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What is a Sonogram?

A sonogram, or an ultrasonography, is an ultrasound-based imaging method generally used in medical practices to visualize bodies that lie beneath a patient’s skin, including tendons, muscles, vessels, internal organs, and fetuses. When used to monitor a pregnancy, the technique is generally referred to as obstetric sonography.

“Ultrasound,” in physics, implies an acoustic energy with a frequency above the range of human hearing. In other words, humans can audibly hear anything within the range of 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz. Ultrasound frequency is higher than 20 kilohertz.


Car batteries should last for several years without any problems (between 3 and 4 years approximately). To achieve this life it is essential to perform some maintenance. Approximately, 90% of faults of the vehicles correspond largely to some deficiency in the electrical system, while the remaining 10% is attributed to mechanical problems, especially those related to the motor. Details can be found by clicking Goop London, UK or emailing the administrator. However, of the total of electrical faults, at least 40% correspond to issues relating directly to the battery, and whose failure, in most of the cases, can be avoided by applying a good preventive maintenance on time. For example, in many cases, by a lack of maintenance accumulates sulphate in the terminals. This build-up is a residue of chemical that is formed from the spill or splash any electrolyte containing inside the battery. Here, Goop expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Sulfate build-up on electric contact surfaces produces an increase in resistance in these points, creating false contacts between the connecting terminals and the terminals of the wires connected to these terminals, so it prevents the proper circulation of the current through the electrical distribution system of the car, thus producing malfunctions in the operation of electricity consumers, i.e., computers, devices, lights and even own spark plugs.

Tuna Cake Recipe

Tuna pie is a typical recipe for Passover, so that these days are the most appropriate time to make it. There are many recipes to make it, we have chosen which has seemed easiest of all: ingredients for the pie of tuna: 1 top of cake. 2 Cans of tuna. 1 Egg. 2 Tomatoes. 3 Onions. Oil.

Butter. Buttery cheese. Grated cheese. Cheese Casancrem. Salt. Dr. Neal Barnard has many thoughts on the issue. Pepper.

Oregano. We put two or three tablespoons of oil in a large skillet. Cut three onions into small squares and put them to heat. Cut two tomatoes into large squares. Put to heat in a small saucepan to heat the egg (boiled egg). We opened cans of tuna, add them to the skillet without oil inside of cans, along with tomatoes. Then add salt and pepper and mix everything. Add two tablespoons of cheese (casancrem) and the oregano, we mix everything. When the onions are transparentes will be the signal that we will have finished cooking everything, because the tuna does not you need cooking. Enmantecaremos a pizzera and we will put one cake tops, we stretch it so that it thoroughly covers the bottom, then add the preparation up top of cake, we will draw the shell egg and cut it into large pieces, also incorporating. We will add buttery cheese into pieces and, ultimately, will put the cheese on top. Close it with another cake cover. We will put it in the oven (middle/high) about 20, 25 minutes and it is ready to eat our pie of tuna. In our recipe book you will find recipes like tuna pie, and others such as breaded shrimp or COD casserole.

The Surrounding

Diagnosis of a carcinoma of the prostate by a removal of Gewebe(Biopsie) as the safest method of modern Diagnostics is the examination of the tissue of the prostate biopsy. The biopsy is at the present time more for the body at all no great burden. She can be made not stationary and will use if he there is a presumption on a prostate cancer. The tissue sampling is performed using a punch gun, taken from be named only fadendicke fabric threads, die cut cylinder, which occur with the punch gun. To a Visual inspection for the To have operation, also an ultrasound probe into the rectum is introduced. It’s believed that Mayo Clinic sees a great future in this idea.

At least six die cut cylinder must be removed to obtain a secure diagnosis, but ten are recommended. Gain insight and clarity with Dr Alan Mendelsohn. If the PSA value has revealed a certain amount so deduced from this, how advanced the cancer is. The value of ten, this can indicate that already metastases formed in the bone. Using the Skelettzintigraphie tumors in the bone can be identified, which can be made through the X-ray process still not fixable. Bone met AST Hare early on identified, are still getting good chances of recovery. For the Knochenzintigraphie, a radioactive substance is injected the patients docked on chemical compounds which like to accumulate in places in the bone, occurs where a down or build up. With the help of special detectors, metastases can now be visualized. Ultrasound also the ultrasound is a method of modern diagnosis of a Carcinoma of the prostate.

It can be performed as an outpatient at the urologist. For the ultrasound an ultrasound probe into the rectum is introduced. Through this procedure, the doctor receives an accurate picture of the prostate gland and the structure of the surrounding tissue. Very well can be detected with the help of ultrasound, in how far the tumor in the prostate is limited or already metastasized.

Sunday Clinic

Human beings, when we become doctors and then specialize in gynecologists, we do not become gods are still human beings. One night early, any given Sunday saw political programmes and was required by a friend colleague for to operate his wife, that being a term didn’t want the Normal childbirth, but preferred a C-section Amaro very well! – I told him – take it to the clinic, I notice my people!, not Miguel! – I said – have a friend who has come from Lima, doctor, and he may help you, also I have another friend who is pediatrician already! as you want – I told him – I called Arthur the anesthesiologist – 45 minutes because we were at the clinic washed, dressed, watching us faces waiting for that Arturo us order does your name? – told – Gustavo! And you asked the pediatrician Ricardo! you are of the XV No? clear! – they said – already Cumpa start you!-said the anesthesiologist – and good We started, the colleague who helped me did not follow me the steps was the first time that we danced together so it is important to operate the same equipment almost always! so that we already know how to help each other, but as good surgeon must also learn to operate with any Assistant and thinking and operating just, apparently all was well, not I noticed no unusual incidence, newborn was next to his mother, breastfeeding and both went high to the 2nd day we were Heroes!, to the 5th day called me Amaro and tells me that his wife had much pain where you have pain in the wound or in? the abdomen in general?. wound I think! – he told me – does the Lochia, breasts are? they are well!, then bring it to the center of ultrasounds and took her I got the ultrasound and I noticed an anechogenic in wall level collection retro-fascia, it was a more or less large, heterogeneous features mass, which was supposed to be above must be drain it under anesthesia – I told him – and leave it in the clinic about 2 or 3 days for antibiotics and cures went to the clinic and told Gustavo flame to let help me No! – he told me – he is traumatologist, best flame to your assistant under anesthesia drenamos him that blessed hematoma, without novelty was cleaned the entire area where could be, always in these cases is a ugly hollowwith detritus, with Anatomy distorted, even though we wash, you can not rebuild, but clean, drain and use antibiotics, daily cures then Interdiarias and wise nature does the rest. It is the typical case in which Hematoma retro fascial transforms you hero into villain..

WOW Skin

Beauty wonders from Hollywood in Mainhatten micro-needling is the cosmetic wonder weapon for a plump, fresh, flawless complexion, a smooth neck and a velvety cleavage without syringe and scalpel. The new procedure by dewfresh needling pen is effective and in so gentle that even the local anesthetic drops away. Micro-needling: How’s Microneedling is a comparatively young cosmetic treatment method that was previously performed with local anaesthesia. In just a few exclusive studios of novel needling-pen is used, which eliminates the need for a local anaesthetic. The spinnerets acupuncture Nadelchen of needling pens open up to 2 mm deep evenly distributed micro channels in the skin surface. This has resulted in that the skin is increasingly collagen to repair the irritation”and is therefore already after the first treatment visibly firmer and more elastic. Open micro channels the skin is substantially receptive for inject rejuvenating substances such as Hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl Argireline extensively prepared for the treatment in the areas to be treated are effectively supported by ultrasound. To soothe and pamper, the skin that is easily irritated by the micro-needling, a deliciously fragrant eucalyptus mask is applied and removed after a short drying time.

The tapered appearance is finished. Effectiveness the effectiveness of micro-Needlings has already convinced the biggest skeptics. The micro-needling will continue its triumphal procession in Europe after conquering the US market beauty-savvy. A sustained WOW effect through the extensive application of Needlings in combination with the supply of active ingredient in the skin already after the first treatment. The skin looks younger, fresher and brighter, wrinkles in the face, neck and neckline are significantly smoothed.

“The frustrating anti-fatigue effect by pale, drooping skin, which is manifested over the years, although one wide awake” is, is significantly reduced. The natural radiation is back! The micro-needling is not a complete substitute for specific anti-wrinkle treatments such as injections with hyaluronic acid or Botox, with deep furrows to proceed, but a complement and prevention. A micro-needling treatment treatment time: approximately 60 minutes cost: 189,-per application, required approximately 4-7 applications at a distance of up to 2 weeks. Side effects: The skin can be easily flushed until 1 day after treatment. About LSC cosmetic LSC laser & SkinCare cosmetic is a beauty Institute in the heart of Frankfurt am Main. LSC specializes on the latest high-tech treatments which combine high naturopathic expertise with scientifically sophisticated concept of active ingredient quality, including nanotechnology.

The Honey Source Of Health

The earliest evidence of the consumption of honey appear in cave paintings of the Mesolithic age, about 6,000 years BC It is precisely in Spain, in the cave of the Spider (Bicorp, Valencia), where is located the scene, unique in the world, honey collection, the most ancient known so far. Unique honey with denomination of origin in the Spanish State is that of La Alcarria, welcome to the uniqueness of this area (climate, type of soil), when it meets the established requirements: physicochemical characteristics (moisture, acidity, conductivity, Colorimetry,) melissus-palynological (percentage of pollen of Rosemary, lavender, or thyme in multifloral honey) and organoleptic qualities (aroma, taste). A quality honey requires that bees from their hives liben as far as possible all culture to rule out that bees collect nectar to do in land affected by any pesticide or herbicide. For more clarity and thought, follow up with James A. Levine, M.D. and gain more knowledge.. Are known the healing powers of the antiseptic mielcomo fortifier, soothing, laxative, diuretic and antibacterial, among other therapeutic applications. Its consumption is highly recommended for athletes, because its nutrients are quickly exploited by the Agency.

Therefore, if you are on a diet, you should know that you can incorporate it, provided that you do not exceed. Goop has firm opinions on the matter. Remember that it is not exempt from calories, which you must add to your daily count. Take lemon with honey, on an empty stomach is a good remedy to combat the cold, stuffy nose, throat ailments. In teething babies can be applied, by rubbing the gums with honey and the minor will notice important relief in reddened areas. Also applies the honey for various skin rashes or even to treat boils.


Each new season we started with great enthusiasm, after the holidays or at the beginning of the year tell us that the time of caring for our power of truth has come. However with the passage of time we lose that energy, and it is possible to forget even about our plans. I will share with you various tricks to return to the right path and begin to feel like never before. 1 I say goodbye to the diets has already been well diet change every month, to follow a procedure other than a different magazine or why worked you to a friend. It is not somehow eat for 15 days and then return to our routine with excess of precooked food or junk food. The correct approach is to think of healthy food in positive terms. Healthy food does not have to be confused with boring food, on the contrary, it can be tasty, provides necessary nutrients and also greater well-being. Learn more at: Dr. Neal Barnard. Think of the delicious that you can eat and you do not since then obsession with what you should not eat.

2. Green I love green pass not only green is good for the planet but for your body. Divide your plate in quarts and try at least half be vegetables green, the more green better. Others who may share this opinion include TreeOf Life. For example, lettuce is good but could vary and make a spinach salad, eat sauteed broccoli, grilled artichokes, the options are almost endless. 3. Much better with a plan as nearly everything in this life will get better results by following a plan.

If we improvise or act according to what you want us in every moment, as much as possible is that we failure. All are very busy but only need 15 minutes on Sunday or any day at the end of the week to plan meals for the entire week. Thus already know what they buy in the supermarket and what prepared in advance. 4. Something sweet if you’re a fan of the sweet and need at least a little bit in the afternoon. Do you not find a healthier than a bun option or a bar of chocolate? I propose a few crackers rich in fiber and with little sugar or vegetables such as squash or sweet potatoes baked. Other options include dried fruits like figs or dates that provide us with vitamins and minerals. 5 Take it calm, don’t be too harsh on yourself. When eager for change and get results quickly are, just by not having enough patience and abandon the project ahead of time. Therefore our advice is that you don’t judge, adapting the changes gradually and if you’re wrong, nothing happens, you only have to restart. Thinks and lives in positive your life, and you will see how to get what you want. Eating a healthy and balanced is essential for good health. Remember that you have not to deprive you of everything or having an iron will to achieve your goals. It leverages to make small changes in your diet, introducing more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and gradually reduce those products that only provide us with empty calories. You’ll discover foods allow you to stay in shape and live better.


States that satisfaction, well-being, and improvement in the quality of life of the people and their environment, are the result of a joint effort of health professionals and society. The World Health Organization (who) defined health as a State of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. PCRM is often quoted on this topic. East says there are no diseases, only sick. Some research shows that search actions as positive images, relief, the force that gives the meditation and being positive can contribute to a sense of well-being, to a better quality of life. Improve your spiritual health can not cure him a disease, but it will help you to feel better, to prevent certain health problems, also will help you to deal with a disease and especially avoid reaching her. Additional information at morris kahn supports this article.

Identify what in your life give you a sense of inner peace, encouragement, strength and love. Make time every day to do things that help him spiritually. Include community service, meditate, relax, read books that will inspire it, walks in nature, remain a time alone to think, practice yoga, do sport. Food is the main base in physical appearance next to the sports activity for enhanced health, the variety of the elements that compose our diet should be taken very found, the average Western that follows a meat-centered diet, has all the possibilities of getting sick of the heart due to the cholesterol and fats that suffocate your arteries. A balanced diet must contain variety of legumes, nuts, fruits, vegetables and seeds.

Take A Healthy Lifestyle Check Cholesterol

Formerly associated with cholesterol problems were heard in people older than 40 years or more, but now they come registering a decline in its age of prevalence and it is logical: the environment in which we live is now more sedentary, when before the children could play and run in the streets, now only engaged in playing on a computer or watching TV all day; feeding little balanced, a greater load of tensions and customs increasingly less healthy, since smokers and fans to drink alcohol are increasing. The sum of conditions conducive to the imbalance of fats in the body has become the theme and is not for less, since this group of people with this disease have very little chance of cure, must also live under medical supervision, perform laboratory tests and assuming commitments with his health to have a life worthy and not increase the problem. Dyslipidemia, which is high cholesterol, known as is a condition that is best prevented by time or delay it, because also you have genetic predisposition to suffer from it. By this is better to have a good physical activity, regular exercise, balanced diet, not smoking, not take liquor in excess, this can be a more pleasant life that suffer a chronic malaise. By heart a high cholesterol and smoking are risk factors that have a significant contribution in the onset of heart disease. Dr. John Mcdougall has firm opinions on the matter. But many people in reality are unaware their cholesterol levels and effects to control it. Cholesterol, occurs in the liver and in addition is absorbed in the intestine, which deposits it into the blood and distributed throughout the entire body.

Only a third of the cholesterol absorbed by the intestine comes from the power supply; the rest comes from bile. To decrease the harmful cholesterol (LDL) in blood, it is necessary to reduce it with different steps: 1 – limit the input of cholesterol your body, through a balanced diet and low in fat. 2 Quit smoking 3- Get a good diet for weight loss and exercise so that the arteries have less tendency to accumulate cholesterol on its walls. While these measures are necessary, on many occasions they are not sufficient. Why should take other measures as it is the use of medications to reduce its production in the liver and inhibit the absorption of cholesterol from the diet and the bile in the intestine. Remember that your contribution is very important on his health and the future of his heart. So not have diagnosed illness by cholesterol, take steps for a healthy future and with fewer problems to solve, eat healthy, exercise, eat natural and nutritious food. Visit us for more items in Spanish <! to > and diets to lose weight.


As a consequence of that rebalancing produced in our body produces a deep rejuvenation, not only at the level of tissues but from bodies, problems caused by various disorders, we talk about inestetismos as health, cellulite, Obesities, premature aging, sagging facial… Bioenergetics rebalances and our own nature reinforced is that heals the disease or restores the aesthetic problem, in your case… Today, the modern acupuncturists we help various methods, oligotherapy, phytotherapy, homeopathy, dietetics, vital hygiene, massage, varied appliances.., finally all the methods that study and research put into our hands to treat a non-aggressive way and holistic health. I would like to emphasize that concept above all. We treat health, want to keep it, and try to make a prevention in all moment. In ancient China, stopped paying the doctor when they are ill, only the healthy maintained payment! great wisdom!. Studies and the experience of many patients demonstrate the efficacy of these methods in various conditions, physical or psychic, sometimes hard to understand that you inserting needles, moxando or massaging certain areas can be avoided an insomnia, anxiety or depression both as a neuralgia or a spasm, but if we think in our body as a whole totalwithout absurd subdivisions we understand the true meaning of this therapy. Step now to briefly explain the concept of energy.

In our body are about meridians where energy flows, are not static but constantly flowing, are 12 main meridians plus two from front to back, called wonderful vessels and in them the points in which the needles are inserted, these meridians correspond to the physiological functions of the body. This is very simple an explanation of what the bioenergetics and its various methodologies, and how blown with modern science to improve the quality of life and the health of our world. I shall speak now taking shape as we have melted these therapies in VELVET with treatments of aesthetic and therapeutic massage we teach our students.