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Life of modern people can not be imagined without the use of disinfectants. They allow you to destroy a variety of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Modern medicine, some of the industry industry, and everyday life of people can not do without these disinfecting agents. All disinfectants can be divided into several groups. The first group – these are different formulations used in household purposes. We have regular cleaning of the house and often in the kitchen, and especially in the bathroom and toilet, we use a variety of disinfectants to ensure purity. One must distinguish between ordinary household cleaners and disinfectants funds.

A variety of scouring powders do not necessarily have an antimicrobial effect. They may remove ordinary dirt, have a whitening effect, but not to kill some dangerous microorganisms. Today very common detergents, which simultaneously possess and disinfectant qualities and standard detergents. All disinfectants should be used in strict according to the instructions, otherwise they may spoil the surface to be cleaned or product, as well as harm to human health. So always have to strictly adhere to the instructions for use of any means: to observe dosage and time of use, as well as pay attention to the expiration date means. Some disinfectants can not be used without special protection.

For example, a respirator or mask. Without exception, all household disinfectants should be used only in protective rubber gloves. Cleaners can have a negative affect on the skin and mucous membranes of humans. In case of contact with common household cleaners on your skin or mucous membranes should immediately wash the affected area with warm water. Disinfectants now – it's a familiar element of our lives. However, their use is controlled, as they can bring not only benefits but also harm.

Tibet Experiments

In addition to anthropological studies 'Anenerbe' engaged and 'medical experiments'. In this area, Dr. Sigmund Rascher specialized. He studied the extreme state of the human body. In particular, he conducted experiments on the effect of high altitude on the body, which put the subjects in a decompression kameru.Okolo 200 prisoners have been subjected to these experiments, before Rusher ih.Zakonchilas completed the program 'research' in May 1942, when Field Marshal Erhard Milch of the Luftwaffe gave Himmler, Goering thanks for the 'Innovative Experiments' Dr. Rascher.

In the next stage Research rusher began experiments on the freezing conditions. These new experiments had two main goals. First – how cold and how long a person can withstand before it dies, the second – what a way to heat is best for a living person, after he is exposed to extremely low temperatures. To freeze people used two ways: either the person was placed in a tank of ice water, or left naked in the snow at night in winter. Anenerbe establish links with Tibet and sent expeditions there. Acting on the instructions of the Ahnenerbe, Dr. Shaffer was brought from Tibet 'Aryan' horses for their scientific research and 'Aryan' bees, collecting honey special properties. Military actions have enriched system Anenerbe new 'Institute for Research in the field of defense.

" This institution was granted the right to 'use all opportunities that can be extracted from the concentration camp at Dachau. " Within the walls of the Ahnenerbe often raised the question about Atlantis, and his interest in Himmler. It was at this institute was coined name of the island Helgoland: 'das heilige Land' – 'the holy land '. Ideology of fascism sought to give the German 'beginnings' independent color, which would allow the Nazis to feel their exclusivity, do not owe anything to Abraham. As we see the occult in the Third Reich played an important role, if such an occult institution as 'Anenerbe' patronize Himmler himself. Occult-derives from the Latin 'occultus' – 'hidden' and refers to the teachings of the hidden relationship between events and phenomena are not explicable entirely or in terms of canonical theology, nor in terms of rational science. Can be attributed to the occult magic (in all its varieties), astrology (and other methods of fortune-telling), techniques non-contact influence on a person associated with paranormal phenomena (telepathy in particular), and similar disciplines. Hypnosis can also be regarded as a kind of occult science, since quite long period of time, this phenomenon was part of magical practice. How to use the materials of the book, AI Pervushin 'occult war NKVD and the SS. "