.

Independent cinema Later

Independent cinema Later today, the companies founded by independent filmmakers grew up and became the current movie industry, which has created a great Henry Fool trading system and a schematic of the production system which attempts to depart from the current independent film. However, the term independent film has been exploited as a “kind” by the distributors to market their products. Countless independent film festivals such as Sundance Film Festival and Independent Spirit Awards. Cinepolis has launched a program of independent film in which you have seen from Grizzly Man to An Inconvenient Truth, through BUS ROUTES, would you know, Ayurveda … all securities belonging to independent productions distributed by dealers Fay Grim in Spain independent except in the case of An Inconvenient Truth, which is independent and distributed production but one of the major Hollywood studios.The first production of independent character that managed to be distributed by a major was Easy Rider, 1969, distributed by Universal.Se became a huge box office success far exceeding the budget spent. Independent productions have always been far from the “big” Hollywood blockbusters, you could say that Europe is the continent most involved in this kind of film. Even the term usually applied to Henry certain films produced in countries where there is no film industry itself. As Dogma 95 film movement and Cinema have been of great assistance to film production based on the digital revolution. Cinema has Pent logo based on the movie and facilitated the work of modern film producers.

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Leonard Maltin’s 2010 Movie Guide (Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide) by Leonard Maltin (Paperback – Aug 4, 2009)

Impact According

Impact According to some studies, the impact of financial spam is greater than commonly assumed. Security firm Panda Software says that some companies have even come to revalue by 12 with these practices. Rainer B hme, University of Dresden, and Thorsten Holz, an analyst at the University of Mannheim, have studied the impact of spam on financial markets, and highlighted some interesting features. First, its low ocoste (just U.S. 0.0005 per potential recipient of mail). According to his calculations, this type of spam accounts for 3 of spam sent, and often coincides with the hours of operation of the stock values (which technically means that spam is a type of segmented). For his part, Laura Frieder, Purdue University and Jonathan Zittrain, Oxford University estimate that the deceived may suffer losses of 8 in just two days, while the benefits of the spammer are between 4.6 and 6 .Considering the possibility also that spammers may be also the companies themselves, as well as investors.


The perigos of the self-medication on the part of the Brazilian population Dhiego Fernandes ROMERA Michael MARASSATTO Talita FANTINATI Pontifical Thiago CAMILO University Catholic of Campinas, Campinas, SPResumo the Brazilian population almost presents that culturally, the custom to frequent pharmacies and to buy medicines and other products destined to the health, being been that this practical if carries through without the consultation of the professional had ones of the area of the health as doctors or druggists; in the search for a standard to understand the paradox of if automedicar on the part of the Brazilian population, significant relevance in the education of the Brazilians meets since infancy, as well as the fact of that the self-medication cannot only be seen in pejorativa way, and that &#039 is not about an act only; ' cultural' ' , therefore the Brazilians who if also automedicam make it due the external influences. Word-key: Self-medication; Perigos; Medicines; Health; Farmcia.Considerando the curses that they afflict the population in its day the day, as well as the intense routine that it exerts, it is reasonable that the people desire many times to decide problems related to its on account proper health, buying and making medicine use without the assent of a qualified professional, in counterpoint, the self-medication is not analyzed only of pejorativa form for the specialists. In its book ' ' Comfort of the Self-medication? Importance and perigos' ' , Prof. Dr. Irany Novah Moraes (2004) defends that the best way to prevent the illness is for the education: since infancy, in the school and the home, the basic principles of health must be taught, as already it occurs in countries of first world. It still says ' ' much if can teach to the people to minimize its pains and, teaching if to take care of it better knowing rudimentos of the illness, it will have orientation to suffer menos.' ' (Moraes, 2004, Index X).

Quality of Medical Services

The main objective of this study is to analyze the quality of the medical services in the perspective of the customers of plans of health of the region of the Cariri. To reach the waited objectives a based descriptive research in the scale developed for Urdan was made (2001) that it serves to measure the quality of medical services. The study it was divided at two moments to reach the objective tracings. First a exploratria research became to deepen the agreement of the thematic one, then after one was made analyzes descriptive that will describe the reality of these consumers. The exploratria phase contains a revision of literature regarding the boarded subjects, identifying to works of reference and some forms of operacionalizao. This study it was constituted by people whom health plan has and that they were gifts in particular medical doctor’s offices. The sample was formed by 72 respondents. Analyzing the harvested results, the averages of general form had presented intermediate and high levels, suggesting as soon as the services searched doctors still need to improve some of the studied item, increasing the satisfaction of its customers and still of its collaborators, to provide to a good attendance its customers and to fidelizar thus them.