But in Istanbul, it's different. Occasionally, even the little girls in head scarves are encountered. Few of the Taksim district, where we lived. My choice is no longer determined by the area and the hotel, so do not say that necessarily have to live there. In this area, mostly concentrated decent luxury hotels, shops and nightlife. Most historic attractions located in the Sultanahmet district on the other side of the bay Golden Horn. Traveled on foot or by tram. Streetcar an excellent, modern, runs every five minutes, connects the core areas, fast rides, traffic jams are not worth it.

Rails in many places, a fence, then a car is not prevented him from traveling. To log on to the tram stop to buy a chip in the machine and throw it into the turnstile. Banks on Saturday did not work. May simply not work, may, on the occasion. Exchangers on the way from hotel to the tram stop was detected, had to withdraw Turkish Lira from the atm, to ride the tram to Sultanahmet. Still, the basic beauty there, but time is not so much. Came immediately after the moved bridge, from then on would be like walking. Were once at the port, connecting you pleasure boats and ferries.

Pofotkali ships in port, bought tickets for the two-hour cruise on the Bosphorus. Prior to the Marine walks had the time, went for a walk. Along the tramway reached Sirkeci train station, which was built as the final destinations 'Orient Express'.